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14 South Networks unveils new patented technology and solutions that make corporate data impenetrable.

14 South Networks, a new intranet security company spun out of IBM, has announced that it has created the first standard-based security appliance platform that allows corporations to lock their servers and the mission-critical data riding on them. 14 South Networks' innovation, based on patented hardware and software technology, brings a new level of security to enterprise intranets that, until now, hasn't been available.

The company's new technology and IntraLock product family change the model for enterprise security by allowing corporations to integrate security applications such as the industry-leading Check Point (NASDAQ:CHKP) VPN-1/ FireWall-1, within the server itself, without affecting host operations or the network infrastructure. This approach ensures that proprietary or sensitive corporate data stays completely secure while on the network and even into the server.

The IntraLock product family includes both entry level and enterprise-class security appliance solutions and can be supported in any standard PCI-based server, including hardware from HP, IBM, Sun, and DELL. The new products give corporations all the benefits of an enterprise-class VPN/firewall in a flexible, low-cost form factor.

"We are pleased to see 14 South Networks introduce its new intranet security solutions," said Scott McFarlane, vice president of solutions and strategy for Check Point Software Technologies. "14 South's solutions integrating Check Point software enable organizations to deploy complete and comprehensive security by delivering enterprise-class security down to individual servers at a cost-effective price point."

"Securing only the perimeter of the network is a flawed practice," said Usama Houlila, senior network architect at McDermott, Will and Emery, an international law firm. "The perimeter does not contain the bulk of the valuable data nor can it issue alerts if a server is compromised from an internal source. By placing the firewall directly on the server, a secondary enforcement policy is created which would be instrumental in detecting and preventing attacks."

"IT managers have well-established, best practice models for securing corporate networks from outsiders and other networks, but few solutions exist for systems-level intrusion prevention and network attack mitigation," according to John Morency, principal analyst at Momenta Research, based in Chelmsford, MA. "The 14 South Networks' solution represents a new class of data center security technology that supports perimeter-based security mechanisms such as stateful firewalling and intrusion detection--within the server--without negatively impacting system performance and availability. IntraLock's compatibility with existing system interface and network security standards, as well as an attractive entry-level price point, makes it an attractive option for today's value-conscious IT buyer."

14 South Networks' technology has paved the way for the first and only security appliance blade that operates autonomously within any industry-standard server with no changes to the server or client systems or network infrastructure. 14 South Networks' security appliance platform is a multi-function security blade that combines a standard PCI interface, dedicated high-performance processing, high-speed encryption, and diskless operation with best-of-class security applications.

Because it operates independently from the server, a single security blade can support a variety of security applications with dedicated processing power, and with zero impact on the network topology. This gives enterprises maximum flexibility and the highest level of security at the lowest cost. Corporations can now secure corporate networks down to the server at less than one-fourth the cost of discrete security appliance alternatives.

"The host is the perimeter these days and the move to web services will further accentuate the need for stronger host-oriented security," said Pete Lindstrom, research director for Spire Security, an analyst firm in Malvern, PA. "The real breakthrough here is the ability to run multiple security applications autonomously but still directly attached to the host."

Industry leading security software companies, including Check Point Software Technologies, Symantec and Surf Control have integrated their software on 14 South Networks' security appliance platform. Additionally, 14 South Networks has undergone a rigorous testing process to be certified as "Secured by Check Point."

14 South distributes its products in the US through top tier VARs and systems integrators, such as Technica Corporation, a technology services and product solutions provider based in Dulles, VA.
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Comment:14 South Networks unveils new patented technology and solutions that make corporate data impenetrable.
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Date:Jun 2, 2003
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