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1985 equipment catalog.

In these days of high technology, sleeker-looking stores and energy- and labor-cost consciousness, equipment shopping can be mind-boggling at best. For a crash course in what's new for 1985, flip through the following pages and find a potpourri of the very latest that supermarket equipment manufacturers have to offer.

The Look of Neon Without the Expense

Dynalite signs for interior use offer and attractive and cost-effective alternative to neon signage. Their clear acrylic background slides into channels in the top and bottom lamp housings, and copy--constructed of acrylic round rods which are bent to the shape of letters--is mounted on glass stands to resemble neon. The copy is then treated with a special paint that "glows" from the effect of the ultra-violet lights and appears to be lit from within. According to be lit from within. According to the manufacturer, Day Displays Inc., Dept. PG, 1165 Antelope Rd., White City, Ore. 97503, not only do the signs cost between 20% to 40% less than their neon counterparts, but they consume far less power and eliminate the need for costly installation, since they come complete and ready for hanging.

Check Encoder Aids In Cutting Bank Fees

The MICR I check encoder, designed to help retailers cut banking fees by taking over the check encoding function, is new from Maverick Microsystems International Inc., Dept. PG, 13242 N.E. 16 St., Bellevue, Wash. 98005. Retailers can take advantage of the credits some banks are offering for encoded checks by using the unit in place of a standard adding machine. The unit automatically imprints the amount of each cashed check in its precise spot on the magnetic ink line of numbers on its bottom edge. This enables the document to pass through the nationwide automated network, and it could save retailers from 2 cents to 6 cents per check.

Printer Attachment For Hand-Held Terminal

A dot matrix printer that attaches to the top of a hand-held data collection terminal is available from MSI Data Corp., Dept. PG, 340 Fischer Ave., Costa Mesa, Calif. 92626. The printer, which measures 3.5 inches long, is designed for use with the MSI/85 terminal. It prints 16 alpha-numeric characters per line on 1.75-inch single- or double-ply paper at the rate of 60 lines per minute. Capable of printing in underline, vertical or double-high/double-wide modes, the printer also has a special graphics mode.

Salad Bars in Two Styles

New island and wall salad bar merchandisers are available from Friedrich Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Co., Dept. PG, 4200 N. Pan AM Expressway, San Antonio, Texas 78295. The units feature oak-framed plexiglass canopies which act as "sneeze guards," oak veneer cabinetry with solid oak trim, a lighted and insulated inside storage box, and a self-contained refrigeration unit. Available in the standard sizes of 4 feet by 8 feet, 5 feet by 10 feet, and 6 feet by 12 feet for the island units--and 8 feet by 12 feet for the wall models-- the merchandisers may also be produced in custom configurations. They are offered with or without refrigeration. An optional oak side cart, designed to serve soup or to store scales and tableware is also available.

A Total System for Bulk Food Selling

A Bulk Food Equipment Package, offering the components necessary to set up a complete section, is available from Boston Metal Products, Dept. PG, 400 Riverside Ave., Medford, Mass. 02155. The package is composed of airtight, steel-reinforced basswood barrels with self-closing vacuformed acrylic lids; acrylic bins; wire racks, shelves and T-stands; and plastic scoop and tong assemblies. According to the company, it was designed to exceed FDA safety and sanitation guidelines, and it provides ease in cleaning and flexibility in display.

Access Control System 'Reports' Burglaries

A microprocessor-based access control and alarm system called Contolink, is designed to deter shrink by controlling employee access, and to warn designated personnel in the event of burglaries, hold-ups and fires. Working with the store's Central Monitoring Station, the system can store and compare all openings and closings with those specified by management. It can alert management of any entrance by unauthorized key carriers and of any unauthorized openings or closings. The system also monitors fire detection equipment, burglary protection devices, and panic buttons. Silent Watchman Corp., Dept. PG, 2461 McGaw Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43207.

