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13th Annual Directory of Forensic Specialists.

The Claims Directory of Forensic Specialists is intended for the use of our readers in locating needed services in the forensic engineering disciplines. Below is an alphabetical listing of forensic investigative firms, their addresses, phone and fax numbers, personal contacts, branch locations, and regions they serve. A listing of these firms by area of expertise is available on our web site at Some firms are listed in bold to indicate they have placed advertisements in this issue Refer to those ads by finding their page numbers in the Index of Advertisers on page 73.

A. Shannon Engineering, Alian Shannon, P.O. Box 328, Aledo, TX 76008, 817-332-1777, fax 817-441-8992, e-mail, web site www.texasecocom. Coverage: National.

A. D. Tupper & Associates, A. D. Tupper, PE, 318-1657 Barrington St., Halifax, NS B3J 2A1,902-422-8561, fax 902-422-8562, email, web site Coverage: Canada. Affiliations: ASHRAE, SAE, AICI, IAAI, NFPA, NAFE.

Abrahamson & Associates, R. T. Abrahamson, PE, RPLS, 905 S. Fillmore St., Suite 210, Amarillo, TX 79101-3541, 806-372-2287, fax 806-372-2292, e-mail Affiliations: ACI, ACSM, AISC, APA-EWA, ASCE, ASSE, ASTM, AWWA, BSA, CRSI, CSI, HFS, I-ENG-A, ITE, NACE, NAFE, NFC, NFPA, PCA, TSPE, TSPS.

Accident & Safety Consultants, Dennis R. Andrews, CECD, PSP, P.O. Box 1835, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034, 856-596-6903, fax 856-596-6905, e-mail, web site Coverage: Northeast. Affiliations: SAE, ITE, FSS, CSBiom, ASTM, ASSE, ITMA, IMSA, NAPARS, CAS.

Aeroscopic Environmental, Ian Spiszman, 5245 San Fernando Rd. W., Los Angeles, CA 90039, 818-543-3930, 800-950-2376, fax 818-543-3986, e-mail, web site Coverage: International. Affiliations: NACE, NADCA, CCI, ICA, IFI.

Allen Dahle & Co., Allen A. Dahle, 65 W. Red Oak Lane, White Plains, NY 10604, 914-694-1222, fax 914-694-1550, e-mail Coverage: East. Affiliations: NSPE, SAE, NFPA, AAARC.

AMC, Bob McCabe, 931 N. State Rd. 434, Suite 1201, #189, 407-880-4845, fax 425-962-2959, e-mail, web site Coverage: International. Affiliations: NIAA, AWS, NACE, ASM.

Amset, Frank Seter, President, 6250 Capitol Dr., Wheeling, IL 60090, 888-982-6738, 847-229-1155 ext. 222, fax 847-229-1166, e-mail, web site coverage: National. Specialty: Electronics and electro-mechanical equipment.

Applied Technical Services, John Lentini, 1190 Atlanta Industrial Dr., Mariettta, GA 30066, 770-423-1400, fax 770-424-6415. Coverage: National.

ARTI, Joel T. Hicks, PE, P.O. Box 30171, Little Rock, AR 72260, 501-455-5405, fax 501-455-5045, e-mail Coverage: National. Affiliations: NAFE, ASME, NSPE.

Benedict Engineering, Judi McGinnis, P.O. Box 4229, Tallahassee, FL 32315, 850-576-1176, ext. 125, fax B50-575-8454, e-mail, web site Coverage: National.

Bison Engineering, Patsy Permenter, 3423 Rivers Edge Trail, Kingwood, TX 77339, 281-359-2476, fax 281-359-2591, e-mail, web site Coverage: National. Affiliations: APGA, NFPA, AAI, NPGA.

Blasting Damage Specialists, Thomas J. Lonergan, PE, P.O. Box 24409, Louisville, KY 40224, 502-458-4540, fax 502-254-3573, e-mail, web site Coverage: National. Affiliations: LCA, SEE.

Bloom Recreational Vehicle Fire Investigation, Joseph Bloom, P.O. Box 207, Grants Pass, OR 97528-0016, 541-476-1606. Coverage: North America. Affiliations: AAI, NFPA, OCAI, NAFI.

Bodycote Broutman, Barbara Gedeon, 1975 N. Ruby St., Melrose Park, IL 60160, 708-236-5360, fax 708-236-5363, e-mail, web site Coverage: North America. Affiliations: NFPA, IAFAI, A2LA.

