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101 secrets to loving the way you look in your suit; many girls have a love-hate thing for summer--they love having fun at the beach but hate having to find the perfect new suit. GL helps you to never dread the dressing room again.


Swimsuit sizes are totally different from clothing sizes. Take it up to three sizes bigger.

Go for suits with tops and bottoms sold separately. This way, if you're bigger on top and smaller on the bottom, you can get the right sizes for your curves.

Your swimsuit should fit nicely, hugging your body. If there is any sagging, drooping or wrinkling, your suit is too big.

If you're between sizes, go up one size rather than down--it will be more forgiving.

Thicker fabrics provide more stretch and support and they will last longer.

Be honest with yourself. No need to settle for something that doesn't make you look fabulous.

That said, be kind to yourself. Notice what's right instead of what's wrong.

You need to try LOTS of suits to figure out what works and what doesn't.



Are you a triangle (wider on bottom), inverted triangle (wider on top), rectangle (straight up and down) or an hour-glass (curvy but little in the middle)?

TRIANGLE Draw the eye upward by enhancing bust and shoulders with a halter or patterned top.

INVERTED TRIANGLE Add interest to your bottom half by wearing belts, patterns and wider bikini briefs.

RECTANGLE Create curves by going for suits that have frills and ruffles around the bust and hips.

HOURGLASS Choose a bikini with the same all-over color or print to show off your waist.



If the underwire on a top doesn't extend to your armpit, the suit is too small.

End embarrassing moments: Raise your arms, bend over, jump. Boobs still in your top?

Want to draw attention upward? Try a pattern or lighter color on top with a solid bottom.



Keep the "girls" in. Choose a suit that provides plenty of coverage.

Bra-like styles work best.

Boning on the side and wide straps offer great support.

Big busts look hot in halters. Try a twisted bandeau that gathers at the center.



Look for suits with ties so you can adjust to fit from the tops and sides.

Fake a fuller chest with a demi-bra style bikini top.

Look for ruffles--they add curves.

Bonus! You look great in bandeaus.

Avoid halter tops--they only accentuate what you don't have instead of flattering what you do have.



Find a suit that hugs your butt and stays in place. When your suit fits smoothly, it makes your tush look smaller!

Suit bottom is baggy or riding up? It's too big. Cutting into your bum or hips? Too small

Seek side ties--they make for a custom fit.

Legs look miles longer in a high-on-the-hip style.

Want coverage? Pick a smooth, skimming skirt that's short and sweet but hides what it needs to.

Boy shorts are great for a no-wedgie-worries day.

Go for a frilly top if you want to draw the eye away from your bottom.

Extra details on hips, like belts, buckles and rings, emphasize cute curves.

Want to be comfy? Look for a suit that's cut like your favorite pair of underwear (as long as your fare isn't a thong!).



Get a suit that complements your complexion. If your skin is pale, choose brown, like mocha. Black is classic but it can also look harsh against pale skin.

Metallic gold looks great with dark skin. Shades of blue work on all skin tones.

Have some sun-kissed color? Try orange and tangerine.

White is so in this summer, but make sure you get an opaque fabric to avoid a "see-through" moment.

Shades of turquoise and candy pink are fun for everyone. Speaking of pink, mix it with green for a preppy vibe.

Go bold with multi-color patterns,

Want to stand out? Pick grape or cherry-red.

Mix and match prints, stripes and solid colors to create your own unique look.



Try EVERYTHING on. Suits look completely different on your body than on the hanger.

Untie! You need to adjust the straps to your body (not the girl's who tried it on before you) or you won't get the right look.

On a top with strings, tie it in the back first, then stretch the cups over your breasts before tying behind your neck. Got a bottom with strings? Tie it so it sits on your hip bone.

When a suit fits, you don't get any "overspill." Everything has a place--inside your suit.

Want to beat back bulge? Watch out for super-skinny straps. They're flattering on almost no one.

Check yourself in a three-way mirror. You want to be sure you look great from all angles.

Once you find a perfect fit, take note of the brand. Companies rarely change their fit year to year. It'll make next year's shopping that much easier.

Choose a suit that moves with you--not too tight, not too loose.



If you have a bit of a tummy, look for suits with a little more cover.

Long-top tankinis are comfy and flattering. The bottom of the tankini top should end right below your belly button. Any lower will look pouchy; any higher looks too kiddie.

Tankinis are great for banishing back bulge. Look for a not-too-tight one that fits easily across your body.

Try a one-piece with darker-color side panels for the illusion of a smaller waist.

Draw attention upward by choosing suits with a V-neck halter.

Suits with ruching (lots of fabric gathers) camouflage little rolls.

Try fun prints on stripes--they can distract the eye away from focusing on your mid-section.

Many suits are now made with special "control" fabrics that help hold you in. Consider that option if it will make you feel more confident.



Look for a one-piece with a halter neckline. It's flattering on most body shapes, and the halter gives good balance to the body.

Hourglass shape Show it off in a short-skirted bottom.

Little on top Pair your skirt with a cute triangle top.

Curvy on top Try a one-piece with an empire line, right under the bust.

Petite Wear a one-piece with diagonal or vertical stripes to create the illusion of extra body length.

Playing sports Banded halters won't let you (or your top) down.



Cloth hats provide the best protection. Also, they're easy to pack in a suitcase. Look for labels, like Solarweave, that have SPF protection

Hats help protect your face, but you still need a high SPF. Damaging sun rays bounce up off of sand.

Wear your hat down low on the brow line--that's the most flattering.

Worried about hat head? French-braid your hair underneath. When you take it out at the end of the day, you'll have gorgeous waves.

Neutral shades, like white and beige, look good on everyone.

Add pins or even layers to a hat. Throw a light knit summer cap over your favorite floppy hat to create different textures.

The large-brimmed hat is a fashionable DO. If you're petite, opt for an asymmetric brim to give the illusion of a larger brim without overpowering.

Matching the colors of your hat to your bathing suit is classic.



Think about your cover-up and bathing suit as an overall look.

Try a pareo. You can tie it around your bust or waist, depending on what you want to show.

Last season's cotton tunic is still strong. Wear it to the beach during the day, at night with jeans.

Not feeling the skirty vibe? Try some board shorts you can run around in.

A baby-doll dress is a cute option. Wear one when you want to dress-and-go.

To look "right now." do a ruffly salsa skirt with a cami top. Finish the look with a thong sandal.

Go for shorts with extra detailing, like ruching and ties on the side. for an updated look.

Sneakers with swimsuits make you look stumpy! Show as much foot as possible with a bare sandal.


A great spray-on tan is a girl's best friend. Everybody looks better with a little (fake) color.

Good posture instantly makes you look taller ... and thinner!

Don't be afraid to accessorize. Love your top? Wear a necklace. Love you hips? Wear a belt. Be a flirt by offering your crush a slick of your portable SPF lip balm.

First time out in a bikini? Brave with your friends!

Choose a good-mood suit. Who wouldn't feel happy in polka-dots, hot-pink or Hello Kitty?

Steer clear of soda--it can make you bloated. Stick to water for skinny hydration.

Don't buy a suit just because you "love it so." The only way to stay comfortable in a suit is if it fits properly.

Most girls are too self-conscious about how they look to obsess about how you look. Remind yourself that everyone else on the beach is half-naked too.

Whatever you choose to wear, wear it with confidence and you will always look fabulous.

And our top tip! Smile!

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