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100 radical heroes who changed our world; FROM OLIVER CROMWELL TO ENGLAND PIONEER VIV...

Byline: KEVIN MAGUIRE Mirror Associate Editor

Can bitter enemies Arthur Scargill and Margaret Thatcher both be radical heroes? The People's History Museum in Manchester includes the miners' leader and the pit axewoman on a list of 100 men and women who changed Britain by challenging the existing order.

John Monks, chair of the museum and a former TUC leader, admits Thatcher's inclusion is controversial after she destroyed workingclass communities.

"As the first woman Prime Minister and a radical, it was hard to leave her out," argues the Labour peer, whose own hero is Ellen Wilkinson, a leader of the 1936 Jarrow March.

The Manchester museum is seeking PS3,000 sponsors for each of the 100 Radical Heroes to raise PS300,000 after the Tory-led Government cuts its grant. An insurance company has already bought Thatcher.

The 100 radical heroes include brave champions of working people now largely ignored as well as well-known names.

1) Leo Abse 1917-2008: Labour MP, lawyer and gay rights activist.

2) Viv Anderson 1956-: First black footballer to play for England at senior level.

3) Robert Applegarth 1834-1924: Union leader who fought for better education.

4) Nancy Astor 1879-1964: Tory MP and in 1919 the first woman to sit in Parliament.

5) Clement Attlee 1883-1967: PM in the great 1945-51 Labour governments.

6) Thomas Attwood 1783-1856: Political reformer and Birmingham industrialist.

7) Stanley Baldwin 1867-1947: Threetime Tory Prime Minister who eventually gave women the vote on same terms as men.

8) Humphrey Berkeley 1926-1994: Tory MP and homosexual law campaigner.

9) Annie Besant 1847-1933: Birth control champion involved in the 1888 London Match Girls' Strike.

10) Nye Bevan 1897-1960: Brilliant orator, Labour minister and father of the NHS.

11) William Beveridge 1879-1963: Author of 1942 report creating a welfare state.

12) Ernie Bevin 1881-1951: Inspirational union leader and Labour Foreign Secretary.

13) Tony Blair 1953-: Three-time Labour election winner who created minimum wage.

14) Robert Blatchford 1851-1943: Socialist founder of The Clarion newspaper.

15) Margaret Bondfield 1873-1953: Labour MP and first female Cabinet minister

16) Billy Bragg 1957-: Left-wing musician and creator of Red Wedge.

17) John Bright 1811-1889: Anti-Crimean War Liberal, leader of Anti-Corn Law League.

18) Francis Burdett 1770-1844: Aristocrat who fought for working-class votes.

19) John Burns 1858-1943: Quit Liberal government in 1914 over First World War.

20) Jim Callaghan 1912-2005: Wartime sailor who became a Labour Prime Minister.

21) Barbara Castle 1910-2002: Labour minister behind the Equal Pay Act.

22) Winston Churchill 1874-1965: Wartime Prime Minister.

23) William Cobbett 1763-1835: Radical journalist and author of Rural Rides on countryside poverty.

24) Richard Cobden 1804-1865: Free trade campaigner, helped abolish Corn Laws.

25) Jim Connell 1852-1929: Wrote Red Flag socialist anthem, Irish socialist activist.

26) Frank Cousins 1904-1986: Union leader, briefly a Labour Cabinet minister.

27) Walter Crane 1845-1915: Socialist artist and illustrator of children's books.

28) Oliver Cromwell 1599-1658: Overthrew King Charles I and established a brief Republic.

29) William Cuffay 1788-1870: Son of a freed slave and a militant Chartist.

30) Jayaben Desai 1933-2010: A leader of 1976-78 Grunwick Strike for better pay and conditions at a London film-processing firm.

31) Charlotte Despard 1844-1939: Suffragette who fought for animal as well as women's rights.

32) Benjamin Disraeli 1804-1881: One Nation Tory Premier who gave some working men the vote.

33) John Doherty 1798-1854: Cotton spinner union leader popularised in Channel 4's The Mill.

34) Princess Sophia Duleep Singh 1876-1948: Prominent in the non-payment Women's Tax Resistance League.

35) Ebenezer Elliot 1781-1849: Yorkshire poet, inspired 19th century working classes.

36) Friedrich Engels 1820-1895: Co-wrote the rousing Communist Manifesto with Karl Marx.

37) Millicent Fawcett 1847-1929: Suffragette leader commemorated by an ongoing women's society in her name.

38) Mary Fildes 17921875: Manchester reformer beaten by soldiers at the 1819 Peterloo Massacre.

39) Michael Foot 1913-2010: Left-wing Labour leader and CND peace campaigner.

40) Charles James Fox 1749-1806: Radical Whig politician who supported the French Revolution.

41) John Frost 17841877: Welsh Chartist transported to Australia after the 1839 Newport Rising.

42) Hugh Gaitskell 1906-1963: Labour leader who opposed Suez before fighting the party's Left.

43) William Gladstone 1809-1898: Victorian Liberal and reforming four-time Prime Minister.

44) Victor Grayson 1881-1920: Fearless Colne Valley socialist MP suspected murdered when he vanished in 1920.

45) Earl Grey 1764-1845: PM behind 1832 Great Reform Act, famous for his tea.

46) Jo Grimond 1913-1993: Charismatic Liberal leader favouring Scottish Home Rule.

47) James Keir Hardie 1856-1915: Miner and the Labour Party's first leader.