Revolving Display For Bakery/Deli Items

The CaraSell Revolving Refrigerated Display Case is constructed of glass, chrome and customized wood grain. The unit, offered by Federal Industries Ltd., Dept. PG, 215 Federal Ave., Belleville, Wis. 53508, has a brightly lit display area and shelves that revolve slowly, showing its entire contents. Shelves are adjustable to any height and come in chrome, wire or glass. Special wine racks are also available.

Computerized DSD System Debuts

An automated DSD system that helps grocers oversee vendor authorization, item authorization, product costs, invoice calculation and shelf space management is new from Honeywell Inc., Dept. PG, Honeywell Plaza, Minneapolis, Minn. 55408. The system operates on the microSystem 6/20 computer, under General Comprehensive Operation System (GCOS) 6 software. Its hardware includes a CRT and keyboard, a hand-held terminal with a scanning wand, and a printer. Designed to communicate with IBM or Honeywell host computers at the store's headquarters, an entry-level system with 512 KB memory and 30 MB disk memory, including operating and application software, costs $23,995. The hand-held terminal costs $2,500.

Fish Prep System Does It All

A complete work station for supermarket fresh fish departments is being offered by American Delphi Inc., Dept. PG, 7110 Fenwick Lane, Westminster, Calif. 92684. The K-100 Fish Prep System is designed to eliminate the sanitation problems associated with fresh fish handling by combining the trimming, rinsing and waste disposal in one compact work area. The unit, which is constructed of stainless steel, consists of a three-tub sink with two drainboards, three movable poly cutting boards, a water-wash waste trough and a highpower disposer.

Island Produce Case Is Y-Shaped/Flexible

A new Y-shaped island refrigerated produce display case is the latest addition to the Versa line by Hill Refrigeration, Dept. PG, 360 Pennington Ave., Trenton, N.J. 08601-0061. The merchandiser is available with 6-, 8- or 12-foot legs in any combination, and double-butt center sections can be added to extend one or more legs to 16, 20, 24 feet or longer. Each leg features a large multi-finned evaporator with full-length copper coils, and positive air circulation over and through the produce. Available in a variety of decorator colors, the Y-shaped table complements the existing Versa line of cheese, deli, pasta, produce and salad bar models.

General-Purpose P-O-S Terminal

The DTS 2100, a general-purpose, mid-range point-of-sale terminal from National Semiconductor DATA-CHECKER/DTS, Dept. PG, 2900 Semiconductor Dr., Santa Clara, Calif. 95051, is easily programmed to fit an individual operator's needs for checking out customers, maintaining complete accountability and generating comprehensive management reports. The terminal features 999 PLUs and up to 99 departments.

Bar Code Wands Are Blue-Tipped

The new addition to the digital bar code wand family of Hewlett Packard, Dept. PG, 1820 Embarcadero, Palo Alto, Calif. 94303, is a line of wands featuring sealed, sapphire tips, improved electronics and scan angles to 45 degrees to ensure superior reading performance. The sapphire tips on Model HBCS-2200 and HBCS-2300 wands are said to provide good wear resistance. They are designed for use in remote data collection, work-in-process tracking, p-o-s data entry and inventory control, where dirt and debris are common causes for clogging in conventional open-tip wands.

Time Clock Provides Better Control

With the Simplex TMT 7200 electronic time clock system, time cards are personalized with employee ID number, department number and work schedule. Not only is this information printed on the time cards, but it is also stored on a magnetic strip on the back of all cards. Deviations from normal work schedules are highlighted in red for quick visibility and time card totals are automatically updated. The time clock is also capable of producing summary payroll reports, tardy reports and attendance reports by employee, department or work schedule. Simplex Time Recorder Co., Dept. PG, Simplex Plaza, Gardner, Mass. 01441.

Shedding Light On Store Ceilings

Square, rectangular or triangular shaped Luminous Skylights from Integrated Ceilings Inc., Dept. PG, 11500 Tennessee Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 90064, are available in a variety of standard sizes. The skylights are lighted from above by cost-efficient fluorescent fixtures to provide functional store lighting levels while creating a pleasant atmosphere. According to the company, the skylights are easy to install and maintain.

