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1965: Ray Jenkins.

Ray Jenkins, a Pulitzer-winning journalist who worked for President Jimmy Carter, died of heart failure in his Baltimore home on October 24. He was 89.

Jenkins was a member of the Columbus (Georgia) Ledger reporting team that won the 1955 Pulitzer Prize in public service for its coverage of political corruption in a nearby town.

He went on to cover the civil rights movement. An article he wrote about a civil rights fundraising ad in The New York Times was one of his most consequential stories. The ad was the basis for a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling (New York Times vs. Sullivan) that made it harder for public officials to sue for defamation.

Jenkins held the positions of editorial page editor, editor, and vice president of The Montgomery Advertiser and Alabama Journal.

In 1979, he accepted a newly created position as a special assistant for press affairs to President Jimmy Carter. He retired in 1991 after serving as the editorial page editor for The Baltimore Evening Sun.

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