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150,000 cases pending in lower courts.

PESHAWAR -- In the lower courts more than 1,541,000 clients are waiting for justice through out the country.

The cases pending in Punjab are about 12,00000, more than 2,00000 in KP, about 1,00000 in Sindh, 37,000 in federal capital and whereas 13,000 in Balochistan.

The facts and figures released by the district courts of the country that for the last 6 years in the country the numbers of pending cases have increased rapidly.

In the district courts of Punjab by 31 December 2011 the cases were 11730 which have recorded a sharp increase to 1187076 cases. Likewise KPK is number two whereby 31 December 2011, 533 cases were pending and saw upward trend during the last 6 years to 204209. Whereas in Sindh the figure of 1584 rose to 99820 cases. In federal capital Islamabad this figure was 1031, rose to 37000. In Balochistan the figure was 102 rose to 13009 cases.

By 31 December 2011 in the district courts of the country 14980 cases were pending and now the figure rose to 1541109 cases.

According to figures by 1 January 2012 in the Punjab district courts the figure was 1207312 cases whereas 207541 new cases were registered.

The courts decided 239898 cases and 1175346 cases are pending. The total cases now stands at 118776.

Likewise in KPK by 1 January 2012, 204330 cases were pending and 38092 new cases were registered, 38679 cases were decided and 204095 cases are pending.

In KPK district courts a total of 204209 are pending.

In Sindh 99838 are pending, 22803 new registered and decided 24359 cases and pending are 99820 cases.

In Islamabad district courts 35112 cases are pending, 8476 new cases registered and decided 7614 cases and 37005 cases are pending.

In Balochistan district courts 13132 cases are pending, 4650 new registered, 4875 decided, the number decreased to 13009.

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Publication:Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
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Date:Dec 31, 2017
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