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100 ideas for teaching design and technology.


100 ideas for teaching design and technology.

Spendlove, David.

Continuum Publishing Group


115 pages




Spendlove (education, University of Manchester, UK) draws on best practice in teaching and locates it within a design and technology (D&T) context in this collection of 100 ideas for teaching, learning, and assessing D&T in secondary schools. Each idea is presented in one page, with entries divided into eight sections. The first section addresses the rationale for teaching D&T, the place of D&T in the UK's National Curriculum, and the place of D&T in global education. Later sections cover designing, using technology, extending the curriculum, structuring learning, teaching different types of students and learners, and assessment. A final section looks at learning styles, involving parents, and encouraging self esteem. There is no subject index.

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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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