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1784 Return. (Letters to the Editor).

Regarding the book review in the Spring 2001 issue on American Migrations 1765-1799, Frederick Baxter of Westchester drew my attention.

There is a Frederick Baxter listed with no dependents on the Westchester (NS) Loyalists, 15 October 1784 Return along with a John Baxter with wife. A complete list of Loyalists' names on this Return can be located at this website: http:/

Most of these were members of Col. James Delancy's Corps of Westchester Refugees and Light Infantry in Westchester County NY. My Loyalist ancestor was Sgt. Gabriel Purdy via his granddaughter Jane Smith Purdy who married my great-grandfather Thomas Giles (Jr.).

Edwin Glennie Giles UE,
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Publication:The Loyalist Gazette
Date:Mar 22, 2002
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