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100 MHz to 3 GHz phase-locked oscillators.

100 MHz to 3 GHz Phase-Locked Oscillators

The F-series of phase-locked oscillators are designed around Z-Communication's low noise voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs). The VCO is stabilized with a precision crystal reference source. Flexibility with the new F-series is maximized with the availability of an optional reference input allowing an external reference to be supplied by the user. Coherent multiple frequency outputs are possible by referencing multiple phase-locked oscillators to a common source.

The standard configuration of the F-series is available with a stability of [+ or -]30 PPM over the temperature range from 0 to 70[degrees]C. Additional options include stability to [+ or -]5 PPM or wider temperature operation from - 40 to +85[degrees]C. Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of an F-series phase-locked oscillators. Typically at 100 Hz offset from the carrier, a phase noise 90 dB below the carrier can be achieved, and at 10 kHz offset -95 dBc is achieved.

The choice of PLL reference accuracy is optional. The customer may specify crystal accuracies, that is, output stability, of [+ or -]30 PPM, [+ or -]20 PPM, [+ or -]10 PPM or [+ or -]5 PPM over a wide temperature range from 0 to + 70[degrees]C or extended temperature range from -40[degrees] to +85[degrees]C. The option for a customer supplied external reference is also available.

The final locked VCO output is buffer amplified to a level of +10 dBm with a surface mounted amplifier stage. This also helps to isolate the final output, making it less sensitive to output mismatching, and eliminating injection locking of the VCO.

The F-series phase-locked oscillators are available in two mechanical styles to allow flexibility to the user in system designs. One package configuration is an open printed circuit board with pin type electrical connections. This board measures 2.79" X 2.75" X 0.35". An optional crystal reference input is provided. The bottom surface of the printed circuit board is an entire ground plane with vias connecting to the top layer ground points for the various surface mounted components. Four mounting holes are provided for securing the board to another surface.

A second available package type is a fully enclosed, shielded aluminum casting measuring 3.3" X 3.2" X 0.76." Voltage supply inputs and ground connections are supplied through 100 pF feedthrough terminal capacitors. The RF output and optional external reference input both are supplied through SMA female connectors.

PHOTO : Fig. 1 Schematic diagram of an F-series phase-locked oscillator.

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