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10-NIL TO TOLCASTER; Our Dave celebrates his decade of glory.

DAVE Storry is over the moon as he goes ten-up.

Yes it's ten years since Dave first appeared in Scorer. And our legendary super-striker is still top of the hotshots. Millions of readers have followed the soccer star's career, as well as his romantic antics, in some 3,000 instalments of The Mirror's popular cartoon strip.

When his rise to fame began in 1989, he wasn't even a professional.

In the first instalment he was shown lounging on a park bench watching Fourth Division Stonely Wanderers.

Dave reckoned his granny could play better. But, offered a chance to join up, he grabbed it with both feet. And the rest, as they say, is sporting history.

Dave was transferred from Stonely to Premier League club Tolcaster,now challenging Manchester United and Arsenal.

And before long our handsome heartthrob was winning major honours in the FA Cup, the Premiership and the Champions League.

In March this year, Dave pounded his 100th Premier League goal.

Over the years, he has also been busy scoring off the pitch - starting with the lovely Annabel and wooing other girls whose names followed in alphabetical order.

Who's next? Only Barrie Tomlinson knows. He has written all of Dave's adventures since the series began.

Artist John Gillatt says: "Barrie's imaginative scripts are a joy to put into pictures."

With David Pugh to add the colour and computer effects into the strip and Mirror cartoon editor Ken Layson overseeing the layout, Dave Storry has a special team behind him at The Mirror.

Since the beginning of this year, the Scorer strip has doubled in size. And Dave's confidence has grown too.

"It's got to be Tolcaster for the Champions League," he says, flashing his Scorer grin.

The A to Z of Storry's girls

THERE have been 45 girls in Dave's life - from blondes, to redheads to skinheads.

And Dave has had many strange encounters with them. Here's a reminder of some of the most notable.

TRUE LOVE No 1: Annabel. The daughter of Dave's old manager went to America to work in films and TV.

TRUE LOVE No 2: Pearl. Dave's housekeeper, died in a crash after they decided to marry.

TRUE LOVE No 3: Ulrika. Has rekindled her love for Dave after he rescued her as she was marrying someone else.

MOST SENSATIONAL: Big film star Cindy.

MOST DODGY: American hooker Erotica. Dave found out what she did for a living just as the cops arrived.

MOST CRAZY: Isobel. She loved streaking at major sports events.

TOUGHEST: American wrestler Marigold. She brought tears to Dave's eyes when she grappled with him.

MOST SURPRISING: Gorgeous physio Wendy. Smitten Dave soon found she was not interested in men.

MOST DANGEROUS: Xavier. She asked Dave - the only Englishmen she had ever heard of - to rescue her from assassins.

MOST MYSTERIOUS: Quarmel. Dave found her in the middle of nowhere. Where she came from or where she went to, no-one knows.

MOST CONFUSING: Identical twins Jackie and Katie shared good looks, sexy ideas and poor Dave - who could not tell them apart.

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Author:Kemp, Charlotte
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 14, 1999
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