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100 people who changed 20th-century America; 2v.


100 people who changed 20th-century America; 2v.

Ed. by Mary Cross.



624 pages




This two volume set containing essay-length entries on individuals, both real and fictional, who have made a tremendous impact on American society, focusing on what Mary Cross (English, Fairleigh Dickinson U.) calls "change agents." They include visionary artists like Allen Ginsberg and Jackson Pollock; literary icons like Superman; inventors like the Wright Brothers; businessmen and bankers, like Bill Gates and J.P. Morgan; scientists, like James Dewey Watson and Rachel Carson; political activists, like Martin Luther King; and more. The entries are ordered chronologically based on the year of birth. Each includes a picture or two and references at the end. The contributors are eclectic and include historians, English professors, journalists, script analysts, and lawyers.

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Date:Apr 1, 2013
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