48) Edward Heath 1916-2005: Tory Premier who fought Fascism and took Britain into Europe.

49) Arthur Henderson 1863-1935: Noble Peace Prize winner and Labour's first Cabinet minister in First World War coalition.

50) Benjamin Heywood 1793-1865: MP, proponent of working-class education.

51) John Hodge 1855-1937: Scottish iron-workers leader and Manchester Liberal MP.

52) Douglas Houghton 1898-1996: Labour politician and equality campaigner.

53) Henry Hunt 1773-1835: Radical orator who spoke at the 1819 Peterloo Massacre in Manchester.

54) Henry Hyndman 1842-1921: Founder of the Social Democratic Federation demanding nationalisation.

55) Jack Jones 1913-2009: Spanish Civil War veteran and greatest trade union leader of them all.

56) Annie Kenney 1879-1953: One of the few working-class Suffragette leaders.

57) Bruce Kent 1929-: Peace activist and former Catholic priest.

58) Neil Kinnock 1942-: Superb speaker and Labour leader.

59) George Lansbury 1859-1940: Christian socialist and Labour leader who opposed the First World War.

60) John Lilburne 1614-1657: Leveller who spoke out for greater equality in the English Civil War.

61) David Lloyd George 1863-1945: The Welsh Wizard laid the foundations of the welfare state.

62) Ramsay MacDonald 1866-1937: First Labour PM before betraying the party.

63) Harold Macmillan 1894-1986: Housebuilding Tory Prime Minister who fell out with Thatcher.

64) Tom Mann 1856-1941: Leader of the victorious 1889 London Dock Strike.

65) Karl Marx 1818-1883: Communist and revolutionary thinker who lived in London.

66) Billy Meredith 1874-1958: Miner who played for both Manchester teams and refounded the players' union.

67) John Stuart Mill 1806-1873: Philosopher and MP who believed in equality between men and women.

68) Hannah Mitchell 1872-1956: Pacifist and women's campaigner.

69) John Morley 1838-1923: Liberal anti-imperialist backing Irish Home Rule.

70) William Morris 1834-1896: Artist and social activist revolted by the brutality of industrialisation.

71) Daniel O'Connell 1775-1847: Irishman fighting discrimination against Catholics.

72) Feargus O'Connor 1796-1855: Chartist agitator for the vote and better working conditions.

73) George Odger 1813-1877: Largely forgotten early trades union leader and head of the London Trades Council.

74) George Orwell 1903-1950: Eric Blair under his Orwell pen name wrote Animal Farm and 1984 against totalitarianism.

75) Robert Owen 1771-1858: Father of the co-operative movement.

76) Thomas Paine 1737-1809: Author of celebrated Rights of Man who influenced revolutions in France and America.

77) Emmeline Pankhurst 1858-1928: Suffragette leader who ran as a Tory candidate in 1918 when women won the vote.

78) Sylvia Pankhurst 1882-1960: Suffragette leader but, unlike mother Emmeline, was on the Left and fought Fascism.

79) Robert Peel 1788-1850: Tory Premier, scythed Corn Laws that kept up bread prices.

80) Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence 1867-1954: Suffragette imprisoned for breaking windows.

81) Harry Quelch 1858-1913: Marxist, helped publish Lenin's paper Iskra in London.

82) Paul Robeson 1898-1976: Singer and civil rights campaigner blacklisted by the FBI.

83) Cliff Rowe 1904-1989: Artist recording industrial and working life, displayed in Tate.

84) Arthur Scargill 1938-: Miners' leader proved right about Thatcher's closure plans in the momentous 1984-5 pit strike.

85) Lady Margaret Simey 1906-2004: Glaswegian who went on to champion lives of Liverpudlians.

86) James Sharples 1825-1893: Blacksmith and self-taught artist behind The Forge.

87) George Bernard Shaw 1856-1950: Irish socialist playwright and co-founder of the London School of Economics.

88) Philip Snowden 1864-1937: Labour's first Chancellor of the Exchequer and critic of the First World War.

89) David Steel 1938-: Liberal leader who as a backbench MP legalised abortion.

90) Margaret Thatcher 1925-2013: Britain's first woman Prime Minister. Most controversial inclusion.

91) The Tolpuddle Martyrs 1834: Dorset farm workers sent to Australia for forming a trade union.

92) HG Wells 1866-1946: War of the Worlds sci-fi writer and socialist campaigner.

93) Rebecca West 1892-1983: Feminist socialist and champion of free love over traditional marriage.

94) William Wilberforce 1759-1833: Led calls for the abolition of the slave trade.

95) Emily Wilding Davison 1872-1913: Suffragette killed by king's horse at the Derby.

96) John Wilkes 1725-1797: Radical politician and journalist who published The North Briton newspaper.

97) Ellen Wilkinson 1891-1947: A Labour Education Minister who led Jarrow March.

98) Harold Wilson 1916-1995: Four-times Labour Premier who made Britain fairer.

99) Mary Wollstonecraft 1759-1797: Women's rights advocates and writer.

100) Victims of Peterloo 1819: The 18 martyrs massacred by Yeomanry at a peaceful protest in Manchester.



FEMINIST Rebecca West


TORY Emmeline Pankhurst


ACTIVISTS Union leader Arthur Scargill and, top, Leo Abse

RED WEDGE Billy Bragg

MARTYRS Peterloo massacre

35) PEACE Michael Foot

ARTS George Bernard Shaw

making waves England football's Viv Anderson
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