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150,000 lost blue badge and benefits.

I MUST reply to J Stott (Chronicle letters, August 16) about the loss of his blue badge and his comments on motability cars.

We have three main groups who qualify for the blue badge automatically: the blind, those with a war pensioners' mobility supplement, and those with the highest levels of DLA/PIP (the recipients of these allowances are often called in for regular medicals).

My mother is a WWII disabled veteran and has a war disablement pension which includes the WPMS, which allows her to receive a 'free car.'.

Sorry the car is not free: she gives up her war pensioners' mobility supplement to LEASE her motability car over a threeyear period. This is worth nearly PS5,000.

Motability finance always own the car. She has undergone numerous medicals to see if her war disablement condition has improved or deteriorated.

Spare a thought for some 150,000 disabled people who have not just lost the use of their blue badge, but have then lost their DLA/PIP benefits which results in the motability finance car being returned.

These disabled people often then lose the use of a personal carer - no disabled benefits, no carer.

Welcome to the wonderful world of compassionate conservatism.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Aug 18, 2016
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