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Hudson Establishes Optaglio

Ironically, Philip Hudson's move in setting up Optaglio Ltd was the lead story in the July 2000 Holography News[R]. He had previously been managing director of De La Rue Holographics (DLRH), but left abruptly at the end of August 1999 when the parent company cancelled its plans to sell Holographics. Hudson had put together a management buy-out proposal with support from Nat West Equity, so the unexpected change of mind left him the company and him in a difficult position.

Optaglio launched with a [pounds sterling]5m investment and the immediate purchase of 50% of Czech Holography SRO, which gave the company access to e-beam origination facilities. The company was 80% owned by Optaglio Holdings Ltd, a company registered in the Channel Islands, and Hudson was joined by John Drinkwater, former research director at DLRH. Hudson told Holography News that the company would operate through three divisions: industrial optics, digital printing and label integration and project management. The first would explore applications for mass produced diffractive structures in thin films, displays and optical switching, while the other two would work together to deliver integrated security products.


Light Impressions Covert Device

In July 1990 Light Impressions Europe (LIE), the UK embossed hologram producer, sister company to Steve McGrew's Light Impressions International of California, unveiled the Cryptogram, a new type of hologram incorporating a covert image. Developed by David Pizzanelli, who had recently joined LIE, it was a laser-transmission hologram viewable only in the correct laser light. LIE envisaged the Cryptogram as a small foil disc, around 5 mm diameter, which would only reveal its image when illuminated with a laser, probably a small handheld laser pointer or similar. But the laser-viewable image could also be incorporated in to a normal embossed hologram, which became the more typical way to use it. While a common approach to covert elements in holograms now, this was believed to be the first time that a covert image was incorporated in to a hologram.

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Date:Jul 1, 2010
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