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14 Marketing Buzzwords to Avoid in 2015.

As marketers, we sometimes can't help ourselves. No matter how hard we try, some of our profession's silly jargon just creeps into our conversations and emails. At the end of the day (oops!), these words and phrases don't help us convince skeptical lawyers to market and develop business. Now that we're firmly into 2015, it's worth a renewed effort to avoid using these insidious buzzwords.

Disruption. Just. Stop. Using. This. Word. It's. Now. Completely. Meaningless.

Immersive experience. Formerly known as a bath. Not sure how this ever got related to (good) marketing.

Pain points. Take two aspirin and never use this phrase again.

Snackable content. The obesity problem in America has now infiltrated how we think about words! If we're going in this direction, let's be more precise, depending on our craving. Sometimes we want potato chip content; other times, cookie content. You can keep your celery content and carrot content to yourself, thanks.

Game changer. Wait, marketing is a game? Then why aren't I having more fun playing it?

Growth hacking. Ugh. Hacking used to mean something bad. Now it apparently means something good, as in how you can use all sorts of nifty "hacks" (or tricks or tactics) to fuel growth. Can we please go back to it meaning something bad?

Guru. I'm pretty sure the Rules of Professional Conduct in nearly all states prohibit using this word, ever, in every instance unrelated to yoga.

Curation. Often used in relation to content. Makes me think of dusty museum exhibits of fossils and stuffed birds, which isn't exactly a good thing when you think about it.

Authentic. Your mother always said you should be yourself, but what exactly is being authentic? This can be an especially irritating buzzword when combined with persona, as in, "Your authentic persona is disrupting my growth hacking."

Clickability. Next. [click]

SoLoMo. Confession time: I saw this on someone else's list of marketing buzzwords. It's so ridiculous that I had to include it here. Who cares what it means (it stands for social-local-mobile), but if you see a marketer use this intentionally (and not ironically), run for the hills.

Agile marketing. Is there any other kind?

Rich media. I'm pretty sure this was a guy in your sixth grade homeroom.

Gamification. I'm not sure what this even means. Marketing the legal profession or legal services as a game that can be won or lost wouldn't seem like a wise or effective approach. Wait a minute ...

And of course, the oldie-but-goodie category still includes our longtime friends synergy, value proposition, big data, leverage, low-hanging fruit and pushing the envelope. Doesn't just reading them bring a shiver to your spine?

So, here's to more clarity and less buzz in our marketing conversations in 2015. We've got this, right? Yep, 100 percent!

Compiled by John Byrne, Strategies co-executive editor. What other buzzwords should we kill? Continue the conversation at

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Author:Byrne, John
Publication:Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing
Date:Jan 1, 2015
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