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1989 footwear and waders for hunters.


Hunters rank warm, dry feet second only to a heavy game bag at day's end. Not long ago the options available to hunters to accomplish this were limited, and rarely foolproof. Modern footwear and wader makers utilize high tech material and designs to ensure warm, dry toes in the most wet, frigid conditions.

Smart retailers need to stay atop the avalanche of new hunting boots and waders. Consumers face the problem of choosing the perfect item for their hunting needs. Here is where the smart retailer will fill that need with knowledgeable advice and the correct product will see that customer back time and time again.

LaCrosse Footwear's new Camo Duck II wader with a 5-year warranty is just the thing webfeet hunters need. Uppers are cotton duck lined, steel tough, 330 denier Cordura [R]. The comfortable boot foot is insulated with polymeric foam and a 9mm felt midsole. The Camo Duck II sports LaCrosses' Mossy Oak [TM] camouflage pattern. Their Bayou model features an all-rubber, non-insulated wader with ankle-fit design that makes these waders excellent in marshes and swamps. Durable nylon lines the upper with cotton duck in the boot foot for moisture absorption.

LaCrosse also has a new ten inch Dri-foot pac boot that features waterproof rubber bottoms and Mossy Oak camo uppers of rugged 1000 denier Cordura [R] nylon. Duck hunters will love the Drifoot's toasty warm waterproof liner of removable Gore-Tex [R]/Thinsulate [R]/Cambrella [R].

Dunham Boots has aided hunter's feet for over a century. Their new Waterproof Prime Weather-tuff Leather Duraflex is a heaven-sent that provides comfort in practice, quality smooth leather or camo field boot. Gore-Tex [R] booties provide waterproofing.

Top Line Manufacturing's new 710 Camo Canvas Chest Waders feature 3-ply, vulcanized rubber construction with 100% insulation. Top Line's new waterproof Deluxe Camo Hunting Boot features 1000 denier Cordura [R] uppers printed with a permanent dye camo finish, vulcanized to rubber bottoms. Insulation is provided with 200 grams of Thinsulation and a Cambrelle(RM) liner that wicks away moisture.

Rocky Boots' "Corn Stalker" hunting boot is now available in the popular Mossy Oak pattern. Considered one of the finest hunting boots made, the Corn Stalker provides lightweight comfort and waterproof toughness.

Taurus Footwear's Kodiak Canadas line needs little introduction to duck hunters. Their new Trapper boots have ten inch uppers of Cordura [R] nylon printed in Treebark camo. Warmth is provided by Thinsulate and waterproofing is insured by the use of Gore-Tex [R].

Servus Rubber Company (Norcross Companies) has served waterfowlers for years. Their traditional Northerner [TM] line Olive Drab Waders and lace-top Pac boots are all natural rubber and have cork insoles. Their big news is the introduction of their second generation Pac boot, the Boundary -65 by Northerner [TM] line. Designed from field testing by the residents of Eagle, Alaska, this Super-Insulated Pac has proven its name"-65," good to [-65 degrees F]. The upper is constructed of double layer, breathing ballistic polypropylene with a quilted insulation thermal barrier, the boot is trimmed in leather. The lower is a specially formulated rubber with high tear and tensile strength, made of ozone-resistant rubber.

Red Ball's (Servus Rubber Company) new heavy duty Premier Series camo chest waders are tough. Protection from obstructions is provided by 500 denier Cordura [R] one-piece, injection molded to the boot foot. Nylon tricot, closed cell urethane foam, heavy felt and special metalized fabrics insulate by reflecting back body heat. The cellular structure of Red Ball's new neoprene chest wader line provides a new dimension of "stretch" comfort and warmth ideal for wearing in duck blinds.

James Scott (Servus Rubber Company) offer neoprene waist and chest waders in muted "Dead Marsh" camo pattern. The waders are engineered to fit close to clothing and insulate similar to a diver's wetsuit. Waist waders are trouser height, while the chest waders reach the armpit. Each is a stocking foot-style wader.

International Marketing Specialists offer inexpensive neoprene chest waders. These tough neoprene waders are available in the popular cattail camo pattern.

Marksman Sports' new "Hell and Back" boots will interest waterfowlers. Available with six or eight inch uppers, they feature Nu-Buck leather outers and glove-soft leather liners. The collar is foam-filled and the seams are latex lined for waterproofing.

Danner Shoe's Elk II hunting boots are individually tested for waterproofing. Ten years ago, Danner developed the free-hanging Gore-Tex [R] booties used in the Elk II; a waterproof version of their popular full grain, all-leather, breathable hunting boot.

Browning has two new waders for 1989. Available in chest and hip styles, Classic Series Triple Layer Cordura [R] Waders feature 3-layer laminated shells of 330 denier Cordura [R], waterproof pure rubber, an inner layer of 200 denier nylon oxford to prevent chaffing. They come in Browning's "Cattail" camo pattern.

