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100 best EastEnders characters of all time... Day two... we count down from 75-51.


FROM murderers, gangsters and drunks to serial cheats and loveable losers, Walford has been home to a host of heroes and villains. But who have we loved to watch the most? Now that EastEnders is replaying classic episodes while the soap goes on a lockdown-induced hiatus, we've put together our definitive list of the 100 best characters who have had the misfortune to live on Albert Square.

GITA KAPOOR Gita (Shobu Kapoor) had an explosive temper and a rocky marriage to Sanjay. Big storylines included postnatal depression and racist attacks.

JEAN SLATER Famous for her "sausage surprise", Stacey's mum (Gillian Wright) has suffered with mental health issues, cancer and an affair with Ian Beale.

JAMIE MITCHELL Phil's godson (Jack Ryder) arrived in 1998 full of boyband good looks and energy. He died in hospital on Christmas Day 2002 after being hit by a car.

JIM BRANNING A big drinker who liked a flutter, Jim (John Bardon) was a racist who married Dot and ended up in care, dying of a heart attack off screen in 2015.

ROY EVANS Who can forget Roy (Tony Caunter) stopping traffic to forgive wife Pat for her fling with Frank? "I'll put up with those earrings if I have to." Charming.

SEAN SLATER Over three years Stacey's brooding elder brother (Rob Kazinsky) had affairs with half the women in Walford and picked fights with most of the gangsters.

SIMON WICKS Pat's son (Nick Berry) was the soap's first male pin-up. Had a fling with Cindy, a feud with her hubby Ian, last seen in 2012 laying flowers on his mum's grave.

ZOE SLATER Zoe (Michelle Ryan) is most famous for the row with Kat that revealed she was a Slater daughter, not a Slater sister: "You ain't my muvva!" "Yes I am!" DENNIS RICKMAN Dirty Den's son Dennis (Nigel Harman) was a chip off the old block. The bed-hopping criminal was stabbed by gangster Danny Moon.

STEVE OWEN Phil Mitchell's nemesis Steve (Spandau Ballet's Martin Kemp) died at the wheel in a huge explosion after a dramatic car chase through the Square.

MARTIN FOWLER Arthur and Pauline's son, Martin (James Bye, above, previously James Alexandrou) wed Sonia, then Stacey, turned to crime and faked his death.

THE QUEEN VIC BUST A Walford icon that became legendary during the 2009 killing of Archie Mitchell, only to "perish" itself during this year's tragedy on the Thames.

PETE BEALE Market trader Pete (Peter Dean) was a charmer. His marriage to Kathy hit the rocks and he was brown bread in 1993 after a car crash rigged by gangsters.

SHIRLEY CARTER This fierce and uncompromising Carter family matriarch (Linda Henry) showed her softer side in her friendships with Heather Trott and Jean Slater.

MASOOD AHMED Masood (Nitin Ganatra) torpedoed his marriage and had flings with Jane, Carol, Carmel, Belinda and Kathy. He left in 2019, presumably from exhaustion.

LAUREN BRANNING The troubled elder daughter of Max and Tanya. Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa) survived the fall from the Queen Vic roof that killed her sister Abi.

WHITNEY CARTER Gobby Whit Shona McGarty) has been through it, sexually abused as a child by Tony King and later killing his vengeful son Leo, above, in self defence.

WELLARD Sorry Roly, Ethel's Willy, Genghis and Lady Di. There's only room for one dog on this list and it's the one that famously bit Ian Beale on the backside.

LUCAS JOHNSON The former drug addict and ex-con preacher (Don Gilet) had an eventful two years in Walford, killing at least three people and one dog.

JAMES WILLMOTT-BROWN Toff ex-Army officer Willmott-Brown (William Boyde) was a brute in a suit. He ended up in prison after raping Kathy.

SHABNAM MASOOD Shabnam Mk II (Rakhee Thakrar) had had a series of gritty storylines between 2014-2016. Then she left Walford for good in a cab.

ARCHIE MITCHELL Twisted Archie (Larry Lamb) met his match in the bust of Queen Victoria, which struck a fatal blow - aided by Stacey - on Christmas Day 2009.

MINTY PETERSON Mechanic Minty (Cliff Parisi) was a big softy, unlucky in love and life, who had a laddish double-act bromance with Garry Hobbs (Ricky Groves).

DR HAROLD LEGG Walford GP and old pal of Dot, played by Leonard Fenton. Dr Legg was given a special and well-deserved on-screen send-off last year.

on send yea LUCY BEALE Troublemaker Lucy (Hetti Bywater) was held hostage, took drugs and had affairs. Her brother Bobby killed her with a jewellery box in a 2014 whodunnit.


WHIT A STORY Whitney Carter had a tough time
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