Brown Consulting, Herschell L. Robinson, 11811 N. Freeway, Suite 410, Houston, TX 77060, 281-260-9749, fax 281-260-9771, e-mail, web site Branches Austin; Corpus Christi, Dallas, San Antonio, Texas; Nassau Bay, Nederland. Coverage: Central. Affiliations: TASA.

Richard D. Brugger, PE, P.O. Box 82, Erie, PA 16512-0082, 814-453-3590, fax 814-454-4754. Coverage: East, Central. Affiliations: NAFE, IEEE, NSPE, IAAI.

H. G. Busby & Associates, Harvey Busby, CPA, 555 Sun Valley Dr., Suite M2, Roswell, GA 30076, 770-552-7220, fax 770-552-1714, 800-686-0636, e-mail, web site Coverage: Southeast, Midwest.

Bynum Engineering, D. Bynum Jr., PE, 15001 Walden Rd., Suite 105, Montgomery, TX 77356-5303, 936-448-1951, fax 936-448-1952. Coverage: National. Affiliations: SAE, API, ASPE, ASSE.

C. Roberts Consulting Engineers, Charles C. Roberts Jr., 46 W. 192 Granart Rd., Big Rock, II 60511, 630-556-3039, e-mail, web site Coverage: International. Affiliations: ASME, NFPA, ASM, PSIA.

Cause & Origin Investigations, Albert Hernandez, Fire Investigator, 21550 Oxnard St., Suite 300, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, 800-872-8922, fax 818-596-2250, 800-872-8908, Branches: Las Vegas. Coverage: National.

Cazin Investigative Engineering, Alexander A. Cazin, BE, PE, 90 Gorman Park Rd., Toronto, Ontario Canada M3H 3K5, 416-636-7457, fax 416-636-7545,, web site Coverage: International.

CH2M Hill, J. David Odom, 255 E. Robinson St., Suite 505, Orlando, FL 32801-4321, 407-423-0030, fax 407-839-5901, e-mail, web site Branches: 150 offices worldwide. Coverage: National.

CJB Fire Consultant, Chris J. Bloom, P.O. Box 207, Grants Pass, OR 97528, 541-664-6595, fax 541-664-8131, e-mail Affiliations: IAAI, NFPA, NAFI.

Cocchiola Associates, Thomas Cocchiola, 14 Forest Ave., Caldwell, NJ 07006, 973-226-2344, fax 973-857-6973, e-mail, web site Coverage: East, Central, South. Affiliations: NAFE, NSPE, ASSE, ASME.

Coloney Bell Engineering, John T. Bell, PE, 1520 Killearn Center Blvd., Suite 200, Tallahassee, FL 32309, 850-222-8193, fax 850-222-9824, 800-881-8193, e-mail, web site Coverage: National. Affiliations: NAFE, NSPE, ASCE, FES, FICE.

Compu-Weather, Curt Shepherd, 2566 Rt. 52, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533, 800-825-4445, fax 800-825-4441, e-mail, web site Coverage: National. Affiliations: CTLA, LWSA, AICP, AAWO, CWSA, NCIM.

Construction Technology Labs, W. Gene Corley, 5400 Old Orchard Rd., Skokie, IL 60077, 847-965-7500, fax 847-965-6541, mail web site Branches: Columbia, Md. Coverage: International.

Crane Engineering and Forensic Services, Holly Taylor, 3905 Annapolis Lane North, Plymouth, MN 55447, 763-557-9090, fax 763-557-0710, e-mail, web site Coverage: National.

CT Male Associates, Edwin Vopelak Jr., PE, 50 Century Hill Dr., P.O. Box 727, Latham, NY 12110, 518-786-7400, 800-700-3536, fax 518-786-7299, e-mail, web site Branches: Syracuse, Groversville, N.Y. Coverage: East.

Davis & Co., William Hayden, P.O. Box 359, Lisle, IL 60532, 630-852-7944, 800-223-8816, fax 630-852-7128, e-mail, web site Branches: 48 offices in North America. Coverage: East, Central, South, West.. Affiliations: ABYC, NFPA, SNAME, BCFE, CFEI, NMMA.

Daubert Institute for Science in Law, John Fielder, Managing Director, 1291 E. Hillsdale Blvd., Suite 206, Foster City, CA 94404, 650-773-2010, fax 650-341-2685, e-mail, web site Coverage: National.

