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1985 Guns & Ammo annual.

This is just a reminder that the 1985 Guns & Ammo Annual is now on the newsstands, and, as always, there is plenty of interesting gun and firearms history articles for your reading pleasure. This year's 288-page issue has several stories throuhgout the book that are sure to be of interest to old gun fans. In the black powder section, noted gunwriter Mike Venturino offers an in-depth look at "The Roaring .44s!" In this piece, Venturino discusses the practical performance of the 19th century "magnum" wheelguns--Colt's Walker and Dragoon models, and their 1860 model revolver--and how they stack up against more modern sixguns. My amigo, Rick Hacker, treats the reader to an excellent overview of the muzzle-loading shotgun sport in his article, "Shotgunning With A Smokepole." In it he shares his hunting experiences while directing us to what he feels would be our best choice in scatter-guns, and what sort of performance can be expected from them. Another piece, "Sharps 'Big Fifty' Thunders Again," is my own offering. In this story, we look at the Shiloh Sharps .50-2-1/2-inch caliber replicas' practical performance, along with some tips on what a prospective Sharps shooter can expect if he wants to become a modern-day "buffalo hunter."

G&A's Gunsmith Editor, Garry James, has written a fascinating treatise on "John Bull's Yankee Gun's," where he reviews the many American-made firearms and how they wound up helping to build and defend the British Empire. This story is one that should hold any antique arms buff's interest and as typical of Garry's articles, it is well researched and features some great period photographs.

Gunwriter Lee Silva's contribution is also one that black powder and antique gun buffs will not want to miss. In his article, "The last of the Gunfighters," Lee takes us back to the Mexican Revolution of 1910 with a colorful look at the guns of the American soldiers of fortune who ventured south of the Rio Grande.

Civil War enthusiasts will delight over "A Legacy of Valor," by Andy Lightbody. Briefly, this is an account of the military careers of two brothers, both Union soldiers and the engagements they took part in. The interesting facet of this story is that much of their personal arms, uniforming and equipment has been preserved and now rests in a private collection. G&A has the privilege of sharing this amazing collection of artifacts with readers while telling their exciting story.

As you can see from this review, there is plenty of reading that would be of interest and value to black powder fans--plus there is an extensive directory of muzzle-loading arms manufacturers and dealers--so look for a copy of the 1985 Guns & Ammo Annual at your local newsstand or gun shop. You can also order directly from Petersen Publishing by sending $6.95 plus 80 cents for postage, to Petersen Publishing Co., Retail Sales Services, 6725 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028.
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Author:Spangenberger, Phil
Publication:Guns & Ammo
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Date:Feb 1, 1985
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