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10 year old boy wrestles 6 foot gator and wins.

A Florida 10 year old boy fished , wrestled, then dragged home a 6 foot long alligator from a canal.  The boy's grandfather immediately contacted authorities after discovering the alligator in his front yard.  The boy was identified as Michael Dasher. 

According to reports, Dasher told authorities that he was fishing with friends until his line snapped.  At the other end was the alligator which then rushed him.  In self defense Dasher punched and hit the reptile with sticks then later wrestled with the gator, ultimately defeating it. 

Officers warned Dasher on the consequences of dealing with alligators.  No arrests were made in the incident.  The alligator was safely returned to its home in the wild. 

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:May 27, 2011
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