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1985 Wood & Wood products: office furniture's next revolution.

A revolution in office furniture design may already have started with the unveiling of the FUNDI III work station by the Directorate of Architectural Building Sciences (ABS) of Public Works Canada.

Development of FIINDI, an acronym for functional diagnostic unit, began following increased environmental complaints by office workers during the 1970s as the pace of office automation intensified. As Audrey Kaplan, project manager, expressed it, ABS wanted to know "how individuals cope with environmental stresses in the office setting ,and what the environmental and ergonomic requirement for traditional and new electronic offices are."

FUNDI III is the third generation model. "The FUNDI design is a collection of ideas, notions and hunches from different disciplines on the essential components for optimal office accommodation," said Peter Mill, ABS director.

ABS research has shown that lack of visual and aural privacy ranks first as the most important problem in Canadian government offices. The most important health issues that emerged from this research were eye strains and headaches.
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