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1000 lumens in 5.6 lbs. (New products: tools for schools).

NEC Technologies, www.nectech. com, hardware, $1,998

The VT45 projector with NEC's new Vortex Technology Plus imageenhancement system packs 1000 ANSI lumens into 5.6 pounds for mobile presentations in rooms large and small. The technology offers the ability to fine-tune image colors as well as use computers, laptops, S-video, component video and HDTV for display. Manual lens shift, a projector/PC remote and a carrying case help make the projector easier to use. The AutoSense feature allows automatic setup and one-touch adjustments.

With the SMARTer Kids Foundation program, districts can also apply for money-saving grants toward the purchase of this product. See www. for more information.

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Publication:District Administration
Date:Dec 1, 2001
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