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14st actor attacks midget.


HULKING actor Chris Penn wasn't quite the tough guy he plays in movies when he got thrown out of a trendy nightclub - for midget brawling.

The volatile Irish-American actor, who weighs in at 14-and-a-half stone, stunned revellers at LA's fashionable Skybar by grabbing a 3ft 5in midget and hurling him into a swimming pool.

Reservoir Dogs hardman Penn - the brother of Sean Penn - is said to have turned nasty after lurching around the crowded bar shouting at people. Then, when he bumped into his tiny foe, the pair began swearing at each other and came to blows.

Security guards rushed to save the pint-sized pugilist and dragged away Penn, who was heard screaming: "Let me knock out that midget!"

Witnesses say the midget shouted back: "F--k you and your entire family, loser."

One witness said: "It was surreal. They started pounding each other - and the midget ended up in the pool. Chris, who must weigh over 200 lbs was savaging this tiny man."

Another source said: "Chris was boozing big-time with pals around the pool then he lurched through the crowd like Frankenstein on schnapps, screaming gibberish and bumping people. Suddenly he collided hard with the midget and four-letter words were exchanged."


GIBBERISH: Penn turned nasty
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 27, 2003
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