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192 : The 192 singles reviews.


LeAnn Rimes

Life Goes On

ONCE celebrated as a gym-slip country star, LeAnn if now opting for a more mainstream sound. The result is an amalgamation of rock, pop and country, a combination which will not only delight her loyal followers but impresses non-believers along the way. LeAnn's latest release is an upbeat little number, which is almost impossible to ignore. This fine upstanding track should further her flourishing career.

Stamford Amp

Anything For You

SATURDAY mornings rarely, if ever, produce anything worthwhile. Except perhaps memories of a successful Friday night and left-over pizza. The exception to the rule is Stamford Amp. Best known as the in-house band on the BBC's Saturday morning TV show, the Stamford boys have faired better than Dani Behr, whose career seems to have hit the skids because of the kiddies show. No matter, music big-wigs have given the boys the perfect excuse to break free of Miss Behr. Signed by former U2 producer Steve Lillywhite, Stamford Amp's sound is an uplifting blend of infectious pop and rock. Aside for the single itself, the second track on CD2 is a fantastic kick-ass take on Kylie's classic, Can't Get You Out Of My Head.

No Doubt

Underneath It All

SERVING up some late-summer vibes with a Caribbean twist, Gwen Stefani and chums are as as welcome as fruit punch cocktail - only not as sickening. Toasting the belief that beauty is only skin deep, Gwen and Co have come up with a funky little ballad tinged with Jamaican flavour, courtesy of legendary producers Sly & Robbie. However, it's not a perfect concoction by any standard. The involvement of dancehall legend Miss Lady Shaw might have seemed like an inspired choice, but the vocal distinctions between the two leading ladies are far from palatable and mix together like Malibu and Irn-Bru.

Dirty Vegas

Days Go By

AFTER securing cross-Atlantic success, Dirty Vegas embark on a second stab at the British charts with the re-release of a song which originally made its British debut some four months ago. Hailed as a progressive house masterpiece, many will applaud the band's decision to champion this stunning single all over again, while newcomers to their unmistakable mix of guitars, pulsing beats and moody vocals will wonder why it's taken the British so long to catch on to the Dirty Vegas vibe.

Gemma Hayes

Back Of My Hand

AS plaudits go, the Irish singer/ songwriter has had one hell of a year. First she won the Hot Press award for Best Female Singer back in her homeland. Then with the release of her album, Night On My Side, came critical and public acclaim. And to top it all off, she was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize. So she didn't win, but when she creates such sublime sounds as these, who needs another accolade? Discerning music lovers will show their appreciation for Ms Hayes and her captivating music.

The Delgados

Coming In From The Cold

AS a nation, the Scots pride themselves on having their finger firmly on the pulse of music. Why, then, haven't we pushed such exceptional bands like The Delgados to the forefront more? Could it be, perhaps, that we're loathed to share all our finest achievements with all and sundry? That can be the only suitable, if not selfish, explanation for keeping The Delgados under wraps for all these years. True to melodic form, Coming In From The Cold, is the first single taken from the groups' forthcoming album, Hate, and features Emma Pollack's haunting vocals. Outstanding.

The Electric Soft Parade

Same Way, Every Day (Biting The Soles Of My Feet)

BRITGHTON'S finest remain true to musical form with this rip-roaring rock anthem. Subtle echoes of Ash from the early days are apparent throughout, but this in by no means a second-rate effort. Perish the thought. The Electric Soft Parade are one outfit who have made a welcome return to old skool rock, a band who embrace the belief that music should be uplifting and enjoyable, and, perhaps most crucially of all, music should make an impression. Taken from the bands' critically acclaimed debut album, Holes In The Wall, the single has been released upfront of their forthcoming live tour dates. They roll into Glasgow's QMU on October 28 and rock fans, old and new, would be well advised to make sure they see the band in action. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Don't bother with ...

DJ Otzi & Hermes House Band

Live Is Life

WHAT'S more offensive than a novelty act that won't quit while they're ahead? Two who think they're indestructible. In their infinite wisdom, irritating Euro pop acts Hermes House Band and bleach boy DJ Otzi have joined forces and subject us to more of their humorous cover versions. Massacring the Opus classic Life Is Life with techno wizardry and cheesy chants, the novelty combo are trying desperately to stretch out their 15 minutes of fame into a career. Don't encourage them any more, you'll regret it in the morning.




AFTER securing her first hit single, Holly Valance has clearly set her sights on bursting the soap bubble and scoring continued chart success.

In much the same vain as her debut single, Down Boy is full of Eastern spirit, positively oozing sex appeal and sassy pop overtones.

Holly herself has shown that she is so much more than another Kylie clone, and the Australian minx is set to further turn heads with her suggestive tunes coupled with her husky vocals.

Certainly Holly has benefited from her involvement in Aussie soap Neighbours, which undoubtedly kick-started her career in style.

Now that she's made a name for herself in the European music market, all she has to do is keep up the good work and keep on producing little pop treats such as this. We don't ask for much Holly, so don't let us down.

Coming Soon...

Las Ketchup `The Ketchup Song

(Asereje)'; SClub Juniors `New Direction',

Usher `Can You Help Me', Tippi `It's A Phase',

Nora Jones `Come Away With Me', Ashton Lane

`Yesterday's Too Late', The Vines `outtathaway',

FULC `The Fallen EP', Luke Slater `I Can Complete You', Bebel Gilberto `So Nice', Turin Brakes `Long

Distance', Lemon Jelly `Space Walk', Magnet

`Chasing Dreams', Nick Carter `Help Me', Dolly Parton `If', Tracy Chapman `You're The One', New Found Glory `Head On Collison', Richard Ashcroft

`Check The Meaning'
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