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14th Challengers Award draws 120 entries.

Solutions for the challenges facing wood products manufacturers may be found in this years' crop of Challengers Award competition entries.

Furniture manufacturers, cabinetmakers and mill-workers -- they all have different needs and wants, and yet, they all face some of the same challenges. The challenge to improve productivity, produce quality products, contain costs, ensure worker safety, protect the environment and comply with governmental regulations are some of the things that must be addressed for a company to succeed. For many wood products companies, the answers to these challenges may be found in the products entered in the IWF '92 Challengers Award competition.

This year the competition includes 104 companies that entered 120 of some of the most "innovative and technologically advanced" ideas for the woodworking industry. A panel of 12 industry experts will whittle this group of products down to 20 and then 10 finalists before selecting the seven Challengers Award winners whose producers are deemed among the most innovative exhibits at the fair. New to this year's competition is one award specifically earmarked for a product addressing the environment.

The seven award-winning products will be honored at an opening day ceremony for the 1992 International Woodworking Fair which will be held Aug. 21-24 at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Ga.

Products entered into the competition include machinery, supplies, processes, services and safety devices. All of the products entered in the competition will be exhibited at the individual company's booths throughout the show. While there is no fee to enter the contest, companies must be an exhibitor to be considered for one of the awards.

Boxes of entry forms, product samples, videotapes and other representative items submitted for consideration have been sent to the 12 judges and they will have until Aug. 1 to evaluate them, said John Zinn, executive director of IWF. The day before the IWF show opens the judges will meet in a closed door session to make the final judgments.

Who are the judges?

One of the Challengers Award judges is Richard Campbell, president of Norwalk Furniture Corp.'s Wood Products Division. Campbell said he has been a judge since "1976 or 1978" when the IWF show was held in Louisville, Ky. This year Campbell is serving as chairman of the awards competition.

In the years Campbell has judged the contest, he has seen many changes in the type of products entered into the competition. "I think the adoption of electronic technology is probably the biggest change," Campbell said. "Overall, I think the modernization of the wood-working equipment has been a big change. But the key element is the electronics."

Campbell estimates that it will take 500 collective manhours for the judges to weed through the more than 100 Challengers Award entries. He said he has developed a couple of techniques to help him wade through the sea of entry forms. "I set aside a portion of everyday to do it," he said. "I go through them and do the easy ones, the ones I am familiar with, first, and the difficult ones I make calls to suppliers, vendors and other experts to get the information I need. If I just can't find the answer it goes into the "I don't know pile.'"

The other industry experts selected to judge the contest are: Gerard Fitzpatrick, president, Fitzpatrick & Weller Inc. of Ellicottville, N.Y.; David A. Groom former senior technology engineer of Pennsylvania House and now a consultant to the forest products industry; Charles Noble, president, Noblecraft Industries of Hillsboro, Ore.; Thomas J. O'Reilly, assembly operations manager, American Woodmark Corp. of Winchester, Va.; Richard C. Peters, senior manufacturing engineer of Steelcase, Fletcher, N.C.; Thomas A. Ritsche, CEO of Woodcraft Industries of St. Cloud, Minn.; Garet Bosiger, vice president and general manager of V-B Williams Furniture of Sumter, S.C.; Jerry W. Cochrane, president of Cochrane Furniture Co. of Lincolnton, N.C.; Robert Friday, project engineer, O'Sullivan Industries of Lamar, Mou.; Myrl Sauder, vice president of engineering for Sauder Woodworking, Archbold, Ohio; Paul Eisele, director of health, safety and environmental affairs for Masco Corp. of Taylor, Mich.

Environmental products

For the first time in the awards' 26-year history, a Challengers Award is being set aside specifically for a product that enhances, improves or conserves the environment. To judge these products the IWF executive committee has tapped Eisele, who has a PhD from the University of Michigan, and who has spent the past 25 years working in various positions in the environmental field.

"I think the timing is right," said Eisele. "Not that the time wasn't always right, but I think there is obviously increased focus on environmental issues. People have been making products in this area for a few years, and I think it is appropriate to do it (present an award) at this time."

A newcomer and a repeat competitor

With one award being set aside for an environmental product, products such as the one developed by David Story with Chemco may have a better chance to be selected a Challengers Award winner. The dry filter spray booth waste removal system is Story's first go-around at invention and his first try at the Challengers Award.

Story said he hopes the competition will help to get the word out about his product. He said while he hopes to sell the system at the IWF show, he believes he will make his money by selling the filters for the system.

While Story is a newcomer to the competition, there are plenty of companies entered in the competition that have been here before. One company that has been here and won is the Michael Weinig company. Over the years the company has won five different Challengers Award competitions, including an award in 1990 for the company's Rondamat 935 profile grinder.

And now, the products...

The following pages describe most of the products entered in this year's competition. At the IWF show in the Atlanta watch for WOOD & WOOD PRODUCTS WoodExtra issue where the 20 finalists will be highlighted.

For additional information on these products, circle the appropriate number on the Reader's Service Card.


