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12% increase in State's own resources by end of October 2017.

(TAP) -- The provisional results of the implementation of the state budget at the end of October 2017, show a sustained increase in own resources of 12% compared to their level, a year earlier, against 3.5% in October 2016 , to reach 19.4 billion dinars, according to the note of Conjoncture of the Central Bank of Tunisia, published Thursday.

Improvement of 14.8% in the collection of direct taxes and 13.5% in indirect taxes

Tax revenues, which represent 90% of the budget's own resources, reached 17.6 billion dinars at the end of October 2017, compared with 15.4 billion dinars during the same period in 2016, an increase of 14% after a decline of 0,1% the year before. The increase in tax revenues is due to an improvement in the collection of both direct (+ 14.8% against -5%) and indirect taxes (+13.5% against 3.7%).

In detail, direct tax receipts totaled 7.3 billion dinars, at the end of the first ten months of 2017, up 935 MTD compared to the achievements of October 2016. The increase above is mainly due to taxes on companies (+653 MTD or 45.1%) supported by the exceptional contribution to the state budget, provided for in the Finance Act for the 2017 management, while income taxes increased only 281 MTD or 5.8%, affected by the 0.7% decline in their main component, namely "wages and salaries" after a 15.3% increase recorded a year earlier.

Indirect tax receipts totaled 10.3 billion dinars at the end of October 2017, compared to 9.1 billion in October 2016, up 13.5% against only 3.7%. year before. The breakdown by type of indirect tax shows that this increase resulted from the good performance of VAT, which reached 4.9 billion dinars (+ 18.1%), after a virtual stagnation around 4.2 billion during the last three years. Graph. 19: Indirect tax revenue in MTD.

Besides, non-tax revenue was nearly 1.9 billion dinars in the first ten months of 2017, for the second year in a row. Needless to add, excluding the amount of the transfer of the 4G license by the 3 telephone operators in 2016 (ie 471 MTD), non-tax revenues would have increased by 26.6%, from one year to the next. other, driven by an exceptional increase in gas royalties (+ 127%) and the receipt of an envelope of 440 MTD for fuel marketing revenues, despite the absence of privatization revenues.

22.1% increase in total expenses

In parallel, total cumulative expenditure strengthened, registering an increase of 22.1% against 10.8% the previous year, amounting to 28 billion dinars. As a result, borrowing resources increased by 50 percent to 8.6 billion dinars from 5.7 billion dinars at the end of October 2016.

In detail, operating expenses, which account for 63% of total expenditures, continued their upward trend, with an increase of 9.2% after 8.7% at the end of October 2016, reaching 16 billion dinars, of which 12, $ 1 billion in salary costs.

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Publication:Agency Tunis Afrique Press
Date:Dec 28, 2017
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