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10 years of The Caine Prize for African Writing and A Life in Full and Other Stories.

10 years of The Caine Prize for African Writing and A Life in Full and Other Stories

By: Caine Prize

Published By: New Internationalist

ISBN: 978-1906-52-3244

ISBN: 978-1906-52-3374

The Caine Prize for African writing has done a tremendous job, bringing writers from the continent, known and unknown, to the attention of the international literary world.

Just over a decade old, the Caine Prize has produced winners like Leila Aboulela (Lyrics Alley), Helen Habila (Waitingfor An Angel, Measuring Time and Oil on Water), E.C. Osondu (Voice of America), 3rian Chikwava (Harare North), who have all gone on to write critically acclaimed novels and short story collections.


10 Years of The Caine Prize for African Writing, published in 2009, is a collection of all the winning short stories between 2000 to 2009.

There is also A Life In Full and Other Stories, another collection that continues with the tradition established by The Caine Prize.

Both collections reveal a wealth of talented writers with diverse voices and points of view about Africa and the African diaspora. At a time when the term "African Writer" arouses heated debate due to the responsibilities that come with it, writers whose works have been included in these anthologies, once again show us that Africa has great stories to tell; stories that the writers deliver as intriguing and contemporaneous narratives laced with humour, sensitivity and an adept knowledge of the continent's heritage, cultures, traditions and nuances. It is a point best demonstrated by Binyavanga Wainainas Discovering Homey which won the Caine Prize in 2002. Set in Kenya and Uganda, it details the idiosyncrasies of both countries and the complexities of human relationships. These writers present Africa's strengths, flaws and rich narrative culture to the world, reminding us that Africa is a continent of unending possibilities.

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Author:Otas, Belinda
Publication:New African
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Date:Aug 1, 2011
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