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1990 - the year that was.

1990--The Year That Was

the author takes his annual look back and ahead as the nonwovens industry moves into a new year and a new set of challenges It's that time of year when we evaluate our position in the world of nonwovens and set our goals and projections and sign our business plan in blood.

Most of us look back at the events that should determine the future. Was it a year of progress for our industry? Did it demonstrate our capabilities and did the markets grow as we predicted? Can we determine that it is a good investment for the coming years?

Let us review some of the nonwovens happenings in 1990 and see if we can learn from the past to evaluate our present and assist in predicting our future.

Nonwovens Happenings in 1990

* Accurate Products opens R&D melt blown line. * Air Laid Tissue of Denmark increases dry forming capacity. * Akzo Colback spunbonded receives ISO certificate and

offers new spunbonded products. * Amoco/Nippon to produce "Claf" nonwovens. * Asahi increases flash spun production. * Automatik Fourne adds melt blown. * Barnhardt expands cotton bleachery. * Biax completes one of world's largest melt blown lines. * Biodegradable plastics continue developments. * Bonlam SA starts spunbondeds in Mexico. * Chave and Early Div. bought by Filtration Systems. * Chicopee introduces binder free spunlaced fabrics. * E.R. Carpenter expands high loft capacity. * Corovin plans to add fourth spunbonded line,

announces the company is still for sale. * Courtaulds to produce "Tencel" fiber in U.S. * Daiwabo produces microfiber spunlace. * Dexter acquires Storalene operation. * Don & Low increases spunbonded production. * Dow cancels plans to build PET recycling plant. * Dry Forming Processes AB goes out of business. * Environmental concern and legislation continues. * Evanite enters filtration with glass microfiber. * Foss buys Waterbury. * Foss acquires Tandem Fabrics. * Freudenberg acquires Wettex AB sponge manufacturer. * Freudenberg Taiwan spunbonded plant starts production. * FTC investigates degradability claims. * Fibre Extrusion Inc. (Gates) produces PET fiber. * Hercules shuts down "Pulpex" operation. * Herty buys Sandy Hill wet laid line. * High temperature resistant nonwovens continue to grow. * Hobbs filtration purchased by Hollinee. * Hoechst Celanese markets new bicomponent for

nonwovens. * Hoechst Celanese expands superabsorbent capacity. * Holzstoff purchases James River Nonwovens. * IFC Nonwovens acquired by Babykins of Canada. * INDA establishes position on disposables. * INDA Journal of Nonwovens Research becomes

established. * INDEX `90--the largest nonwovens show ever. * Japan Vilene adds melt blown capacity. * Kanebo doubles spunbonded capacity. * Kanebo starts spunlaced sales. * Kaymac reveals plans to install spunbonded line in

South Africa. * Kimberly-Clark settles suit with Reifenhauser. * Kuraray adds resin bonded plant (hydroentangled). * Lantor acquires Grain Processing technology for

Fiber-Taxis. * Libeltex buys Brinkhaus. * Mitsubishi adds hydroentangled capacity to nonwovens. * National Starch buys Borden. * Neuberger expands spunbonded development. * Nippon Ester expands thermal bonded fiber production. * Nordlys opens new nonwovens facility in France. * Novotex starts spunbondeds in Brazil. * Peltex of Caracas to produce spunlaced. * Poly-Bond adds another spunbonded line. * Polyester bottle conversion to fiber continues to grow. * Polyfelt to build second spunbonded plant. * P&G invests in composting. * Rodel begins in-house needlepunched operation.
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Title Annotation:nonwoven fabrics industry
Author:Holliday, Tom
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Date:Jan 1, 1991
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