Denson Engineers, Charles Prewitt, FE, 225 Baronne St., New Orleans, LA 70112, 504-561-1131, fax 504-522-9387, e-mail, web site Coverage: International. Affiliations: ASCE, ASME, NSPE, NAFE, SAE.

Douglas G. Peterson & Associates, Douglas G. Peterson, P.O. Box 777,13 Newell Ct., Greenfield, MA 01302, 413-774-3781, 800-344-3472, fax 413-773-9641, e-mail Coverage: International. Affiliations: NAFE, ASME, AIIE, AICHE.

Electrical Failure & Analysis, Jeffrey L. Sellon, PE, 5716 E. Weaver Fl., Englewood, CO 80111-4333, 303-689-2143, fax 303-689-2142, e-mail Coverage: National. Affiliations: IAAI, IAEI, IEEE, NAFI, NFPA.

Engineering & Fire Investigations, Richard Koskie, 2218 Northpark Dr., Kingwood, TX 77339, 281-358-4441, 800-334-0200, fax 281-358-3956, e-mail, web site Branches: 22 district offices with personnel in all 50 states. Coverage: International.

Engineering Systems, Bruce Jacobson, 3851 Exchange Ave., Aurora, IL 60504, 630-851-4566, fax 630-851-4870, e-mail, web site Branches: Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Florida, Georgia. Coverage: International. Affiliations: NFPA, ASM, RMS, IEEE, ASME, NACE.

Engineering Systems-Gulf Coast, Roger Craddock, 600 Rockmead Dr., Suite 116, Kingwood, TX 77339, 281-358-5960, fax 281-358-5942, e-mail, web site Branches: Georgia, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Florida. Coverage: International.

Enviro-Risk Consulting Group, Brad M. Burke, PE, 1176 Silverwood Bay, St. Paul, MN 55125, 651-735-7001, 866-311-7475, fax 651-738-3039, e-mail, web site Coverage: National.

Environmental Geology Services, Marc W. Seeley, 1695 Willowside Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95401, 707-528-0810, fax 707-528-1956. Affiliations: AEG, AGSE, NEHA.

Excalibur Data Recovery, Janelle Trask, 101 Billerica Ave., Suite 5, N. Billerica, MA 01862, 978-663-1700, fax 978-670-5901, 800-466-0893, e-mail, web site Coverage: International.

Expert Technologies International, Raymond P. Paladino, P.O. Box 6278, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359, 805-497-6608, 800-800-4341, fax 805-497-9319, e-mail, web site Coverage: National.

Falconer Weather Information Service, Phillip D. Falconer, 7 Via Maria Dr., Scotia, NY 12302-5717, 518-399-5388, 800-428-5621, fax 518-399-5320, e-mail, web site Coverage: National. Affiliations: AMS, NCIM.

Fay Engineering, Frank Haskett, 5201 E. 48th Ave., Denver, CO 80216, 303-333-5209, fax 303-329-0687, e-mail, web site Coverage: North America. Affiliations: SAE, ASME, NSPE, NFPA, IAAI, AAAM, ANSI, ASAE, ASCE, ASHRAE, ASM, AWS, CAARS, ICBO, IEEE.

Fire & Accident Reconstruction, John A. Caudron, P.O. Box 620, Wrightwood, CA 92397, 760-249-6837, fax 760-249-1098, web site Coverage: West. Affiliations: ABFE, NAPARS, NFPA, ASCE, ASM, FRI.

Fire Science Technologies, Daniel W. Slowick, RO. Box 149, 21 Wilbraham St. Palmer, MA 01 069-0149, 413-283-7003, 800-852-5073, fax 413-283-2900, e-mail, web site Branches: New York, Seattle, Singapore. Affiliations: Singapore Marine Fire Investigators, CII, NFPA, Institute of Professional Investigators.

Forcon International, Bill Ver Eecke, 1534 Dunwoody Village Pkwy., Suite 105, Atlanta, GA 30338, 770-390-0980, fax 770-390-0981, e-mail, web site Branches: Brandon, Fla.;

Gaithersburg, Md.; Richmond, Va.; Hartford, Conn.; Raleigh, N.C. Coverage: National. Affiliations: NSPE, ASME, IEEE, ASCE.

Forensic & Scientific Testing, Doug Byron, 3069 Amwiler Rd., Suite 9, Atlanta, GA 30360, 770-449-4199, fax 770-449-4433, e-mail, web site Coverage: International.

