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11 'Outlander'-Inspired Christmas Present Ideas.

You can't give your "Outlander" fan a trip to 18th century Scotland, but you can give them some fun gifts inspired by the book series and TV show. These "Outlander" presents are sure to please every Sassenach during the holidays.

Stationary: This ( "Outlander" writing set ($31.46) includes a journal, a wax stamp, two wax sticks, writing paper, envelopes and a paperweight. Of course, the golden thistle from the "Outlander" logo is on everything.

Game: In ( Outlander: Destiny Dice ($28.75), players have to roll six dice to get Jamie and Claire back together. Characters like Black Jack Randall can ruin your efforts, but characters like Jenny can help.

Wine: Lot18 has a new line of "Outlander" wines that are named after Jamie and Claire's nicknames. A bottle of ( Sassenach rosAaAaAeA@ ($20) is for those who prefer something sweet whi ( Mac Dubh ($25) has an earthy taste.

Blanket: It's as close as she'll ever get to having Jamie Fraser waiting under the Christmas tree. This "Outlander" ( blanket ($54.95) is the Season 3 poster that emphasizes how much Jamie and Claire miss each other. It features Sam Heughan's likeness on one side and Caitriona Balfe's on the other.

Sweater: Check out Hot Topic's line of "Outlander"-inspired clothing. This ( sweater ($43.92) looks cozy and the buttons have the signature golden thistle on them.

Candles: This candle is called "( Under Jamie's Kilt " ($16) but it sounds like it'll smell a lot better than a sweaty highlander. The soy wax is scented with juniper berries and sage and has a hint of woods and eucalyptus.

Books: If your loved one hasn't read the "Outlander" spinoff books about Lord John Grey yet, they might change their mind after seeing the character introduced on the show. They're standalone stories, but author Diana Gabaldon has the ( official order of the books listed on her website.

Bookmarks: These "Outlander" ( bookmarks ($9.37) are the perfect stocking stuffer. Each one is magnetic, and they have the tartans and mottos of the clans.

Mortar and Pestle: This mini ( mortar and pestle ($5.74) is just like Claire's, but it's quite a bit smaller. It's a nice object to have on display and the 32-page book of photos and quotes is a nice addition to the set.

Knitting Book: "( Highland Knits : Knitwear Inspired by the Outlander Series" ($14.07) will let your loved one create their very own "Outlander" looks. This book has instructions on how to make Claire's cowls, fingerless gloves and more.

Standing Stone Jewelry: This jewelry line isn't directly inspired by "Outlander," but this ( Sheila Fleet Jewelry (prices vary) collection was inspired by the Standing Stones of Stenness, similar to the ones Claire visits to travel back in time.
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Date:Dec 8, 2017
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