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184 nations house CnC servers: FireEye.

184 nations that house communication hubs, or command and control (CnC) servers, a 41% increase compared to 2010 according to c yber attack mitigation specialists FireEye. The company has released "The Advanced Cyber Attack Landscape" report and interactive maps, which provide detailed insight into the global nature of malware communication activity related to sophisticated cyber attacks.

Asia and Eastern Europe

account for the majority of activity. According

to the report, technology organisations are among the most frequently attacked

and the majority of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks-89% -are

associated with tools developed and disseminated by Chinese hacker groups,

according to FireEye.

"The threat landscape has evolved, as cyber threats have

outpaced traditional signature-based security defenses, such as anti-virus, and

permeated around the world, enabling cybercriminals to easily evade detection

and establish connections inside the perimeter of major organisations," said

FireEye CEO David DeWalt. "The FireEye research puts in proper perspective the

global pandemic of this new breed of advanced cyber attacks."

Asia and Eastern Europe are attack hotspots - Looking at the

average number of callbacks per company by country, the Asian nations of China, South Korea,

India, Japan, and Hong Kong

accounted for 24% of global callbacks. Not far behind, the Eastern European

countries of Russia, Poland, Romania,

Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Latvia comprised 22%.

Technology companies are highly targeted - Technology

companies experienced the highest rate of callback activity associated with the

next generation of cyber attacks. Technology companies are targeted for the

theft of intellectual property, sabotage, or modification of source code to

support further criminal initiatives.

The majority of APT callback activities are associated with

APT tools that are made in China

or that originated from Chinese hacker groups. By mapping the DNA of known APT

malware families against callbacks, FireEye discovered that the majority of APT

callback activities-89 percent-are associated with APT tools that are made in China

or that originated from Chinese hacker groups. The main tool is Gh0st RAT.

CnC servers are used heavily during the life cycle of an

attack to maintain communication with an infected machine by way of callbacks,

enabling the attacker to download and modify malware to evade detection,

extract data, or expand an attack within a target organisation.

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Date:Apr 23, 2013
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