Forensic Analysis & Engineering, Robert Kochan, President/CEO, 5301 Capital Blvd., Suite A, Raleigh, NC 27616-2956, 919-8728788, 800-224-3595, fax 919-872-8660, e-mail, web site Branches: Virginia, Hawaii. Coverage: International. Affiliations: ACEC, ACFE&T, ASME, NAFE, NSPE, SAE, SNAME.

Forensic Analytical, Kerri Sadigh, 3777 Depot Rd., Suite 409, Hayward, CA 94545-2761, 510-887-8828, fax 510-887-4218, email, web site Coverage: International. Affiliations: AIHA, IAQA, CACM, CAI, TCAA.

Forensis Group, Mercy T. Steenwyk, 3452 E. Foothill Blvd, Suite 1160, Pasadena, CA 91107, 626-795-5000, 800-555-5400, fax 626-795-1950, e-mail, web site Coverage: National.

Franklin Engineering, Larry Dewberry, P.O. Box 15894, Panama City, FL 32406, 850-763-2905, 800-433-8539, fax 850-872-8080. Coverage: South. Affiliations: IEEE, NEPA, SAE, NACE, ASME.

FTI Consulting, Jane Jensen, 900 Bestgate Rd., Suite 100, Annapolis, MD 21401, 410-224-8770, 800-334-5701, fax 410-224-8378, e-mail, web site Branches: Annapolis, Md.; Atlanta; Columbus, Cleveland, Ohio; Chicago; St. Louis; Houston; Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Fla.; Philadelphia; San Francisco. Coverage: International.

FTI/SEA Consulting, Stephen Gauntner, 7349 Worthington-Galena Rd., Columbus, OH 43085, 614-888-4160, 800-782-6851, fax 614-885-8014, e-mail, web site Branches: Atlanta; Baltimore; Chicago; Cleveland, Ohio; Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Fla.; Houston. Coverage: National.

Garrett Engineers, Forensic Division, Greg Dodd, P.O. Box 91659, Long Beach, CA 90809, 562-997-3013, 800-229-3647, fax 562-997-3012, web site Coverage: National. Affiliations: NAFE, NASP.

GE Engineering, James M. Green, PE, 120 Kalmia Dr., Asheville, NC 28804, 828-236-1492, fax 828-236-0355, e-mail, web site Affiliations: NAFE, ASCE, NSPE, AAEE.

Getty Engineering Services, Paul M. Getty, PE, 6929 North Hayden Rd., C4 #605, Scottsdale, AZ, 85250, 480-607-1808, fax 480-607-1809, e-mail, web site, Coverage: National. Affiliations: ASME, SAE, ASCE, ACI, NAFI.

Global Technology Experts, Ash Thakker, 2839 Paces Ferry Rd., Suite 1160, Atlanta GA 30339, P.O. Box 669696 Marietta, GA 30066, 770-803-3001, ext. 24, toll tree 800-215-4468, tax 770-234-4148. Coverage: National, Canada, Mexico, International. Affiliations: Atlanta Claims Association, Southern Loss Association, MICA, ASME, ASMI, AWS, SME, ASTM, SAMPE.

Great Lakes Marine Surveyors, Gregory G. Group, P.O. Box 449, Mentor, OH 44061-0449, 440-946-1111, fax 440-946-3411, e-mail Coverage: Central. Affiliations: NAMS, ABYC, NFPA.

Haag Engineering, Cheryl Marksahler, 2455 Mclver Lane, Carrollton, TX 75006, 972-247-6444, 800-527-0168, fax 972-484-1821, e-mail, web site Branches: Houston; Tampa, Fla. Coverage: International.

Impact General, Bill King, 1405 E. Chapman, Orange, CA 92866, 714-532-1621, 800-688-1628, fax 714-532-5734, e-mail, web site Coverage: National.

Ingenium Engineering Services, George W. Hicks, PE, 4345 Teal Rd., Petersburg, MI 49270-9304, 734-279-9345, fax 734-279-1788, e-mail, web site Coverage: North America. Affiliations: ACFE, ASME, NSPE, SAE, MATAI, ESD, NFPA, AWS, ADED, NMEDA, IAAI.

