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101 BOOZY FACTS - A GUIDE FOR THE THINKING DRINKER; If you've got carpenters in your head you've had too much of it. If you live in Eastern Europe you drink more of it. If you've got pounds 6,750 to spare you can buy a special bottle of it. DONNIE KERR and STEVE RICHES are talking booze here, with 101 facts to wet your whistle...

Roget's Thesaurus has 79 words for drunk but only three for sober.

The Defence of the Realm Act of 1915 made the buying of rounds illegal.

In 1843, Temperance organisations tried to have the first Christmas card banned because it showed people drinking.

Keg beer was introduced by Watneys in 1937 to cater for golf clubs that didn't sell enough to enable them to maintain the condition of real ale.

Child patients in 17th Century hospitals had two gallons of beer a week as part of their diet.

Peter Dowdeswell, of Earls Barton, Northants, once drank a gallon of beer upside down in 8 minutes 35 seconds.

The world's biggest wine producer is Italy.

In 1897 the first motorist convicted of drink-driving was a London cabbie who drove into the front hall of 165 Bond Street "after two or three glasses of beer".

The first cocktail bar in Britain opened in 1851 near Hyde Park.

England produces one-tenth as much wine now (three million bottles a year) as it did 100 years ago.

The world's biggest spirit drinkers are the Russians, with a gallon of pure alcohol each per year.

The strongest beer in Britain is Baz's Super Brew. The Leicestershire tipple is 23 per cent alcohol by volume.

In the 1980s, Vladivar Vodka was advertised on the sides of cows grazing beside a railway line.

In 1939 White Horse Whisky was advertised as all you need for a long sound sleep.

It is reckoned that there are at least 14 million alcoholics in the USA.

In Britain, 30 per cent of the population drink 80 per cent of the alcohol.

A Japanese proverb says: "First the man takes a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes the man."

A Scottish equivalent reckons: "One's enough, two's too many, three's not enough."

The French for hangover - guele de bois - translates as snout of wood.

Babycham had to stop describing itself as "champagne perry" after complaints by real champagne makers.

Germany's strict brewing laws are the oldest in the world - dating back 600 years.

Winston Churchill used to drink a pint of champagne at breakfast time. Ironically, in 1922 he lost his seat to Britain's first and only Prohibitionist MP, Edwin Scrymgeour.

Prime Minister William Pitt reputedly drank 550 bottles of claret, 850 bottles of madeira and 2,400 bottles of port in a single year.

People in Britain spend more on booze and cigarettes than they do on clothes and life insurance combined.

Ressaca is Portuguese for hangover and literally means the tide has gone out.

In 1902, there was a campaign to ban public houses from selling liquor to children under 14.

In 1975, Teach Yourself Books published Meier Glatt's Teach Yourself Alcoholism.

Nearly 97 per cent of British men drink less than two pints of beer a day.

The membership of Alcoholics Anonymous has risen from two to two million in 61 years.

Fortnum & Mason sell Springbank 1919 Whisky at pounds 6,750 a bottle.

Large quantities of the EC wine lake have been sold to Brazil as a petrol substitute.

Beer was part of the daily wage paid to temple workers in Mesopotamia 7,000 years ago.

On his death sentence in 1477, the Duke of Clarence was granted the right to choose the manner of his execution. He opted for "being drowned in a barrel of malmsey wine". And he was!

Tia Maria is Spanish for Aunt Mary.

The oldest known unopened bottle of wine is a 365-year-old Leisten owned by an Australian collector.

One wine from the Languedoc Roussillon region of France rejoices in the name of Herpe's La Clap.

Julius Caesar called beer a high and mighty liquor.

The wine list in a Chablis restaurant boasts a choice of 800 bottles - all of them Chablis.

Alcohol is mentioned in The Bible 165 times.

Beer was the national drink in ancient Egypt.

The Bible credits Noah with being the first to make wine.

Excise duty charged on a bottle of wine is pounds 1.05 in Britain and less than 3p in France.

The average saving of excise duty per car on a Calais booze shopping run is pounds 150.

King John died in 1216 after overdosing on peaches and cider.

Proud Scotsman Sean Connery made a fortune advertising whisky - from Japan!

More than 130,000 British children aged 16 or under drink regularly in pubs.

As a nation we drink more than twice what we did in the 1950s but less than a third of what we drank 100 years ago.

The biggest beer drinkers in the world are the Czechs, with 280 pints per person per year.

Households headed by teachers spend least of all on alcohol.

In 1964 it took a manual worker six hours to earn a bottle of whisky. Now it takes less than two.

