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100 best EastEnders characters; Walford's greatest numbers 50-26.


DURING 35 years of Walford woes, hundreds of unlucky characters have come and gone from Albert Square, enduring murders, affairs, fights and the odd slap in the face.

But who have been the most memorable drama kings and queens, and which of them has been the most fun to watch? As EastEnders takes a brief hiatus, replaying classic episodes and the best bombshells, we continue our countdown of the top 100 characters of all time. Here, we run through numbers 50 down to 26, including everyone from dear old Ethel to thicky Ricky. Find out tomorrow which iconic characters top our list. @HylandIan LOU BEALE Queen of the withering put-down, stubborn Lou (Anna Wing) always spoke her mind. She died in her sleep after a jaunt to Leigh-on-Sea in 1988.

BILLY MITCHELL Perpetual loser in life and love played superbly by Perry Fenwick since he arrived in 1998. Famously carried the 2012 Olympic torch through Walford.

CAROL JACKSON A tough-as-oldboots mum who'd punch your lights out if you crossed her, Carol (Lindsey Coulson) had breast cancer then left on a motorbike in 2015.

LISA FOWLER Lisa (Lucy Benjamin) has been in and out of Walford since 1998. She was the answer to "Who shot Phil?" that had 22million of us gripped in 2001.

TANYA CROSS Loving mum and beautician Tanya (Jo Joyner) had a destructive on-off marriage to bad boy Max. Most often heard saying: "This is the last time, Max."

DAN SULLIVAN Bad boy played by Hollywood star Craig Fairbrass. He had a love triangle with Bianca and her mum, before being wrongfully tried for shooting Phil Mitchell.

ZAINAB KHAN Demanding matriarch Zainab (Nina Wadia) had a rocky marriage to Masood. When the pair finally split for good in 2013, she fled the Square.

MO HARRIS Slater grandma Mo (Laila Morse) is a salt-of-the-earth chancer who can be relied on for a laugh, often involving an anecdote about her lover Fat Elvis.

BARRY EVANS Total mug Barry (Shaun Williamson) was duped by a conwoman, dumped by wife Natalie and fell for gold digger Janine, who left him to die in a cliff fall in 2004.

BEN MITCHELL Before the seventh Peter Beale arrived, Phil Mitchell's son jointly held the record for being played by the most actors. Max Bowden, above, is the latest.

ROXY MITCHELL Peggy's niece Roxy (Rita Simons) had a string of bad relationships, feuds and a coke habit. She drowned in a pool with sister Ronnie in 2017.

JANE BEALE Ian Beale's longsuffering wife (Laurie Brett) played a pivotal, and criminal, role in the Who Killed Lucy Beale? plot, and had an affair with Grant Mitchell.

TIFFANY MITCHELL Poor old Tiff (Martine McCutcheon) endured an abusive relationship with controlling Grant Mitchell. Frank Butcher ran over her on New Year's Eve 1998.

TAMWAR MASOOD Nerdy assistant market inspector and would-be stand-up comedian played by Himesh Patel. A much funnier character than he got credit for.

LITTLE MO MITCHELL Trusting Little Mo (Kacey Ainsworth) was a victim of wife-beating psychopath Trevor. She tried to flatten him with an iron and landed in prison.

BIANCA JACKSON Flame-haired, fiery market stall holder played by Patsy Palmer. Famous for having affairs, and shouting the name of her husband: "Rickaaaaaay!" KATHY BEALE Kath (Gillian Taylforth) was raped by James Willmott-Brown, and married three times. She faked death in a crash in 2006, and then returned in 2015.

MICK CARTER Cockney geezer and Queen Vic landlord played by real-life Cockney geezer Danny Dyer. He showed a softer side when caring for his autistic son, Ollie.

RONNIE MITCHELL Ronnie (Samantha Womack) swapped her stillborn baby with Kat's newborn, killed dodgy Carl White, had affairs, and drowned on her wedding day.

MARK FOWLER Pauline and Arthur's eldest child (played by Todd Carty, above) Mark was involved in one of the soap's most controversial storylines after he contracted HIV.

RICKY BUTCHER Dim-witted Rickaaaaaay (Sid Owen) had a rollercoaster marriage to Bianca, was bullied by boss Phil, and finally skipped town for a new job in 2012.

CHRISSIE WATTS Dirty Den's second wife (Tracy Ann Oberman) had an eventful 18 months in Walford, which ended with her being sent to prison for murdering Den.

ETHEL SKINNER Usually in a tea cosy hat with Little Willy under her arm, Ethel (Gretchen Franklin) loved telling fortunes. Best pal Dot helped her die in emotional scenes in 2000.

VANESSA GOLD A one-year Walford whirlwind played by Zoe Lucker. Footage of an enraged Vanessa destroying her living room remains a popular internet meme.

JACK BRANNING Policeman and ladies' man, Jack (Scott Maslen) has been hailed one of the Square's hottest properties since he arrived in 2007. Lock up your daughters.


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