Interscience, Curt Lessl, 7705 Ann Ballard Rd., Tampa, FL 33634, 813-885-4774, 877-231-5300, fax 813-889-9157, e-mail, web site Branches: Panama City, Fla. Coverage: South. Affiliations: NEPA, IAAI, ASTM, ACFE, SBCCI.

Investigative Engineers Association, 2455 E. Sunrise Blvd., Suite 1201, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304, 954-537-5556, 800-523-3680, fax 954-537-4942, e-mail, web site Coverage: National.

Investigative Resources Global, 7621 Little Ave., Suite 426, Charlotte, NC 28226, 704-341-0101, 800-694-2313, fax 704-341-0109, e-mail, web site Coverage: International.

Jansen-Kiener Consulting Engineers, Thomas R. Kiener, PE, 429 Franklin St., Suite 200, Buffalo, NY 14202, 716-854-3508, fax 716-865-1984, e-mail, web site Branches: Erie, PA. Coverage: New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan. Affiliations: NSPE, ASCE, AASHTO, ICRI, AWS. Categories of Expertise: Structures, Codes, Construction Defect, Property Damage, Cause and Origin, Litigation Support.

John Fiske Brown Associates, Kenneth S. Obenski, PE, 637 Valley Ave., Solana Beach, CA 92075, 858-481-1990, fax 858-481-0980, web site Coverage: California. Affiliations: NAFE.

Johnson Engineering, Gary Johnson, 340 N. Riverside Ave., Rialto, CA 92376-5984, 909-820-0600, fax 909-820-0603. Coverage: Central, West. Affiliations: NAFE, ASCE, NSPE, ICBO.

KBA Engineering, Dennis Kutch, PE, 25 S. Washington Ave., Jermyn, PA 18433, 570-876-5744, fax 570-876-4299, e-mail, web site Coverage: East. Affiliations: NSPE, ASCE, ASHE.

Kimley-Horm & Associates, Richard H. Moore, PE, 4601 Charlotte Park Dr., Suite 350, Charlotte, NC 28217, 704-333-0845, fax 704-333-0845, e-mail Branches Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Raleigh, Wilmington, N.C.; Virginia Beach, Va.; Atlanta; West Palm Beach, Miami, Fla. Coverage: National. Affiliations: RCI, IRWC, NRCA, CRI.

Knott Laboratory, Stephen J. Fenton, 7185 S. Tucson Way, Englewood, CO 80112-3987, 303-925-1900, fax 303-925-1901, e-mail Branches: Las Vegas, Los Angeles. Coverage: International. Affiliations: NAFE, ABFE, ASHRAE, ASME, ASSE, AWS, NSPE.

Leshner & Associates, Michael D. Leshner, PE, 6481 Belleview Dr., Columbia, MD 21046, 410-964-0311, fax 410-964-0493, 877-402-6139, e-mail, web site Coverage: East. Affiliations: SAE, NAFE, NAPARS.

Lowell Krawitz Associates, Lowell Krawitz, 9282 Darlington Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19115, 215-698-2468, fax 215-464-4572, email Coverage: East.

Lexron, J. Ronald Sailing, PE, 7491 N. Federal Highway, C-5, #317, Boca Raton, FL 33487, 561-628-8426, fax 561-628-8433, e-mail, web site Coverage: National, Canada, International.

Macinnis Engineering Associates, Mark Bailey, Principal, 12518 130 Lane N.E., Kirkland, WA 98034, 425-820-7006, fax 425-820-7066, e-mail, web site Coverage: National, Canada.

Madsen Kneppers & Associates, William M. Kreidler, 2851 S. Parker Rd., Suite 450, Aurora, CO 80014-2749, 303-745-9990, fax 303-745-9992, e-mail, web site Branches: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Chicago; Dallas; Las Vegas; Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Calif. Coverage: International. Affiliations: ASCE, ASPE, CSI, RCI, ACI, AlA, AACE.

Magnifacts, Johnny Thornton, 5511 Pinemont, Houston, TX 77092, 713-686-3228, 888-686-3228, fax 713-686-2866, email Coverage: Central, South. Affiliations: IAAI, NAFI, NFPA.

MDE Engineering/Forensic Laboratories, Jennifer Osby, 700 S. Industrial Way, Seattle, WA 98108-5231, 206-622-2007, fax 206-622-2248, e-mail, web site Coverage: National, Canada. Affiliations: AAFS, ASM, ASME, ASTM, HFES, IAAI, IAEI, ICBO, NAFI, NAPARS, NFFA, SAW, SOAR, SPE, NSPE.

