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1991 AFS gallery of awards.

y Beth A. Krysiak sand laboratory supervisor, George Fischer Foundry Systems, Inc., Holly, Michigan, ... for her dedicated work on the measurement of ammoniacal nitrogen and soluble calcium and magnesium as well as her contributions to the technical committees of the American Foundrymen's Society, Inc.

Walter J. Peck senior project engineer, Gm's Defiance, Ohio, foundry, ...for his demonstrate dedication to the foundry industry in developing, promoting and sharing innovative concepts in the area of cast iron melting in general and cupola melting in particular.

Janis Robins president, Catalytic Crosslink, Inc., St. Paul, Minnesota, ...for his contribution to the industry as the inventor of the modern coldbox process and rapid curing nobake phenolic urethane binder systems, leading to greater productivity and casting quality improvements.

George N. Booth general manager, Casting Div/Ford Motor Co., Dearborn Michigan, ...for his outstanding qualities of leadership, which have led to worldwide respect and recognition of himself, the North American metalcasting industry, its organization and specialty the American Foundrymen's Society, Inc."

James A Nelson manager of educational services, Buehier, Ltd., Lake Bluff, Illinois, ... for his exceptional contributions to the AFS Cast Metals Institute as an instructor and a member of its faculty."

John Serra manager/equipment sales, Carpenter Brothers, Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin,"... for his dedicated service to the American Foundrymen's Society, Inc. as a longstanding member of AFS technical committees and his efforts to disseminate technical information on chemically bonded systems throughout the industry.

Allen J. Filipic president, Casting Equipment, inc., Cleveland, Ohio, "... for his outstanding unselfish service to the American Foundtymen's Society, Inc., the Engineering Division of the Society and the Northeastem Ohio AFS Chapter. "

Donald W. Soderlund vice president, American Minerals, Wayne, Pennsylvania, "...for over 30 years of dedicated service to the advancement of technology in the metal casting industry and through his leadership of the Molding & Methods Division of the American Foundrymen's Society, Inc.'
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Title Annotation:95th AFS Casting Congress; American Foundrymens Society
Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Apr 1, 1991
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