Abrasive Cleaning Systems offers the Phoenix 52 model abrasive cleaning system. It is a self-contained system that uses a dry cleaning process to clean like new, the company says. The company adds that with its dry system it can clean a 52-in. by 103-in. piece in about five minutes or less, which is about the same as wet processes. Circle #314


The ProScale line of digital linear measurement systems from Accurate Technology Inc. is designed to increase the productivity of existing machinery in the woodworking industry at a cost lower than previous systems, the company says. The ProScale has an easy-to-read LCD display, which can be read in fractions, decimal inches or millimeters. Changing between modes can be done with a push of a button. It is accurate to 0.001-in or, 0.02mm. Circle #315


AccuSpray's 10 + Series Spray Gun was designed from the inside out for HVLP application. As a result, the company says it is an extremely productive finishing tool. it has high transfer efficiency which generates substantial paint savings while exceeding all current environmental regulations, according to the company. Circle #316


Adams Wood Products Inc. offers its Wood Component Inventor Service which allows the customer to buy in quantities of one or more pieces from a large selection of relatively complex solid wood components in a variety of species, the says. Orders selected from 120 different items are usually shipped in 7-10 days. Circle #317


The Air Energy Make-up System from Air Energy Systems Inc. improves indoor air quality and provides cost savings through the more efficient use of finishing materials and reduced energy cost, the company says. The system enhances the curing process and also provides cooling during the summer months, Features include: heavy-duty construction; low-speed fans for quiet operation; automatic modulating dampers; where pre-wiring and factory testing digital temperature control and display, and flame-retardant ducting. Circle #318


The Brandt Model KSLT laminate trimmer available from Altendorf America uses three stations to produce a finish suitable for immediate shipping, the company says. The first station is the coarse trim station which trims the laminate to approximately 0.5mm. The second station fine trims and the third station is an oscillating buffing unit fitted with polishing wheels. Circle #319


Amana Tool Corp.'s Ditech 2000 series of circular saw blades with tungsten carbide teeth are designed for the cutting of wood laminates of all types. The tungsten carbide s ground with 400-600 grit diamond wheels which result in excellent surface quality of saw teeth and a very sharp cutting edge, the company says. Circle #320


American Clamping Corp. offers the Bessey K Body Clamp that provides the user with the long opening of a bar clamp with the large, parallel jaws of a handscrew. The jaws are designed to remain perpendicular to the rail and parallel to each other throughout the clamping range. Circle #321


Amity Finishing Products entered its Amity Industrial Coatings into the Challengers Award competition. The family of Amity finishes includes water-based wood stains, Filter, sanding sealer. clear finishes, colored finishes and tints. The finishes can be sprayed, wiped or brushed onto the workpiece. Circle #322


Coral Cartridge Filters available from Atlantic Machinery Corp. are anti-static, polyester filters with easy cleaning systems, the company says. According to the manufacturer, Coral S.p.A., the filters exceed OSHA wood dust limits. The filters are retrofittable to most Coral portable dust collectors. Circle 323 Ringer. Circle #323


The Wonder Saw from Barr-Mullin features a software system that results in better yield than existing computerized systems, according to the company. The cop saw requires very little floor space and is affordable for even the smallest dimension producers, the company says. Circle #324.


The Selco WNA CNC programmable panel sizing center available Biesse America officers a solution to handling of narrow strips with staggered cutting patterns, the company says. The center has three stations: a rip machine, the second, the cross cut machine and the third, a waiting station for accumulating the strips left temporarily in parking status. The three stations are connected by the Shuttle Transfer which is computer controlled. The transfer moves strips in accordance to cutting pattern without interfering with the next cut to be performed. Circle #325


The Biesse Rover 325/l through-feed machining center, from Biesse Spa has a 126-in. working surface. Panels are positioned by a conveyor with three independent sections driven by electric motors. Features of the 325/L include: two machining heads; 90 [degrees] swivelling saw; horizontal 3-hp router and a 1.8-hp sanding unit. Circle #326


The vacuum and airflow system in the 490 Panel Cleaner from Black Bros. Co. brushes and cleans dust, dirt and embedded chips from board surfaces. The rotating brushes clean both sides simultaneously, to any gluing, coating, finishing and laminating operations, the company says. This reportedly eliminates rejected panels, thereby improving productivity and reducing waste. Circle #327


Robert Bosch Power Tools has introduced four models of plunge routers that feature a micro-fine bit depth adjustment that can be performed from any plunge position and is accurate to within 0.004-in. The resettable depth indicator can be zeroed into any position. Flexible bellows keep plunge posts dust-free while a Bosch Air-Sweep Dust Extraction System removes debris at the source without interfering in operations, the company says. Features include single wrench bit changes, swing-away chip shield and self-releasing collet system. Circle #328


The Exac-T-Guide available from Bradpark Industries Inc. attaches to any circular saw or router. Using the saw, cuts accurate to 1/100 in. over 8 feet are possible, the company says. The router maybe worked in four directions as well as arcs and circles. In both cases, production-type repetition is built into the machine. Circle #329


