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12th District.

The California Dental Assistants Association held its Summer Board of Directors meeting on July 20-22, at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Ontario. The next Board Meeting will be held December 7-9 in Fresno. Recent actions and activities include the following:

* Membership promotion is done at both of the Scientific Sessions of the California Dental Association, most recently September 6-9 in San Francisco. First Vice-President/Membership Chair Kelly Lennier has arranged for volunteers to staff the membership booth.

* Membership promotion and retention continues to be a priority as new ideas are being explored and initiated.

* CDAA's Government Relations Committee Chair Claudia Pohl reports that new California Dental Board members were appointed by the governor in April, filling the all the empty seats on the board. Additionally, after several months of not being able to meet because they lacked a quorum, the Dental Assisting Council positions have been appointed as well. The CDB has begun doing CE audits for RDAs and RDAEFs, so California dental assistants need to keep their documents in order. Further, the RDAC test was made available May 24 after a brief blackout during the transition. The test plan was released in November 2017 and the PSI test handbook was released in March 2018. It can be found on the DBC website, but it is also posted in the Member Resources section of the CDAA website. DBC staff stated that the test shouldn't change significantly and that the resources used for the previous test are the same. Joan Greenfield again presented to the Board the proposal for the RDAEF2, which would include language changes for cord retraction, the language for the restorative examination (changing from current posterior amalgam and anterior composite to open-ended language of anterior and posterior restoration). This proposal also includes the addition of administration of local anesthesia and administration of nitrous oxide. This was sent to the Dental Assisting Council (DAC) for discussion at the August 2018 meeting. The Dental Board will be undergoing Sunset Review with a final date of January 2020. This happens every 4 years and is a process by which the performance of the board is discussed with recommendations for improvements. All boards in California respond to the same set of questions. The DBC will submit its report before the December 1, 2018, deadline. Hearings will then be held in March 2019 and stakeholders will go before the legislature and answer questions.

The 12th District includes California, Guam, Hawaii, and Nevada.

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