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192 Singles Reviews.

Byline: Julie MacCaskill

Single Of The Week

Avril Lavigne I'm With You

WITH the world at her tiny little feet, teen rock star Avril Lavigne continues on her journey of world domination.

Slowing the pace down a little, Avril has opted for a spine-tingling ballad. But fear not - it's not another average run-of-the-mill offering from a mouthy teenager full of angst and bubbling with hormones. Heaven forbid Avril would ever be anything other than original.

I'm With You is arguably one of the finest tracks from her album, Let Go, and it showcases the young whipper snapper's uncanny ability to change style and tempo as fast as any music cynic can mutter "stuff and nonsense" under their breath. Quite brilliant.

Atomic Kitten Love Doesn't Have To Hurt

WHAT'S all this then? Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost stepping up to the mic and singing? Surely not! She'll be singing live next, just wait and see.

Until now, the lead vocals have pretty much been the domain of Liz Kitten and Tash Kitten, with Jenny doing the odd spoken vocal.

Clearly their continued success has afforded Jenny the opportunity to get some much-needed vocal tuition and prove that there's so much more to her than pouting and looking pretty.

Love Doesn't Have To Hurt sees Jenny and Co sharing the singing limelight and the result is a beautiful ballad which gives the girls a much more mature sound.

Dysfunctional Psychedelic Waltons

Payback Times

WITH adverts once again opening the door to chart success, the quite brilliantly named Dysfunctional Psychedelic Waltons may well be making themselves at home in the charts in the not-too-distant-future.

Synonymous with the somewhat freaky Levi's advert featuring people with mouse heads dealing in black market cat sales (you've got to see it to believe it) Payback Times is a funky slice of creativity.

As original as the advert which brought the track into the homes of music lovers across the land, Payback Times has been produced by legendary muso Nellee Hooper and features the vocal talents of former Sneaker Pimp Keli Ali.

For those of you who buy into the remix market, the single features a number of new mixes of the tracks from the likes of Deadly Avenger, K- Paul and Jacques Lu Cont.


The Day We Left Town EP

WAVE goodbye to your worries and woes and let Magnet make your life a pleasing peaceful haven.

There's a sense of stepping back in time as this tune embraces some sounds of a bygone era, a time when life was lived at a much slower pace. Even Johansen's (AKA Magnet) beautiful melodies are both soaring and serene and this blissful EP features four stunning tracks: The Day We Left Town, Clean Slate, Dead Happy and The Big Black Moon.

Sadly, chart success will almost certainly evade Magnet, but sometimes commercialism can have catastrophic effects on creativity. Magnet: for the more discerning music lover. Fickle fans need not apply.


Play Some D

OH would you look at this? Another single whose heightened profile comes courtesy of commercials. Play Some D is probably best known as the funky, hip-hop infused track taken from the Motorola mobile phone ads, but don't let the ad men put you off buying into some brilliant beats.

When presented with a punchy standout tune such as this, it's always best to embrace it fondly and forget about how you stumbled across it in the first place.

Let's be honest, advertising tunes don't exactly conjure up images of creativity and they're usually the death knell for the featured artists.

No matter ... Play Some D is a simply stunning tune and while it may not make you want to go out and buy a mobile phone, it'll almost certainly make you want to buy into the Brassy experience.



WITH the international rock scene reinvigorated, Blindside are going to have to try a lot harder if they've got any hope of making a lasting mark on the music world.

It's no longer enough to just be able to play guitar (very loud) and screech (very loud).

Blindside certainly seem to have mastered these basic skills, but Pitiful does rather seem to live up to its title.

Blindside have already gathered something of a fan base and have acquired a loyal following to their live shows.

British rock fans are the latest focus of their attentions and while their debut single will no doubt interest those already aware of the Blindside buzz, it may go unnoticed by those who don't have their ear to the ground.


Beth Orton

Thinking About Tomorrow

BETH ORTON is one of the finest songwriters of our generation, but somehow her latest music seems a little lack-lustre.

The glint of innovation which shone through her previous music seems to have faded somewhat and while some critics have lavished praise on her current album Daybreaker, from which this track is taken, they perhaps have become blinded by nostalgia rather than foresight.

Thinking About Tomorrow is sure to satisfy Beth's many adoring fans who lap up her quirky folky style.

But if it's all the same to you, this reviewer's going to pass and wait until she comes up with something more befitting of her talent.

Coming Soon..

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Date:Apr 3, 2003
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