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15 essay writing life hacks for international students.

International students at English-language universities face the issue of the language barrier. Communication and writing challenges can be difficult to overcome. In particular, many students find it complicated to compose an essay without having experience in writing in their non-native language. To develop more solid skills and be able to complete the assignment freely, here are 15 life hacks that will assist an international student in writing a remarkable essay.

1. Use simple language

International students often feel anxious about how their writing will sound to native speakers. However, the most important tip is to maintain the simple language and use words that you know. Not only is there nothing wrong with simple vocabulary, but also you will be more confident that you have not made a mistake.

2. Do not overcomplicate

This tip means that you don't need to use complex sentence structures. If you feel you have more than one idea in a single sentence, try to reconsider it and divide it into two sentences. In this way, you will be confident that you have explained your thoughts concisely and without grammar errors.

3. Use class notes

Looking at your class notes is the most effective way to make sure that you have included everything that you need in the essay. Since international students might be overwhelmed in the new academic environment, the notes could be the perfect guide on where to start writing. Use them to choose the vocabulary and ideas which you heard in the class.

4. Reliable sources

The use of sources for the essay is a helpful method to combine your thoughts with the ideas of other authors. You can enhance your writing by implementing the relevant facts or concepts from the articles. Nevertheless, you need to consider the reliability of a source and provide the proper references to the original author.

5. Learn how to paraphrase

Besides using the sources, international students can paraphrase ideas from other essays and sources. However, make sure that you bring the original perspective to your text and use the material as an inspiration to form your own ideas. Otherwise, stealing other arguments is cheating and could get a student in trouble.

6. Read samples

Reading the essays of other students or scholars on the internet might give you a general understanding of how to structure a text, present your arguments, and what tone you should use. Unlike using outside sources, the samples might help international students to learn how to organise ideas in the essays.

7. Basic structure

You need to remember that every essay has a fundamental structure. In particular, an essay should include the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. In the introduction, you should state your purpose. In the body paragraphs, you should provide the arguments to sustain your point of view. Lastly, in conclusion, the main goal is to emphasise that the ideas in the essay are worth serious consideration.

8. Thesis statement

This section is a significant aspect of an outstanding essay because it demonstrates your position on a topic. International students might not recognise the importance of this small part of the essay. However, your thesis statement is the main element that reflects your proficiency and understanding of a topic. Therefore, teachers pay close attention to how students write it.

9. Prepare outline

It is much easier to start writing an essay when you have an outline where you can make notes on the most crucial points. For instance, write down your thesis statement, arguments, and quotes next to the name of the section. After that, you can start working on your draft for the essay.

10. Use transition words

Transition words help in writing because they can navigate thoughts. If you feel that your essay looks very straight forward, you can add some transitions to make it more engaging and interesting to read.

11. Ask for assistance

International students often ask themselves, "how am I going to write my essay without proper skills?" But there is a solution -- ask professionals who can write you a paper on your topic. Moreover, you can always ask your teacher to explain to you the basics of academic writing and referencing formats.

12. Choose your topic

If you have the chance to select a direction for the essay, you should choose something that fascinates you. Writing on a subject that is interesting to you will make the process much easier and more exciting. In this way, you will be able to show your passion and genuine enthusiasm about writing.

13. Watching videos instead of reading

Frequently, international students face the challenge of reading complex subjects in English. Watching videos is an easy solution if you need to prepare an essay on a complicated economic, philosophical or political concept. Moreover, watching videos is a more engaging and entertaining way to learn something new.

14. Communicate more with native speakers

Through conversations with native speakers, international students could become more proficient in how to build interesting sentences. Although the academic language is different than informal communication, you will learn the speech patterns. Thus, you can use the experience in communication to compose an essay that would sound like a native speaker wrote it.

15. Use writing tools

There are multiple ways to check whether your essay corresponds to academic standards or grammar rules. Namely, you can use free anti-plagiarism software or grammar checkers online. These tools would help to avoid a high similarity index and make sure that your essay is free of grammar and punctuation errors.

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