Michael Plick & Associates, Michael Flick, President, 221 Woodbine Ave., Narberth, PA 19072, 610-747-0675, fax 610-747-0677, e-mail, web site Coverage: National.

Movement Control, J. Peter Cunliffe, PE, 4101 Birch St., Suite 150, Newport Beach, CA 92660, 949-752-1077, fax 949-533-9619, e-mail Coverage: International. Affiliations: AREMA, ASSE, IRSE, CIT, WSO.

William V Mulvey Jr., James A. Portley, PE, P.O. Box 884, N. Branford, CT 06471, 203-481-8777, fax 203-481-8231, e-mail Coverage: East. Affiliations: ASCE, NSPE.

N. G. Jacobson & Associates, Norman G. Jacobson Jr., PE, 500 Union St., Suite 435, Seattle, WA 98101-3901, 206-624-7863, fax 206-624-8947, e-mail Coverage: National. Affiliations: ASCE, ACE, ACEC, SEAW.

Nelson Architectural Engineers, 3303 Lee Parkway, Suite 440, Dallas, TX 75219, 214528-8765, 877-850-8765, e-mail, web site Branches: Dallas, Houston, Beaumont, Texas. Coverage: National.

Nelson K. Jennett & Associates, Nelson K. Jennett, 62788 Niagara Rd., RO. Box 1905, Montrose, CO 81401, 970-249-8723, e-mail Coverage: International. Affiliations: AAFS, ASOLD, ASIS, WAD.

New England Engineering, Steven R. Thomas, PE, 105 Juniper Ridge Rd., Gilford, NH 03249, 603-293-4477, fax 603-293-4142, web site Coverage: National.

NICE Network, Andrew Fahey, 2613 Crescent Springs Pike, Crescent Springs, KY 41017, 859-814-0061, 800-837-6423, fax 859-814-0062, e-mail, web site Coverage: National.

O'Donnell Consulting Engineers, Bill O'Donnell, 2940 South Park Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15102, 412-835-5007, fax 412-835-5017, e-mail, web site Coverage: International.

Pace Investigative Services, Sherrie Henderson, 9310 Topanga Canyon Blvd., 5-220A, Chatsworth, CA 91311, 81 8-407-9407, fax 818-407-9400, e-mail Coverage: California. Affiliations: SEAOSC, NFPA, NRCA, NACE, ACI, EERI, CELSOC, NAHB, ASCE.

Packer Engineering, Mike Lamplot, 1950 N. Washington St., P.O. Box 353, Naperville, IL 60563, 630-505-5722, 800-323-0114, fax 630-505-1986, e-mail, web site Branches: Troy, Mich. Coverage: International.

Palos Verdes Engineering, 27520 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 130, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274, 310-541-5055, 800-840-3430, fax 310-541-0321, e-mail, web site Branches: Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. Coverage: West. Affiliations: CSES, SEAOC, ASCE, SEAOA.

PARC Engineering Associates, Russell C. Lindsay, PE, RO. Box 8442, Asheville, NC 28814, 828-252-1226, 800-449-7272, fax 828-253-9415, e-mail, web site Coverage: East, Central. Affiliations: SAE, ASME, ASCE, NSPE.

Peter R. Thom & Associates, Peter R. Thorn, 304 Village Square, Orinda, CA 94563, fax 925-254-1650, 800-874-1664, web site Coverage: International.

Photo-Grammetrics, Jack Whitnall, 8 N. 26th Ave., Yakima, WA 98902, 509-452-1426, fax 509-453-7072. Coverage: North America. Affiliations: Evidence Photographers International Council, American Society of Photogrammetry.

Premier Claims Investigations, Michael Chaney, 5497 Teas Nursery Rd., Conroe, TX 77304, 936-321-4989, 800-895-8350, fax 936-441 -4990, e-mail, web site Coverage: Central, South. Affiliations: NFPA, AAI.

Price Hollingsworth, Laurie Ackerman, 1580 Louis Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, 800805-0644, fax 847-718-9462, e-mail, web site Coverage: National.

ProNet Group, Kenneth Stalinsky, 2470 Gray Falls Dr., Suite 280, Houston, TX 77077, 800-216-7268, fax 800-996-8377, e-mail, web site Branches: Dallas; New Orleans; Orlando, Fla. Coverage: National. Affiliations: IAAI, NAFI, TSPE, NSPE, IPI, IAATI, SAE, ASE, AIAQC.