Sign System Features Water-Based Ink

A silk screening Speed-Print Sign System, that enables anyone to produce high-quality signs economically, is available from Denco Sign Systems Inc., Dept. PG, P.O. Box 59441, Dallas, Texas 75229. The system includes a light table with illuminated grid for sign layout with die-cut letters, a large printing table with a counterbalanced one-man squeezee, and roll-around air drying racks. The key cost saving feature is the system's water-based Aqua-Print Ink, which costs considerably less than the traditional, oil-based sign ink. The ink can be used directly from the can, without mixing.

Bar Code Scanning Wand Joins Line

The ScopeScan 810 from Scope Inc., Dept. PG, 1860 Michael Faraday Dr., Reston, Va. 22090 is engineered for applications such as inventory control and tracking work in progress. The lightweight wand scanner uses a visible read LED in the 700nm range, which permits it to see colors that are invisible to infrared light sources. Its key features include a red LED light source, high speed scanning, a good read range and a choice of aperatures.

Dairy/Deli Case Offers Flexibility

A new 4-foot multi-deck dairy/deli case is designed to give the supermarket operator greater merchandising flexibility. Warren/Sherer, Dept, PG, 1600 Industrial Blvd., Conyers, Ga. 30207-0019, suggests placing the unit at the end of a gondola near the dairy section as a spot merchandiser. Available in 18-inch and 22-inch front heights, the case provides uniform lighting for the product area with a double row of high-output fluorescent lights housed in its canopy.

Vinyl Case Covers Keep Aisles Warmer

Reach-Thru vinyl Strip case covers, designed to offer energy savings by cutting refrigeration load and keeping cold air in and warm air out of open front refrigerated cases are manufactured by Cool Curtain CCI, Dept. PG, 8444 Utica Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. 91730. The curtains, which also keep the store aisles comfortable, are secured to the top of the case and weighted at the bottom.

What's Up Front Counts on New Produce Case

A Refrigerated produce merchandiser with an extended front display area is constructed to eliminate maintenance problems and cut down on unsightly stacked cartons in the produce area. The Model PHRO from Hussmann Corp., Dept. PG, 12999 St. Charles Rock Rd., Bridgeton, Mo. 63044, has forward-thrust styling that increases produce capacity and merchandising flexibility. Its canopy is also extended to provide a refrigerated air curtain and lighting to ensure stable temperature control and high illumination in the display area. A selection of racks is available.

Attention All Supers: New Paging System Bows

The Market-Com paging intercom system for supermarkets features two talk channels, a separate paging channel and conference call capability. Available in wall or pedestal type stations (12 inches and 23 inches) the plug-in terminals allow for easy on-site maintenance. Aiphone Corp., Dept. PG, P.O. Box 90075, Bellevue, Wash. 98009.

Deck Oven Has Unique Doors

A 12-pan, electrical deck oven with by-pass sliding doors is new from Super Systems Sale, Inc., Dept. PG, P.O. Box 8682, Green Bay, Wis. 54308. Dubbed the Model DO-12-B, the unit is touted to be "two ovens in one," since operators can use just one six pan section at slower periods and both at busier times. The oven features bright lights, full view glass doors and a stainless steel finish.

Self-Unloading Cart Reduces Checker Fatigue

The self-unloading shopping cart from Proteus Corp., Dept. PG, 15203 N.E. 95, Redmond, Wash. 98052, is designed to increase throughput, reduce checker fatigue and lower personnel costs. The basket of the cart slips over the company's conveyor system at the checkout station and the molded rubber conveyor belt moves its contents forward automatically. The groceries end up right at the checker's fingertips, where they can be unloaded, scanned and bagged in one motion. The bags are then transferred to an empty service cart for the customer to take to the car.
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