Wolverine Boots and Shoes' new eight inch, Insulated Gore-Tex [R] Waterproof Boot with cattail camo uppers will prove popular among waterfowlers. They feature removable cushioned footbed insoles, EVA midsoles and rubber outsoles.

American Footwear Corporation's new Legend Series noted the use of Sympatex [R] lining laminated directly to full grain leather to guarantee total waterproofing yet breathability. The top-of-the-line Legend 3000 offers a fiberglass shank, Sympatex, an Indy 500 sole from Goodyear, leather lining and 3M's Thinsulate [R] lining. American Footwear is also offering its new Mountain boot, specially designed for mountainous rather than flat terrain. The Mountain Boot has an Indy 500 sole with a special patented configuration designed to keep the wearer from slipping on steep terrain.

Hodgman is a leading innovator in making footwear and waders for waterfowlers. The Lakestream Delux Camo II chest waders feature close cell neoprene construction in a comfortable stocking foot design, and matching Cordura [R] nylon camo boots. Hodgman's new boot foot model, hi-stretch 5mm neoprene camo chest wader features wide "bib-style" adjustable suspenders chest waders for maximum warmth and comfort.

Hunting Classics, Ltd. has developed a new line of ultra-lightweight gators and waders for hunting and fishing. The waders, at 14-oz. for the pair, are an over-the-boot design that easily slip over regular footwear. They fold to fit your vest or your pack. Their Classic Deluxe models are made of 500 denier Cordura [R] nylon with heat sealed and Urethane coated seams, the Economy model is made of PVC. The gators are an over-the-calf type with an adjustable locking draw cord at the top. Waders and gators are available in either brown WWII camouflage or OD green.

Weinbrenner Shoe's new "Woods and Stream" hunting boots easily withstand the punishment waterfowlers dish out. The high quality 4-ply design includes Cambrelle and Sympatex membrane lining, 400 grains of Thinsulate, and a "Weather-tuff" leather outer.

Ranger Rubber's (Division of Georgia Boot) new Guide Model brown camo neoprene chest waders feature state-of-the-art "boot foot" design. Ranger's new waterproof pac boots are available with all over Trebark & brown Cordura [R] uppers. The rubber bottoms are vulcanized to Cordura [R] uppers, with latex seams. Buyers have the option of a wool/polypropylene or 10mm neoprene liners.

Remington Footwear's (Division of Georgia Boot) new brown camo neoprene waders are ideal for waterfowlers ready to make the "soft wader plunge". Women are not forgotten in Remington's new products, the new Lady Wilderness boot is a seven inch brown, 4X4 waterproof leather with breathable waterproof Gore-Tex [R] booties. They are insulated with Dupont's fine Thermolite [R] insulation and soled with Vibram's [R] Tech Lug sole. Their handsewn moccasin construction contributes to comfort and durability.

Northlake's [R] (Division of Georgia Boot) new "All Cordura [R]" model has your choice of all over Realtree or Mossy Oak Camouflage Cordura [R] or all over black or brown Cordura [R]. These boots surpassed W.L. Gore's standard of one million flexes, or the equivalent of walking 1,000 miles with no leakage.

Lundhags Skomakarna's (G.H. Enterprises) hunting boots are well known in Europe where they are made by appointment to H.M. Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden. The Lundhags Hunter is a hand made pac-style that weds the finest leather and rubber. Comfort is insured by an anatomically shaped sole.

Kamik Outdoor Footwear's rugged, warm and waterproof KW-5000 pac boot is a bargain. Oil-tanned, full-grained uppers are triple stitched to seamless rubber bottoms. A removable inner liner is made of wool and polypropylene

Rainfair has a wide selection of waders and boots that meet the needs of waterfowlers. Until Rainfair's Willow Creek Stocking Wader was available, it was difficult to compactly take chest waders to a duck blind. Made of tough, heavyduty 65% polyester/35% rayon construction, these waders weigh only six pounds and are easily carried in a coat pocket.

Marathon Rubber Products' comfortable waders have been the choice of many waterfowlers for generations. This is one of the last wader makers to offer hunters factory-made, custom fitted waders. They are available in olive green in chest an hip wader styles.

Sorel [R] (Kaufman Footwear) rounds out our review with two new Leather Sport Boots in their 550 series. Even though these boots are made of leather, they are lightweight, waterproof and contain several features that the sportsman will appreciate. The 2001 model in green has either Cambrelle [R] or glove leather lining with a padded, contoured insole. The all-leather exterior has a padded collar and is bonded to Thinsulate [R] for cold protection. The polyurethane/rubber outsole is specially designed to provide all-day comfort in the field. The 4002 Real Tree model is similar in construction but trimmed in Cordura [R] nylon.

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PHOTO : Ranger Rubber's Guide Model waders feature "boot foot" design.

PHOTO : Northlake Leather/Cordura [R] boots N8848, N8840, N8844, & N8873, Servus Rubber's -65 Super-Insulated Pac boot and Dunham's Duraflex boot.

PHOTO : The new LaCrosse Bayou and Camo Duck II [R] waders.
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