QORE Property Sciences, Greg Fischer, Department Manager, 11420 Johns Creek Pkwy., Duluth, GA 30097, 888-476-7744, 770-476-3555, fax 770-476-0213, e-mail, web site Branches: Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Carolinas, Florida. Coverage: National. Affiliations: NAFE, NSPE, ABIH, AAEE, AIHA, ACEC.

Quest Forensic Group, Robert J. Alonzo and Joseph J. Lafranca, 113 Rosa Ave., Suite A, Metairie, LA 70005, 504-834-0714, 800-453-5611, fax 504-834-0742, e-mail ralonzol Coverage: South. Affiliations: NAFE, NSPE, IEEE, ASME, NFPA, ASSE.

Raths Raths & Johnson, Kurt Hoigard, 835 Midway Dr., Willowbrook, IL 60527, 630-325-61 60, 800-826-6822, fax 630-325-2866, e-mail bjsmith(c), web site Coverage: National. Affiliations: ASTM, ACI, PCI, ASCE, TMS, AIA.

Reading Technical Services, Gene J. Rutkoski, 2709 St. Albans Dr., Reading, PA 19609-1133, 610-670-1321, fax 610-670-1321, e-mail Coverage: National. Affiliations: ASM, ASTM.

Richardson Engineering Group, 7227 Devonshire, St. Louis, MO 63119, 314-6442332, fax 314-644-4866, e-mail, web site Coverage: Missouri, Illinois.

Rimkus Consulting Group, Frank Culberson, 8 Greenway Plaza, 5th Floor, Houston, TX 77046, 713-621-3550, 800-580-3228, fax 713-623-4357, e-mail, web site Branches: San Antonio, Dallas/Ft Worth, Corpus Christ, Austin, Texas; New Orleans; Atlanta; Chicago; Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Las Vegas; Zurich, Switzerland. Coverage: International. Affiliations: NAFE, ASSE, ASME, ASCE, ASEE, IAAI, NFPA, NSF, NSPE, SAE.

Romualdi Davidson & Associates, Hugh Davidson, 715 Bilberry Dr., RO. Box 32, Monroeville, PA 15146-0032, 412-856-4321, fax 412-856-4854, e-mail, web site Branches: Baltimore, Md. Coverage: National. Affiliations: NAFE, ASCE, SAF, NSPE.

Rothfuss Engineering, Walt Rothfuss, 10610 Iron Bridge Rd., Suite 5, Jessup, MD 20794, 301 -725-6544, fax 301 -725-4566, e-mail rec9@maii,, web site Coverage: International. Affiliations: ASSE, NFPA, SFPE, HFS, BOCA, SBCCI.

Rudick Forensic Engineering, Douglas G. Lewis, RA, NCARB, 855 Tod Ave., Youngstown, OH 44502, 800-966-5392, fax 330-744-7174, e-mail, web Coverage: National.

Ryan Engineering, Toby Thompson, 608 S. Hico St., Siloam Springs, AR 72761, 800-436-0697, ext. 11, fax 479-524-3047, e-mail, web site Branches: Beaver Island, Mich.; Hot Springs, Ark. Coverage: National. Affiliations: ASAE, ASME, SBCC, NAFI, NTSA.

S. D. Lyons, Dennis Lyons, President, 1898 Fall River Ave., Seekonk, MA 02771, 508-336-9393, fax 508-336-8989. Coverage: New England, Eastern New York.

S. R. Miller & Associates, Steve Miller, 2343 Yale Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98102, 206-325-8079, fax 206-325-8079, e-mail Branches: Kirkland, Wash. Coverage: National. Affiliations: SAE, AAAM, NSC, NAPARS.

Schirmer Engineering, Mark L. Rochholz, 707 Lake Cook Rd., Deerfield, IL 60015, 847-272-8340, 888-724-4763, fax 847-272-2639, e-mail, web site Branches: Boston, Denver, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Coverage: North America. Affiliations: NFPA, ASTM, SFPE, BOCA, ICBO, SBCCI, ASSE, IBC.

