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1040 Preparation - 1991 Edition.

1040 Preparation - 1991 Edition

1040 Preparation - 1991 Edition by Sidney Kess, Ben Eisenberg and Barbara Weltman, Commerce Clearing House, Inc., 4025 W. Peterson Avenue, Chicago, IL 60646, (800) 248-3248, $34.50.

This tax return preparation guide was specifically designed for the beginner or refresher for the part-time tax return preparer. The book covers fundamentals of tax preparation including: filing status, gross income, deductions, credits, capital gains and losses, etc. for individual tax returns. Specific topics addressed include estimated tax, self-employment tax, retirement plans and alternative minimum tax. Recent IRS rulings, significant court decisions and latest legislative changes in effect by the date of publication (December 1990) are reflected in this edition. Learning is enhanced through examples, filled-in forms, schedules and tax planning suggestions. Quizzes in each chapter allows readers to test knowledge and reinforce principles. The book is over 700 pages in length and could be a valuable rudimentary reference for accounting students or practitioners.
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Publication:The National Public Accountant
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 1991
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