CMS North America will introduce the flow-through JIT Machine Center. It has CNC controlled flow-through rollers, vacuum-pods, side-front alignment and part probing/correction, the company says. It also has a patented revolver. Circle #330


Cabinet Vision Inc. now offers the True-Link EDI Cabinet Ordering System which links the cabinet manufacturer with the dealer base by computer. The system contains electronic manufacturers catalogs and order validation. It also improves flexibility of custom lines through on-line communication of design requirements, the company says. Circle #331


CabnetWorks from CabnetWare Inc. is a full color, on-screen design program for commercial casework. It allows users to create architecturally detailed drawings of floor plans, elevations 3-D perspectives, X-sections, joint details, etc. Estimates, change orders and job costing reports are all generated automatically from a room design and cutlists come in three different formats. Circle #322


The Rotoclean 4 from Cattinair Corp. reduces VOC emissions and recovers overspray, the company says. The overspray is minimized, while the remaining is carefully selected to be either eliminated or recovered, the company says. Its environmental features are covered by two U.S. patents developed in the U.S.A. Circle #333


The DusTop 3500 from Cemco Quality Machines is currently being offered with an optional is UHMW work surface in place of the original Masonite type work surface. UHMW is an extremely durable plastic, machined to the same specifications as the original surface to ensure airflow is at the maximum amount of 3,500 cubic feet per minute. Filters are reusable and have proven to last a minimum of 12 months. Circle #334


The Beane Bag from Chattanooga Sewing and Sales Co. utilizes all filament yarns to eliminate fibers from contaminating the product during filtering. The company can custom design the fabric per individual specifications. The bag can be used to filter a range of materials including: adhesives, lacquers, paints, pigments and industrial coatings. Circle #335


Classic Systems' CamBooth models are designed to meet Clean Air Act regulations and can be used as a spray booth or fume control device. It uses a down-draft design with dry filter and air curtains at operator stations an entry and exit points. The exhaust rate is 3,500 scfm per 20-ft booth. Circle #336


The hand sanding/blow-off booth Model CSI-HSB from Classic Systems pneumatically conveys dust horizontally to a pickup plenum. The dust is accelerated through narrow slots into the exhaust chamber mounted on a water pan. The chamber has a sawtooth leading edge plus various angled baffles. This configuration coupled with water in the pan creates a scrubbing action which removes dust from the air stream, the company says. Circle #337


Classic Systems' says some of the features of its Pulse filter include: full diameter drop out section, bag spacing of 9-in., inlets which can be located 180 [degrees] apart, and adjustable cleaning frequency to accommodate changes in dust loadings. This cleaning jet was custom developed for woodworking to permit recirculation to the plant, the company says. While converging/diverging nozzles help reduce noise and lower power consumption by 50%. Circle #338


Continental Finishing Inc. specializes in buffed and polished high-gloss polyurethane and polyester coatings applied to customer parts on a contract basis. The facility offers state-of-the-art clean rooms, sanding machines, application equipment and buffing equipment, the company says. Circle #339


The Logmaker Model 150 from A. Costa America Ltd. creates a saleable product out of wood waste. It compresses sawdust and chips at 45,000 pounds per inch to a denser consistency than normal wood. It also burns hotter and cleaner and exceeds EPA standards, the company says. After compression, it goes through a cooling duct and then is cut to the desired length. Circle #340


Crouch Machinery Inc.'s patented Swing-Away Safety Dust Hood with Air-Jet Belt Cleaning Device has a curved design for a smooth flow of air for dust collection. The Swing-Away feature makes it easy to change the belt and allows work pieces longer than the platen to be sanded with the dust hood still in position. The Air-Jet Belt Cleaning Device is positioned inside the hood, directing small jets of air at the curved portion and pushing the dust to the outside port. Circle #341


The Computerized Setup Processing Cell from Cywood Technologies Inc. can control the setup of up to four machines, even different types of machines. It also can be adapted onto older machines. It consists of an IBM-compatible computer, two or more 12-channel multiplexers; several motors and encoders; mechanical devices to tie into the electronics; and user friendly software, the company says. Circle #342


Danckaert Machinery Co.'s Maka HBA series horizontal routing, boring and mortising machining center can be used for both work cell and through-feed solutions in one-off and production applications. Some features include: computerized multi-axis programming (3,4, etc.); automatic tool changer (8 tools); single-and double-sided configurations; supplemental working units; DNC, CAD/CAM and CIM possibilities. Circle #343


Decolam/DHP says it has combined state-of-the-art UV curing with sensitive laminating technology to come up with a new realistic looking low pressure laminate. The UV surface treatment is an environmentally sound system using 100% solids coating over saturated paper system creating an impact-and scratch-resistant product. Circle #344


Delmhorst Instrument Co. offers the Model RDM 1S microprocessor-based moisture meter that can store up to 1,500 readings, calculate averages, standard deviation and coefficient of variation and compensate for temperature and species. Reports are generated though a PC or printer. Circle #345