Schaefer Engineering Corp., Vicki Horton, Project Coordinator, 23109 55th Ave. W., Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043-4711, 425-775-5550, 800-711-0704, fax 425-775-0900, e-mail, web site Branch Offices: Seattle; Portland, Ore., Denver. Coverage: National. Affiliations: NSPE, NAFI, IAAI, NFPA, ACTAR, SAE, NAPARS, WATAI, IATAI, NSC, ASSE, AQP, NEMA, SFPE, SEAO, ICBO, AlA, ASTM, ASM, AWS, IEEE.

SMS Engineering, Scott Silberman, PE, 300 E. 75 St., Suite 7H, New York, NY 10021, 212-327-0313, fax 212-327-3503, e-mail, web site Coverage: International. Affiliations:SSPC, ASCE, NSPE, ASTM.

Stephen Blewett & Associates, 2406 N. Lake Ave., Altadena, CA 91001, 626-798-3028, fax 626-798-7784, e-mail Coverage: West. Affiliations: SAE, ASME, NSPE, AAAM, SATAI, NAPARS.

Structure Probe, Andrew W. Blackwood, P.O. Box 656, 569 E. Gay St., West Chester, PA 19381-0656, 610-436-5400, 800-242-4774, fax 610-436-5755, e-mail, web site Coverage: National.

System Engineering & Lab, Sheila Brewer, 12785 State Highway 64 E., Tyler, TX 75707, 903-566-1980, 800-624-0905, fax 903-566-4504, e-mail, web site Branches: Amarillo, Austin, Ft. Worth, Houston, Texarkana, Texas. Coverage: International.

TBA Forensic Engineering, Thomas Boehly, 671 Galleon Dr., Rochester, NY 14580, 585-671-2210, fax 585-275-5960, e-mail, web site Coverage: New York.

Trident Engineering Associates, Donald W. Vannoy, PE, 2010 Industrial Dr., Annapolis, MD 21401-2942, 410-224-3550, fax 410-224-8630, e-mail, web site Coverage: National.

John A Tylawsky, PE, Admiralty and Maritime Consultant, 259 New Sweden Rd., Woodstock, CT 06281, 203-915-0182, fax 860-974-9129, e-mail, web site Coverage: National.

Unified Investigations & Sciences, Carter D. Roberts, 223 E. Greenbriar Lane, Dallas, TX 75203, 214-946-8989, 888-584-7872, fax 214-946-8586, e-mail, web site Branches: Atlanta; Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis; Louisville, Ky.; Memphis, Tenn.; New Orleans; Richmond, Temecula, Calif.; Seattle; St. Louis. Coverage: National.

Vaisala-GAI, Jared Brumley, 2705 E. Medina Rd., Suite 111, Tucson, AZ 85706, 520-806-7300, 800-283-4557, fax 520-741-2848, e-mail, web site Coverage: National.

Vannoy & Associates, Donald W. Vannoy, PE, 708 Edelblut Dr., Silver Spring, MD 20901, 301-593-1003, 800-593-7001, fax 301-593-8541, e-mail, web site Branches: Bethesda, Md. Coverage: National.

Weather Surveys, Conrad B. Gosset, 32-34 Main St., Norwalk, CT 06851, 203-854-9105, fax 203-854-9107, e-mail, web site Coverage: National. Affiliations: AMS.

Werlinger & Associates, Allen Werlinger, 1371 N. Red Gum St., Anaheim, CA 92806, 714-688-1280, 800-227-5610, fax 714-688-1270, e-mail, web site Branches: New Jersey. Coverage: International.

Western Engineering & Research, H. James Royston, 2175 5. Jasmine St., Suite 119, Denver, CO 80222, 303-757-4000, fax 303-757-4222, e-mail, web site Coverage: National. Affiliations: NAFE, NSPE, ASTM, ICBO, ASCE, ASME, AIME, ASM, IEEE, NFPA, ASHRAE, IAAE, ACI.

Wolf Technical Services, Linda Spear, 6836 Hawthorn Park Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46220, 317-842-6075, 800-783-9653, fax 317-842-6974, e-mail, web site Branches: Indiana, Ohio.

Zallen Engineering, Rubin M. Zallen, 1101 Worchester Rd., Framingham, MA 01701, 508-875-1360, e-mail, web site Coverage: National. Affiliations: TCFE, ASCE.

Zook Moore & Associates, Mike McKinney, 901 Northpoint Parkway, Suite 406, West Palm Beach, FL 33407, 561-683-4017, fax 561-683-8647, e-mail mkinney@zookmoorecom, web site Branches: Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Knoxville, Fla. Coverage: National.
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Date:Jun 1, 2003
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