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1990 2nd annual Show Off Award winners.

By promoting in unique fashion, or by creating a show environment that brought considerable attention to a product or service, the recipients of these awards demonstated an outstanding ability to Show-Off The award winners were picked by a nearly impartial panel of judges from Shooting Industry magazine.
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 1. Busiest Booth
 It took a while to drag Pam Clapp
 of New Detonics away from
 customers so SIs Nick Souleles
 could present her award.
 2. Busiest Booth
 LAR.'s Jennifer Robison takes a
 minute to accept the award.
 3. Best Display of Show
 The log cabins and stone fireplaces,
 a giant grizzly and various roving
 critters set the perfect back-drop for
 the RedHead line. That's why it
 was picked 'Best Display of Show.'
 4. Best Display Medium Booth
 A visit to Timberlands booth made
 you feel like you were entering the
 great outdoors - all the way down
 to the real grass under your feet.
 5. Best Display Big Booth
 Marketing Director Clem Riley
 accepts the award for Remington's
 "block long shopping center" from
 SI's Bruce Hillman.
 6. Best All-Around Model
 After seeing Glock's Sharon
 Dillon, it easy to see why dealers
 were anxious to get 'Glocked.' SIs
 Nick Souleles reluctantly presents
 the award.
 7. Best Show Dealer Promotion
 The people of Nelson/Weather-Rite
 served free lunch to dealers every
 day of the show. Michael Conti
 accepts the award from SI Editor
 Bruce Hillman.
 8. Best Legs Model
 The girl with the best "gams" is
 Davidson's Mary Erickson for the
 second year running. With Mary is:
 Dick Hamilton, Doc Matthews,
 Duane Stockton, Richard
 Norman and SIs Bruce Hillman.
 9. Best Attraction (Interactive)
 WideView's President Donald
 Johannsen and spokesperson
 Leslie Renford demonstrate their
 award winning attraction.
 10. Best Freebies"
 Dealers were willing to wait in long
 lines to get a free Doskoeil gun
 case. Dan Waldron accepts the
 award from Nick Souleles of SI.
 11. Best Attraction
 (Crowd Pleaser)
 A mime modeling the Gore-Tex line
 had people backed up in the isle
 applauding and cheering. Editor
 Bruce Hillman presents the award
 to W.L. Gore & Associates Lisa
 Wyre and Dan Madden.
 12. Best Introduction
 of a New Line
 Smith & Wessons "Third
 Generation" generated a lot of
 interest. Pictured - SIs Nick
 Souleles and S&Ws Del Sharb.
 13. Best Giveaway
 Herve' Villechaize, former star of
 the Fantasy Island television show,
 takes time to check out the Taurus
 pistols after picking the winner of
 the Ford Taurus. His fee? "A gun...
 a gun"' (Taurus, of course).
 14. Best Small Display
 You couldn't miss the Brauer
 Brothers blimp. George
 Schweitzer, and Teresa Downs
 accept the award from
 SI's Nick Souleles.
 15. Best Personality Model
 There was at least one bright light
 in the back of the hall - Model Jo
 Lynn Kirkman of Impact Case.
 Also pictured - Bob and Brad
 Knouff and SIs Randy Molde.
 16. Best Dealer Incentive
 Loggy Bayou President Ralph
 Williams looks on as the winner of
 his year- long dealer incentive
 program is drawn. The prize - a
 new four wheel drive Chevy S-10.
 17. Classiest Display
 Weatherby's classy display was just
 the right touch for their classy rifles.
 Greg Hanson accepts the award.
 18. Best Attraction (Celebrity)
 Playboy Playmate Petra Verkaik
 was quite the attraction for Nikon.
 SI's Randy Molde presents the
 award to Petra, and Jim D'elia.
 Best Computer Enhanced
 Show Presentation
 Bonnie and Jon Ferris (seated) of
 Interactive Presentation Tech.
 used 11 different programs to show
 how Gordon Plastics' products
 are made. Don and Bob Gordon
 accept the award.
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Title Annotation:product display and showcase competition in firearms retail
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Mar 1, 1990
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