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100 years in jail for Market Cross robbers.

Byline: Gareth Lightfoot Court Reporter

Ian Ogden | David Patmore A GANG of "ruthless" armed robbers which raided two Market Cross Jewellers on Teesside is behind bars for a total of one hundred years.

A judge said the attacks were ruthless, carefully planned, professional and determined, and succeeded in stealing more than PS600,000 worth of stock.

Teesside man Antony Northmore, 25, was one of the "prime movers" in plots to rob the jewellers branches in Yarm and Middlesbrough.

"You were effectively the Teesside end," Judge Tony Briggs told the plasterer, of Hampden Way, Thornaby, yesterday.

Northmore never went into the shops, but without his active and enthusiastic support, said the judge, the robberies might never have been pulled off.

He added: "When it came to stashing cars and advice on getaway routes, your knowledge was no doubt invaluable."

Northmore was jailed for 10 years.

His brother Scott, 20, also of Hampden Way, was locked up for four years for his important but "low-end" role in the Yarm raid, driving to and from Manchester.

Masked men in dark clothes reversed stolen cars with cloned plates up to the stores and stormed in with weapons including a gun, axes and crowbars.

They threatened terri-fied staff, smashed cases, grabbed expensive watches and jewellery and fled in the early evening.

They stole more than PS500,000 worth of goods from the Yarm shop on November 10, 2014.

They took more than PS100,000 worth from the Middlesbrough branch on January 13 last year.

The raiders gave no thought to the profound effect they would have on victims, the judge told Teesside Crown Court.

One staff member later said: "I will remember that incident forever. I can still see the image of a gun being pointed at me."

Another employee said: "It was one of the most frightening experiences of my life. I'll never be the same person again."

Nine men - most of whom travelled from Manchester for the holdups - were locked up for conspiring to rob either or both of the shops.

The judge said Samuel Hughes, 29, "organised the Manchester end" and recruited the team, and jailed him for 12 years.

Ian Ogden, 27, of Forest Bank Prison, who helped from his cell via illicit phones, was jailed for seven years.

The longest sentence, of 19-and-a-half years, was given to professional criminal David Patmore, 32, of Manchester Prison.

Patmore was "a vital part of the raiding gang" in Yarm and was also sentenced for a catalogue of other serious offences.

For their roles in Yarm and other offences, Joseph Donovan, 25, of Copthall Lane, Manchester, was jailed for 12 years; lookout Shaun Booth, 29, of Manchester Prison, 12 years and eight months.

Two members of the Middlesbrough "robbing team" - Jamie Scott, 28, of Benville Walk, Manchester, and Liam Wright, 25, of Manchester Prison - were jailed for 12 years and 10 years respectively.

Both are already serving long prison sentences for an identical jewellers raid in Stoke-on-Trent. Two other men were sentenced for assisting an offender. Billy-Jo Thompson, 25, of Kingfisher The FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2014 55p Drive, Bury, was jailed for 16 months and Christopher Worgan, 22, of Walker Road, Manchester, was given a one-year jail term suspended for two years with 250 hours' unpaid work. The judge said the plotters must have used a "very good distribution network". Only three watches were ever recovered from the robberies. He commended detectives for their thorough investigation "above and beyond the call of duty" in the complex case, and the "unsung heroes" who analysed evidence.

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Market Cross Jewellers in Middlesbrough after the raid

Market Cross Jewellers in Yarm
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
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Date:Jun 17, 2016
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