Hangover in Norwegian is jeg har tommermenn which means I have carpenters in my head.

Port gives the severest hangover and vodka the mildest.

Dr Samuel Johnson once drank 36 glasses of port at a charity banquet.

Dirk Bogarde chose a distillery as his Desert Island Discs luxury item.

A pint of beer in London is on average 35p dearer than in Liverpool.

One critic described lager as "the only substance known to man which leaves the body in exactly the same state it entered".

Chambers Scots School Dictionary defines drunk as "fou as a puggie".

Stonato is Italian for hangover and translates as out of tune.

Wine has been produced in Britain since the Stone Age, 10,000 years ago.

Plonk is rhyming slang for vin blanc.

The first recorded wine auction took place in a London coffee house in 1673.

A bottle of 1787 Chateau Lafite claret was sold at Christie's for pounds 105,000 in 1985.

Two new breweries open every week in the UK.

Frederick the Great of Prussia liked his coffee made with champagne instead of water.

There are no licensing hours in the House of Commons.

Cognac has been made in the French town for 350 years.

The first lager (Pilsner Urquell) was brewed in 1842 at Pilsen, Bohemia, and is still marketed today.

Beer mats were introduced in Britain by Watney's in 1920.

People who collect beer mats are called tegestoligists.

The first beer to be sold in cans appeared in 1935, although it wasn't until 1962 that tab opening cans were introduced.

Bourbon whisky was invented by the Reverend Elijah Craig of Bourbon County, Kentucky, in 1789.

Shannon Airport in Eire opened the world's first duty-free shop in 1947.

Former Mr Universe Walter Cornelius once drank nine pints of porter in 40 seconds.

In 1985, Derrick Sykes drank a pint of beer with a teaspoon in 1 minute 51 seconds.

An ancient Egyptian temple hieroglyphic dating back more than 3,000 years records that Pharoah Rameses III consecrated 466,303 jugs of beer to the gods.

In 1694, Admiral Sir Edward Russell entertained his men in Alicante, Spain, with a punch containing 252 gallons of brandy and 105 gallons of Malaga wine.

According to Shakespeare drink provokes desire but takes away performance.

In 1992, a bottle of 50-year-old Glenfiddich whisky was sold for pounds 45,200 in Milan.

In 1968, German Horst Pretorius drank 30.79 pints of beer in 60 minutes.

The German word for hangover is katzenjammer which translates as a wailing of cats.

John Wilkes Booth drank a bottle of brandy and the best part of a bottle of whisky before shooting American president Abraham Lincoln in 1865.

General Custer and his 7th Cavalry were drunk on whisky at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

In 1936, Edward VIII drank so much brandy and soda he had to have his stomach pumped.

A brewery near Munich has been operational since 1040.

Britons spend nearly pounds 15 billion on beer every year.

The Inebriates Act of 1898 empowered local authorities to establish homes for "the reception and treatment" of those with drink convictions.

The Scottish Temperance Alliance's 1940 campaign had a catchy slogan - Stout will make you Stout, Stodgy and Stupid.

Some 49 per cent of British men haven't touched a drop of beer in the past six months.

In ancient Babylon breweries were places of worship.

CAMRA claims that when you buy a pint of beer in a pub, you pay about 20p for the frothy head.

Victorian ladies used swizzle sticks to convert champagne into a flat wine and reduce the chance of burping.

The French drink more wine than they do tea.

In 1991, the senior police officer who led the Christmas Drink-Driving Campaign was fined pounds 450 and banned for 18 months...for drink-driving.

The world's single biggest wine producers are Ernest and Julio Gallo, of California.

The Australian sheep industry is now second in importance financially to its wine industry.

The first booze-sponsored sporting event in Britain was horse racing's Whitbread Gold Cup at Sandown in 1957.

Smirnoff had to drop their advert, "I thought the Kama Sutra was an Indian restaurant until I discovered Smirnoff". The reason? A survey showed that most people DID think it was an Indian restaurant.

Potato-based spirits - like some vodkas - have the highest alcohol content. One, from Estonia, reaches 98 per cent.

Prince Philip's favourite drinks are pink gin and beer, while Princess Diana goes for gin and tonic.

Queen Victoria was very partial to Mariani Wine, though it isn't known whether this was because of its "medicinal properties" or whether she just liked the taste of cocaine.

In 1900 the British Temperance Women's Association required all its members to sign the Pledge:

I hereby promise by grace Divine

To take no spirits, beer or wine

Nor will I buy nor sell nor give

Strong drink to others while I live

And this my true resolve shall be

No drink, no drink, no drink for me!
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