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105 years: Whirlpool celebrates a legacy of quality home appliances.

Whirlpool Corporation is marking its 105th anniversary this year, commemorating its world-renowned legacy and excellence in the home appliance business. An afternoon of thanksgiving and celebration was recently held at the ballroom of Luxent Hotel in Quezon City wherein Whirlpool took the opportunity to thank and give back to the people who have supported and trusted the brand for the past 105 years.

'As we mark another milestone for Whirlpool, we are reminded of its long-standing heritage and excellence in the home appliance industry,' said Blanco Wong, managing director of Whirlpool Southeast Asia. 'It's a fitting tribute to the core principles of integrity and perseverance set by Whirlpool's Lou Upton, Emory Upton and Lowell Bassford when they introduced the first electric wringer washing machine in November 11, 1911. But while Whirlpool has a proud history, this is really about looking forward to the coming years and how the company will continue to improve home and family life for future generations.'

Making home life better

Even before coming to the Philippines in 1992, Whirlpool has become among the very few brands Filipinos trust. It has been Whirlpool's passion to make home life better, which drove them to constantly develop innovative home appliances worldwide.

Whirlpool Philippines kicked off the global company's 105th anniversary with the unveiling of cutting-edge features on its world-class appliances that will introduce Filipinos to a whole new level of innovation and energy efficiency.

'At Whirlpool, we try to never lose sight of what performance means and how it should be delivered. Our home appliances possess advanced technology which are intelligent, intuitive and innovative,' said Joy Catiis-Cruz, Marketing Manager of Whirlpool Philippines. 'The Whirlpool Brand symbolizes what drives and inspires us to be consistent with what we do best- making home appliances with innovative technology that give our consumers better than expected results in everyday life at home.'

One of the products introduced is the IntelliFresh Refrigerator. Equipped with the exclusive Tri-Sensor Technology, it guarantees to give you maximum energy savings that is better than inverter refrigerators. Whirlpool's IntelliSense Technology has sensors that detect both internal and ambient temperatures so cooling is adjusted to achieve optimum cooling performance and ensures 70% faster ice-making.

Aside from refrigerators, Whirlpool has always been a trusted brand for its line of washers, and their latest product offering, the 360o Bloom Wash is something worth watching out for. Promising to deliver 'the most advanced washing technology', it boasts of the 3600 Tumble Motion feature, which ensures complete soil removal. It also features an Anti-Allergy and Bacteria Cycle which utilizes Catalytic Soak, a hot concentrated soak that offers 99.9% germ protection.

New opportunities, stronger ties

Whirlpool appliances is exclusively distributed here in the country by Exatech. According to its president, Nixon Sioco, 'True to our name, our company, Excellence Appliance Technologies, Inc., is founded on excellence in appliance retailing and customer service. Whirlpool is instrumental in helping us build on this foundation of excellence and this year signals exciting opportunities for us to widen and strengthen Whirlpool's presence here in the Philippines. More than ever, we are confident in building a stronger, longer relationship with our loyal customers while strengthening our efforts to attract new ones.'

As the celebration drew to a close, Whirlpool and Exatech vowed to do more than just provide great products, but to also continuously create innovative solutions that will make life a little easier for families all over the world.
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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Nov 16, 2016
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