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16th Worcester primary refreshing.

It was quite refreshing to have people running for office conduct themselves in an aboveboard and professional manner. The gentlemen who ran in the 16th Worcester District Democratic primary never used name-calling, never tried to smear another candidate, and never hinted at another candidate's vision as not being worthy to be noticed.

They all talked of their own visions and qualities for the district and how they would work their hardest and best to bring them to fruition should they be elected. When all was said and done, when one was finally chosen, they as strong Democrats said they would support the winner 100 percent.

They and their families should be proud as to how they conducted themselves and their campaigns. It was refreshing to see a glimmer of hope that politics can be hard-fought without the name-calling, etc.

They all stayed true to the issues at hand, never deviating from what was really important, the district and its constituents.

We wish all the best to these fine young men in all their future endeavors, for they showed themselves as men of character and caring.



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Publication:Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)
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Date:Aug 27, 2013
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