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13 Architects Children Should Know.

13 ARCHITECTS CHILDREN SHOULD KNOW, by Florian Heine. Prestel Publishing, $14.95.

Hooray for author Heine, who has written an excellent book for middle school-age children. An oversized hardcover, it embraces a baker's dozen of the most renowned designers of homes, a piazza, a university, and so much more. These stars of building technologies include Balthasar Neumann, Zaha Hadid, and, as you would expect, Frank Gehry. (Hadid is the lone female architect in the book.)

Readers will find short biographies on each artist/architect, with a portrait or photograph of each. They will also discover the "tricks" used by Filippo Brunelleschi, the sad reason behind Antoni Gaudi's death, and Le Corbusier's destructive "Neighborhood Plan."

Bonus points for the timeline on every page, from the year 1360 to 2013. The answers to five quiz questions are supplied on the back page, and there are three suggested design projects for kids to try. Vocabulary words are noted within the text. Their definitions are found in the glossary.

The author offers intriguing details about those famous architects who began as engineers, chemists, lawyers, explosive experts, and so on. This is a sorely needed resource, particularly with its implication that one can be many things, studying in many fields.

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Author:Guhin, Paula
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Date:May 1, 2015
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