The Dig-Rip automated fence system from Digital Cutting Systems is an after-market product that can be added to most sliding table saws. It has a touch-screen monitor that accepts dimensions in 1/32-in. increments. It interfaces with Pattern Systems International's Cut Planner 20 software. Circle #346


Dustvent Inc.'s downdraft bench-dust collector is guaranteed 99.9% efficient and helps meet OSHA regulations. In downdraft mode, the unit captures particles keeping the breathing zone free of dust and pollutants. Changeover from downdraft to dust collecting mode is done with a flip of a lever. The collector can be connected to all types of equipment with conventional round piping, the company says. Circle #347


The Elkom Composite Heating System from Elkom-North America, a division of Sumatec Machinery contributes to a cleaner environment by burning wood waste more efficiently all year, the company says. Wood waste is burned more efficiently because the thermal fluid medium portion of the platen takes hot water or steam when it is operation, thus reducing the amount to be taken to a dumping site, the company says. Circle #348


The Buerkle multiform press, available from European Woodworking Machinery,

functions like a membrane press, except it works without the membrane for thermoforming vinyl overlay to a substrate. The system reportedly uses less heat and pressure, allowing thermofusing on fragile substrate. It also can be used with a membrane to thermoform veneer. Circle #349


The Heesemann automatic sanding machine LSM 4 from European Woodworking Machinery Co. features a wide range of sanding applications and can be constructed with up to five cross and longitudinal sanding units in any combination and sequence, according to the company. The machine can be equipped with vacuum bed, electronic control pressure beam or the CSD system and CNC. Circle #350


Forcam Inc. has developed its Smart Motor Controller which makes it feasible to automate the set-up of new and existing woodworking machines. It replaces cranks and reportedly results in up to a 60% cost reduction. Machines such as tenoners, borers, trim/bore machines and edge-banders can be retrofitted with the motor. Circle #351


The Buetfering Wide Belt Sander Model AWS-E Combi available from Force Machinery is considered by the company to be an abrasive machining Center. According to the company, the machine meets the demands of today's woodworkers including: perfect finish from sander to finishing room; rugged construction; versatile application; and thousandth of an inch precision. Circle #352


Freud Inc. has redesigned its router bit line to incorporate an anti-kickback design. The new bit features an extended body which limits the exposure of the cutting edge to 1mm. This is sufficient exposure to cut without contacting the body of the bit, the company says. If wood is overfed it will contact the anti-kickback body of the bit and reduce the effects of kickback, the company adds. Circle #353


Freud Inc. offers Performance System Cabinet Door Cutters that can produce over 60 door styles. The system includes an interchangeable set of carbide knives that fit into a single cutter. Both the rail and stile set, which includes a cutter for making glass door profiles, and raised panel cutters, which include a back cutter for flush raised panel doors, have interchangeable carbide knives. Circle #345


The WSW-1542 dust ejecting sandpaper from G & M Inc. is manufactured with channels that cross the abrasive surface to dispel the work debris from around the perimeter and away from the operator. The paper is available in two bond systems: glue bond and resin over glue. Circle #355


G & S Mill Inc. is offering the Vermont Mobile Unloader which it says will open new markets for wood waste by making wood energy more profitable. Mounted in a box trailer, the Unloader combines the functions of a fuel carrier, storage bin and metering system at half the cost, the company says. Circle #356


Group Seven Systems Inc. introduces its new rough mill optimization system, DYSYS (Dimension Yielding System). It utilizes video and computer technology to scan boards for gross footage and areas of interest such as defects and clear wood, the company says. It optimizes boards to width and length based on the cutting list. Boards are positioned and fed automatically. Circle #357


Hafele America Co. offers the Plant Manager inventory system. The company says the Plant Manager eliminates clutter, shipping shortages, misplaced inventory and lost profit through a complete inventory for small hardware items. Circle #358


Haney Industries Inc.'s conveyorized orbital sanding machine, Finale Model 50-2, eliminates cross-grain scratch produced by wide belt sanders in seconds. The company says any flat panel, door, frame, etc., that comes decently sanded from a wide-belt sander, can be quickly cleaned up by the Finale. Circle #359


The new model HPP 81 panel saw from Holzma U.S. Inc. features a high-speed program fence equipped with clamps, high-speed saw carriage and heavy construction, built-in cut/groove sequence system for rabbet and dado joinery, stress relief cutting system and 18-hp motor, the company says. Circle #360


Hymmen International offers the curtain coater, Model Multi-Coater MTC. According to the company, advantages include: the ability to use lacquers with higher solid-state and lower solvent content; coating materials which do not easily form a curtain film can be applied;, even and uniform lacquer application over the total working width; and quick clean-up. Circle #361


Iida Trading Co.'s Model Woodsman M222 with 9-in. by 5-in. capacity is available with four to nine spindles. Also offered is a choice of four computerized setting systems for short-batch production or built-in knife jointing for high-speed work. Circle #362.


