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1031NetEx.Com Appoints Melissa J. Fox as New President.

IRVINE, Calif. -- 1031NetEx.Com, the online 1031exchange network, today announced that it has appointed Melissa J. Fox to the position of President, effective August 15, 2007.

A graduate of Tulane University Law School in New Orleans and Brandies University in Boston, as well as a licensed California real estate broker, Ms. Fox brings to her new leadership position a strong background in law, real estate, technology development, venture capital, and corporate planning and governance. She also brings to 1031NetEx.Com and a national perspective on the real estate market and 1031 exchange opportunities.

"We are thrilled to have Melissa J. Fox at the helm," said 1031NetEx.Com founder Michael P. Owens. "Her impressive array of skills, knowledge, and experience across the wide range of 1031NetEx.Com's concerns will help drive 1031NetEx.Com to its primary mission of building and marketing a dynamic and easy-to-use online network that makes 1031 exchanges simple for both real estate professionals and property owners."

"Leading 1031NetEx.Com at this time is a tremendous opportunity," Ms. Fox said. "The real estate market is undergoing significant changes and the 1031 exchange market is exploding. Yet many property owners and realtors still shy away from taking advantage of the immense opportunities 1031 exchanges provide. 1031NetEx.Com will close the 1031 exchange knowledge gap and eliminate the fear factor that prevents people from taking advantage of the tremendous benefits of 1031 exchanges."

"I'm a real estate broker and I want to focus on what real estate brokers and agents want and need to succeed and grow their businesses. I share their high professional standards and I admire their drive for success. I'm also an experienced real estate attorney, and so I understand the law and believe that knowledge of the law should be available to everyone, especially a law as powerful for building wealth as section 1031," she added.

Melissa J. Fox previously served as Vice President of 1031NetEx.Com and its Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining 1031NetEx.Com, Ms. Fox served as Vice President of Digital Enforcement Systems, and Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of EyeNet Enforcement Systems, a national leader in innovative homeland security technology. She has also been a corporate attorney in private practice in Southern California, specializing in real estate, construction, technology, venture capital and securities issues, winning multi-million dollar lawsuits in complex litigation for her clients.

In addition to her work at 1031NetEx.Com, Melissa J. Fox is active in hiking, camping, Cub Scouts, and supporting local theatre, dance, and the arts. She lives in Southern California with her husband, her nine-year-old son, two cats, and a Siberian Husky.

About 1031NetEx.Com

Never before has there been an online platform that combines the tools, resources, and community necessary to help both real estate investors and professionals manage and dramatically increase their 1031 exchanges. With 1031NetEx.Com, for the first time, today's real estate investors and professionals have immediate access to all the resources they need for successful 1031 exchanges in a single dynamic website.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 29, 2007
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