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100 U.S. Religion Scholars Write Scriptural Letters to Trump's Administration For Its First 100 Days.

Two days after the November election, Rabbi Andrea Weiss, who teaches future Jewish professionals at the Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion in New York, was preparing for class. In doing so at such a charged moment, she was struck by how Jews study Jewish texts so "we can access them when we need them the most," as she put it to me in an interview. After much thought, Weiss shared with her students some of the texts that gave her comfort that day, such as Psalm 126.

Soon, Weiss began to wonder how she could take these texts outside the classroom and into a public sphere still grappling with Trump's victory. Knowing that "in a lot of ways our texts were influential to the founders of our country," she decided that as a Bible scholar, she and those like her versed in Scripture were "in a unique position to remind the country what are our core religious values and our core American values." She thought about how scholars, with many demands on their time, might best articulate their thoughts, and decided that the best way might be to ask a number of them to write one-page letters directed to the President, Vice President, and members of the 45th presidential administration and 115th Congress.

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Author:Kissileff, Beth
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Jan 24, 2017
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