The Real Time Production Monitoring System (RTPMS), available from Integrated Solutions, provides a way to access current production status on the case goods plant floor. The four system modules include a parts database, cut production monitor, time and attendance, graphical bill out and a powerful machine level scheduler designed to handle the case goods environment, the company says. Circle #363.


Irvington-Moore/Applied Theory now offers a laser-based Grade Defect Scanner that checks wood cells for any extreme deviation and immediately flags that part of the board as defective. The scanner will find any defect that causes grain deviation including: knots, knot holes, machine or insect damage; pitch pockets, heavy decay and some splits. Circle #364.


The Flip-Pod Vacuum Holding System, Model 01, available from Jamesway Products & Services holds workpieces during machine processing. It was primarily designed for CNC routers but it can be used on other types of machinery, the company says. Circle #365


|Chisels on a Wheel,' is the name of a new book on cutting tools written by Jim Effner of Jamesway Products & Services for the professional to the hobbyist. Topics explored include: Cutting Tool Basics; Wood and Wood-based Materials; Tool and Tool Knife Materials; Circular Saws; Drills and Boring Bits; Router Tools; Movable Knife Cutting Tools; Cutting Profiles; Special Wood Machining Processes; Safety and a Ready Reference. Circle #366


Jefferson Smurfit Corp. now offers the ANDERSOFT corrugated packaging product that is 100% recyclable. It reportedly has substantial abrasion resistance and cushioning characteristics. It is non-abrasive, non-ruboff and will not transfer onto sensitive products. Circle #367


The Door Machine from Jenkins and Unique Machine & Tool is a CNC cabinet door machine for the custom cabinet-maker. It features multiple design capability, automatic on-line measuring and operator interactive graphics screen. Circle #368


Kaeser Compressors Inc. offers the MIC-8000 Smart Sequencer which uses a microprocessor to control and optimize a multi-compressor air system. By selectively loading and unloading the units based on system pressure and timers, the MIC-8000 reduces power consumption 30 percent while assuring reliability, the company says. Circle #369


Koetter Dry Kiln says it uses innovative simplicity instead of high-tech methods to make drying lumber better and easier than ever. The conventional kiln uses an oil-filled thermometer to get accurate wet-dry build depression readings. Forklift pockets are added for handling ease. Available lengths are 18 in. and 36 in. Circle #370


The bridge-type CNC machining center model VR 1005TT from Komo Machine has features that include: two 60-in. by 60-in. by 8-in. work tables with three axes; variable spindle spacing from 9 in. to 26.5 in.; up to 18,000-rpm spindle speed; and, machine spindle locks for easy tool change. Circle #371


Advantages of the Rotoles system of planning available from Lestro-Ledinek include: ability to work short wood pieces; no danger of back strike of the wood; less power required for material feeding; and the ability to plane long, slim and partly crooked wood pieces. The system can do the following processes; surface discovering, pre-planning, planing, preparation for laminating and calibration after laminating. Circle #372


The Lignomaster G1000 from Lignomat USA Ltd. features software that corrects itself to allow 32 different wood species calibrations and temperature correction. The company says readings are more reliable because the software eliminates external interferences. Depolarization after each reading produces accurate readings. It also features built-in memory so information can be saved, recalled and printed. Circle #373


Sandingmaster/Linden International Inc., will be showing a Model SCSB 3-900 machine equipped with the Tunemaster automated set-up device. The Tunemaster system allows the machine operator to measure the thickness of the abrasive belt, enter the measurement into the key pad control and automatically adjust the machine to run that abrasive belt thickness. Circle #374


M & W Industries has entered the catalytic incinerator Model 1000 SCFM unit. The company says solvent laden air is introduced through the primary heat exchanger, passes through the burner chamber and enters the catalyst bed. The catalytic reaction oxidizes the hydrocarbons in the air stream and causes additional temperature rise. With the temperature at the correct point the gas burner shuts down and the process continues in a self-sustained state. Circle #375


The Caselli LEC-200 orbital sanding machine, available from Macoser, is constructed to sand straight, bent and shaped pieces with round or oval sections of variable thicknesses. Action is carried out by means of two abrasive bands, opposite each other, which accomplish a sliding motion on the surface of the piece by revolving around the workpiece. Circle #376


The Centauro T-90, available from Macoser, features a spindle driven by a 3-phase motor controlled by an Allen-Bradley inverter, an industrial-quality ESA GV computer with high-speed RAM memory and two slightly offset opposing gauges. Circle #377


The Fontauto automatic spindle carver Model 251 RBT from Macoser takes only one operator to set up and program the carving machine. The fully enclosed machine will work in automatic mode without operator assistance, the company says. Loading and unloading is semi-automatic because of a center device and automatic chucking. Circle #378


The system from Magnum Industries allows the use of high solids polyester paints. Catalyst is metered by a slave pump and is infinitely adjustable from 1% to 4% by turning a handwheel, the company says. Mixing is done in a belt clip, or wall-mounted mixing block. The only flushing required is from the mixing block to the gun. Circle #379


