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192: MARIAH SCAREY; Diva threatened to sack Tia and ruined her first big movie.


MARIAH CAREY has been savaged by the co-star of her film flop Glitter, who says the diva ruined the whole project.

Tia Texada says she regrets ever signing up for the role in the 2001 box-office bomb and that other cast and crew members grew tired of Mariah's strops. And she vowed never to work with Carey again.

She said: ``It was a disaster from the time I got there.

``It was just horrible. I wanted to quit, but I couldn't because when you're in, you're in.

``I would call my manager every day, trying to get myself off the film. I was so new and I thought you had to listen to what you were told.

``People would say, `You have to wear this!' and I would just say, `Well I don't want to wear that.' But everyone, including Mariah Carey said: `You have to wear what we give you or you're fired.' She did not want any of us to look good.

The sexy stunner, who has also appeared in Phone Booth and From Dusk 'til Dawn, added: ``Let me just tell you that I wasn't allowed to show any of my body in this movie because she would not allow it.

``It's too bad because she's so beautiful and talented that she doesn't need to be that way - but she was very insecure.

``Everyone else I worked with, whether it was Colin Farrell, Chris Rock, Renee Zellweger or Morgan Freeman, have all been so generous and easy to work with. But working with Mariah was really hard. She knows that I feel this way.''

Mariah played Billie Frank in a film roughly based on her own life struggling to become a big star. Max Beesly played her love interest Julian Dice and Tia played her pal Roxanne.

Tia added: ``She tried to make us all feel horrible and it came out in the film.''

It's the first time one of the cast has taken a swipe at Mariah, who will be coming to Scotland for the first time next month for a gig at the SECC, Glasgow on October 25.

Leading man Max agreed it was bad, but didn't point fingers.

After her European dates she will star in Sweet Science as a boxer who fights Laila, the daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

You can't keep a diva down.


BAD MOVE: Tia Texada; DIFFICULT WOMAN: Mariah Carey
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 10, 2003
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