Mattison Woodworking Machinery Co. says its Mattison 76 turning lathe is the first CNC rotary lathe available for the woodworking industry. AC servo drive motors control the variable headstock/tailstock rotational speeds and the carriage infeed rate. Cams are no longer needed for polygonal turnings, the company says. The controller can store 65 parts programs. Circle #380


Mepla Inc. has introduced the Mepla-Match hinge system that, according to the company, revolutionizes hinge cup mounting. With this system, quality doors, such as high value polyester coated models, can be moved and stored without protruding hinges. Hinges can be mounted and doors installed without the use of tools, quicker and easier than other systems, the company says. Circle #381


The PR2000 Precision Ripsaw from Mid-Oregon Industries has two distinct advantages: infinite selection of blade settings and ripping so precise it delivers glueline edges, the company says. Features include: laser guidelines; electronic memory to store patterns of up to five boards in sequence; automatic settings of blades; variable speed dip chain and pneumatic top press roller. Circle #382


Modulus 2000 Machinery Inc. has introduced an easily removable scoring saw attachment that will fit most 10-in. table saws available in North America, the company says. Using the attachment, double-sided material can be cut with a standard 10-in. table saw. The scoring saw attachment may be removed and replaced by a 10-in. saw blade in seconds, the company says. Circle #383


Moldwood Products Co. has improved its process for a molded arm cap. The process allows for compound shapes, fastener holes, air holes, landings, radius edges, indentations and contours to be incorporated into the design without needing additional machining. Circle #384


Mountain View Marketing/Accu-Systems offers dowels pre-coated with a special PVA glue that is reactivated with water after being inserted. It can be used in all automatic equipment or by hand. The system reduces labor costs associated with flushing and cleaning of automatic equipment, the company says. Circle #385


National Products Inc. now offers a traditional, raised-panel tambour type of door. The door is made of individual sections that operate within a plastic track without metal partS, hinges, etc., the company says. The door is made of 5/8-in. solid wood, cut apart, matched, and reassembled with a paper/cloth backing to produce a solid-looking panel, the company says Circle #386


The FB Series surfacer from Newman*Whitney comes in three basic configurations: the FB-101 is a fixed bed, top cutterhead single surfacer; the FB-102 is a fixed bed, bottom cutterhead first double surfacer; and, the FB-103 is a fixed bed, double bottom and single top cutterhead surfacer. All three models come in widths of 24-, 36-, 40-, 50-, and 60-in. Circle #387


Norfield Industries' new automated, high-production AutoFramer reportedly makes it easier to produce face-frame components because it combines saw and drill function into one step, taking two seconds to complete. Activated by dual push-buttons, the V85 AutoFramer reduces operator fatigue and repetitive motion deterioration. Circle #388


Porter-Cable's new models 332 and 333 Quicksand Palm-Grip Orbit Finishing Sanders remove stock faster than a pad sander and leaves a smooth, swirl-free finish, the company says. The random action pad allows for cross-grain sanding without leaving marks and does not round edges on narrow stock. Circle #389


The PT-5 radius former from Protech Machines Inc. is a CNC-driven radius laminating machine that produces curved laminates. Half rounds, ellipses and cathedral shapes of high accuracy can be laminated, the company says, and overbending for springback, unlimited extended legs and fine tuning of shapes from 6-in. to 36-in. radius also can be made. Circle #390


Design Dimensions films from Reneer Films Corp. rival the appearance of meticulously finished veneers while maintaining the performance advantages of a Rendura laminate, the company says. The dimensional printing technique adds realism by creating surface aesthetics that are as important to the design as the sophistication of the print system, the company adds. Circle #391


The Mirage OTP-SR film from Reneer Films Corp. is an abstract printed high gloss laminating film for contemporary designs, the company says. It utilizes pigments that change in appearance with the viewpoint from which they are observed. The high gloss, UV-cured acrylic coating provides excellent aesthetics and performance properties, the company says. Circle #392


The Multi-Flex Tow-Line Finishing System, Model MFT-4001, available from Rhodes Machinery Int'l Inc., is an all purpose material-handling system, the company says. The concept of the Rhodes Flex Cart System begins with wheeled carts pulled by a vertical pin on its leading edge. The cart stops when the pin is automatically raised and is re-engaged when the pin is dropped into any link. Chain speeds and product dwell times can vary with operation demands without causing collisions between pallets. Circle #393.


The Superset 23 moulder from SCMI Corp. has three patents pending. The moulder was designed for the custom woodworker who requires a very quick changeover and generally has smaller runs, the company says. The patented non-CNC set-up is accomplished in as little as four minutes including tool changeover. Circle #394


Sandaro Industries offers the Teflon-based Dri Cote cutting lubricant which treats and seals the metal surface of a blade or bit to make it lubricious. Cutting friction and heat are reduced which inhibits resin build-up. Circle #395


Sandaro Industries offers the Auto Cote automated sprayer and Sandaro Saw Blade Lubricant. The Auto Cote system uses a PLC and operator adjustable timer to automatically deliver precise quantity of the lubricant. The lubricant delivers and bonds micro particles of sophisticated fluoropolymer compounds to a variety of wood cutting compounds, the company says. The film that is built up is highly lubricious, which reduces cutting friction and resin build-up. Circle #396


The 2.3-lb brad nailer from Senco Products Inc. drives slight-headed and medium-headed brads. It offers 40% more power than comparable tools and can be operated at lower air pressure, the company says. Circle #397


The Panel Handler from Shopcarts carries and rotates up to 10 panels. The cart raises and lowers the panels via a hydraulic jack so that panel height always matches saw height. Circle #398


Several features have been added to the Opti-Rip Gang Rip Optimizer from the Silvatech Corp. The length measurement option provides operators with lineal and board feet volume totals for incoming lumber and processed ripped widths. The system can be integrated with automated lumber handling and delivery systems. A gang-rip Opti-Rip system allows the operator to achieve maximum results and minimum waste in production. Circle #399


The 45-degree miter door system available from Solid Wood Systems Inc. eliminates time-consuming setups caused by changes in length, width, thickness and profile of the door to be made. This is done by an internal stop system which utilizes a consistent reference point common to a range of different sizes of door frame stock. Circle #400


The Pioneer Membrane Press available from Sorbilite Inc. eliminates problems such as limited pressure, limited heat transference through a membrane, membrane ruptures and resulting pressure loss. With the press thermoformed and thermosetting, laminates can be bonded and hardened in one minute or less. Laminating temperatures to 275C are possible. Circle #401


Stalter Edge Tool Inc. takes its M-2 high speed steel knives with a Rockwell Hardness of 63 and coats it with a 0.001-in. thin layer of carbide with a hardness of 90 RC. The knife ends up with the benefits of carbide's hardness, wear resistance to moisture, acids and abrasiveness in wood, the company says. Circle #402


The IMA QuadroCenter CNC flexible furniture and cabinet manufacturing cell, available through Roger Stiles and Assoc. Inc. consists of two machines designed for build-to-order production. Panels are brought to the cell rough cut and oversized. The machining center can size, square, drill, route, groove and perform both horizontal and vertical drilling. After edging a side, a return mechanism automatically shuttles the panel back to the operator for further processing. Circle #403


The Homag Direct Postformer available from Stiles Machinery Inc. involves the same processes as a conventional post-forming machine, but with the ability to pre-shape the substrate material on the same machine that wraps the laminate, the company says. Because of fewer processes, there is greater flexibility with material scheduling and inventory as well as less material waste or product damage in transit of handling, according to the company. Circle #404


The Cefla ROC EcoSprayer from Stiles Machinery Inc. features a patented system of recovering, for reuse, up to 95% of material deposited on the mylar conveyor, according to the company. A scrubber system maintains solid particle levels, on exhausted air, below 3mg/[m.sup.3] and an automatic air recycling system and solvent concentration detection device reduces the volume of exhausted air by approximately 50%. A water filtration system pumps waste to an external separation system which separates solid materials from the water. The water can then be reused. Circle #405


The Ligmatech/Weeke work cell from Stiles Machinery Inc. provides fully automatic panel feeding and unloading as well as machining functions such as vertical and horizontal drilling, grooving, shaping and routing -- all in one process and requiring just one operator, the company says. Utilizing a Ligmatech robot allows for pre-determined loading and unloading speeds. Parts programs and other production information may be downloaded via a remote PC. Circle #406


David Story/Chemco Manufacturing now offers a low-cost Particulate Filtration Conversion System for non-filtered spray booths and for booths using high cost, hazardous waste generating water wash systems, according to the company. The dry filter conversion system collects the material and needs only to be replaced, the company says. Circle #407


Sukup Manufacturing Co. now offers a BioMaster Heat Exchanger Furnace totally automatic system. The heat exchanger can burn chunks of wood up to 2 in. by 4 in. by 12 in. The system, designed for individual operations, provides the high temperature combustion air and mixing action critical for clean, complete combustion, the company says. Circle #408


The KERFslicer line of reduced-kerf saw blades from SuperThinSaws Co. are designed for use on well-maintained, well-aligned, standard woodworking machinery. Switching from standard kerf to thinner kerf can result in a 2% to 20% increase in yield, the company says. Benefits include increased production and decreased sawdust in the air. Circle #409


Swift Adhesives' formulation 49200, is a water-based, solvent-free adhesive for bonding flexible foam to itself and numerous other substrates, the company says. It allows for foam-to-foam bonding while partially dry and, at the same time, assembly can be made up to one week after an adhesive application. Circle #410


After automatically producing the computer program, the Kitako CNC Carving Machine Programmer available from Tekmatex Inc. transfers the program to a 20-spindle CNC multiple carving machine for mass production. The result is the elimination of costly set-up time, reduced need for operators and faster production, the company says. Circle #411


Four tools are built into the router head spindle eliminating all external tool feeding apparatus. The exchange time for the Kitako changer, available from Tekmatex, is 20-30 seconds and the compact design allows router spindles to be placed 14 inches apart, the company says. Circle #412.


The Morbidelli Author 510 machining center available from Tekna Machinery features 29 individually-controlled vertical spindles, various horizontal and saw attachments and a 10-hp router with automatic tool changer. The Author 510 offers the ability to change router tools without interrupting the drilling cycle. The company says changing tools "on the fly" reduces cycle times since there is no delay in tool selection. Circle #413


The Panel Processing Center model PPC 510 from Thermwood Corp. was designed for the short run environment and to reduce setup and secondary handling. The company says it does this by: a universal hold-down and Universal Part Positioning System that eliminates the need for fancy fixtures and spoil board and provides for zero setup between part programs; a tooling carriage that carries all needed tools; and user-friendly CNC controls which can store a vast array of parts programs. Circle #414


The model 352-31C International Class Widebelt Sander from Timesavers Inc. can be configured to meet any sanding, abrasive planing, knife plane/sand, veneer polishing and sealer sanding application, the company says. Re-alignment is eliminated by the sander's precision-machined construction, the company says. Circle #415


The new high-efficiency dust hood from Timesavers Inc. can reduce the concentration of airborne dust by approximately 70 percent, reduce airflow by nearly 50 percent, reduce static pressure and lower power consumption by approximately 65 percent, the company says. Circle #416


The Series O/B Orbital Brush sander from Timesavers Inc. is a totally enclosed conveyor-fed unit with dust hoods for each sanding position, whether it is the orbital sanding head or denibbing brush head. The orbital heads have a two direction movement which creates a non-directional finish. After sanding, the piece is passed under the grit-impregnated large 12-in. diameter denibbing brush to remove fibers, open the woodgrain for uniform finish and ease sharp edges. Circle #417


The oscillating polishing platen available from Timesavers Inc. virtually eliminates the streaking of the graphic covered platen, resulting in a clear, uniform sanded product, the company says. Using the platen, abrasive belt life is increased 4-6 times, the company says. Circle #418


Titus Tool Co.'s Klix Cam and Dowel is designed to eliminate potential loosening from the repetitive action of opening and closing doors or drawers in case goods, the company says. Externally generated vibration from computer printers or mechanically typewriters is also eliminated. Klix incorporates teeth on the dowel surface with dimples on the cam surface that from a mechanical lock when tightened. Circle #419


The Titus Tool Co.'s CD holder can carry 20 CD jewel boxes which is 25 percent more than vacuum-formed products, the company says. The company says dynamic action is achieved by a vane spring in the rear that holds the box in tension against a lip at the front. Insertion with slight downward pressure locks the box in place. A slight fingertip lifting action facilitates the rear spring to push the box 1/4-in. out, allowing removal. Circle #420


The Drawerfix from Titus Tool is designed for the instant construction of drawer boxes. It is inserted through boring of a side panel, then pushed into place in a front or end panel, aligning with a 6mm surface boring so the hook snaps into position. Circle #421


Maxym Robots from USA Robot cut, drill, shape and assemble wood composites into the many parts and products made in the wood products industry. Maxym's Pattern Maker software tells a Maxym robot what to do through an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use drawing program. Circle #422


The Mod-U-Liners from United Technologies gives furniture a longer lifespan by protecting drawers from soil, corrosion and cross contamination. It will protect the drawer against medicines, perfumes, liquids, germs and soils. Circle #423


The Tucker Vise produced by Veritas Tools features 360 [degrees] rotation, 90 [degrees] tilt, integral dogs, pivoting front jaw, cork jaw lingers, quick release mechanism, elevated guide rods, easy mounting and automatic open. All cast components are made from a new alloy (ZA-12) that the company says is stronger than cast iron, less brittle and 20% lighter. Circle #424


W.R. Grace & Co.'s specially engineered decorative laminate material after gravure printing has striking print clarity, the company says. The material is durable and withstands V-grooving and other converting steps in the RTA and speaker box manufacturing process. Circle #425


Michael Weinig Inc. has entered into the Challengers Award competition a new anti-kickback guard on its Unimat 23 moulder. The moulder itself has 8,000 rpm spindles that can produce 33% higher feed speeds over standard 6,000 rpm spindles, the company says. Circle #426


The 1990 Challengers Award winning Wemhoner America Membrane Moulding Press has added the Vario Frame. The Vario Frame adjusts the depth of the press to accommodate various thicknesses of boards as well as to change from membrane pressing to flat pressing in seconds. This makes the Vario Frame system ideal for combining flat pressing with subsequent membrane pressing when veneering raised panels. Circle #427


Western Cutterheads has introduced the E-Z Tooler method of profile grinding for automatic lathe cutterheads. A computer is used to project the shape of the knife and the profile being cut. A CNC router will then cut a template and pattern. A profile grinder is then used in conventional manner. Circle #428


The Specialty Materials Division of Westinghouse Electric Corp. has developed a new high gloss textured finish that gives added depth and warmth to decorative high pressure laminates, the company says. While pressing plates have been available to give a 5 to 15 gloss textured finish, the company has developed a pressing plate to make textured laminate in the 30 to 40 gloss range. Circle #429
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