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10 ways to... make the most of Avocados.


Whether you eat them or smother yourself in them, avocados are packed with nearly 20 vitamins and nutrients that are good for you inside and out. SARAH DALE finds 10 Ways To... Make the Most of Avocados.

"AVOCADOS contain a lot of protein that makes your skin really soft and plump," says Steph Nixon, sales assistant at Lush in Middlesbrough.

Protein in a fruit? It sounds unlikely, but that's not the only health benefit Mother Nature packed into the avocado.

Like most seed oils, the avocado is rich in vitamin E, which is also good bathtime? This Avobath bath bomb, pounds 2.74 from Lush, contains avocado, 1 olive oil and lemongrass and is really gentle on the skin. HAVING trouble preparing your avocado? Cut it in half lengthways 2 through the skin down to the stone and all the way around. Hold in both hands and twist the two halves in opposite directions. Then gently pull apart. Remove the stone by inserting a knife into 3 avocado. Lush has a solid hair conditioner, pounds 3.87 for 100g, which contains fresh organic avocado extract, bananas and fresh figs. AVOCADOs contain heartfriendly mono-unsaturated oils 4 which also help to keep you feeling full. And they have 60% more potassium - another essential nutrient for women than bananas.

BANISH dry areas with Boots Extracts it and pulling out. Score the skin into quarters and peel back if you want whole halves or quarter and then peel them if you want sliced.

GET your tresses in top condition by smothering your hair in 5

Avocado body butter, pounds 7.34 for 200ml, right. The organic moisturiser contains avocado oil derived from the persea gratissima fruit. Smooth on the body after bathing or showering. TRY this tasty lunchtime recipe for 6 avocado on toast. Take 1 ripe avocado, 1 tsp lemon juice, pinch of sea salt, drizzle of balsamic vinegar, 2 thick slices multi-seeded bread, freshly ground black pepper. Mash or slice avocado flesh in a large for your skin, and it comes laced with carotenoid lutein, which helps sight. It's also virtually the only fruit to contain mono-unsaturated - or "good" - fats, which can help with weight loss. And that's quite apart from the naturally occurring plant sterols that are said to help regulate cholesterol levels.

So we asked Steph to helps us pick top things to do with the super fruit.

LOOKING for a soothing treat at bowl with the lemon juice and add the sea salt and balsamic vinegar. Lightly toast the bread. Spread the avocado thickly on top and add plenty of black pepper. (Recipe from Summer Avocados) PAMPER yourself with King of 7

Skin body butter, pounds 6.36 from Lush. It is made from organic avocados and bananas, coconut oil and cocoa butter. SHOW off your silky 8 pins this summer. Try Gillette Satin Care Avocado Twist shave gel infused with the inviting aroma of jasmine and orange blossom, pounds 3.25. FEED your skin with a 9

Crash Course in Skincare face mask, pounds 4.84 from Lush. It contains avocado, lemon juice, sandalwood and lavender. "It is really good for people with sensitive skin and eczema,"says Steph.

DRY or ageing skin? Try 10 making your own face pack. Mash a quarter of a ripe avocado, stir in a teaspoon of runny honey, two teaspoons of live natural yoghurt and two drops of jasmine or rose otto oil. If you have enough mixture, cover your throat and upper chest, too. Make sure your skin is cleansed first and don't keep any leftovers. Avoid the delicate eye area. (From Perfect Bride, by Janet Wright.)

Two of the best

THE two most popular types of avocado are fuerte and hass.

Fuerte has a shiny green skin and a traditional pear shape. Grown in South Africa, it has a light, delicate flavour with a creamy texture. To test whether a Fuerte is ripe, give it a gentle squeeze and it should yield to the slightest pressure.

The hass variety is more egg-shaped and has a knobbly skin which turns a purple/black colour when the fruit is ripe. It tastes rich and nutty and is the most popular avocado grown in California, where it accounts for 95% of the crop.

Fit tips

BE wary of some 'health foods'. Certain branded foods that claim to be 'lower in fat' or 'light' can be deceptive. Natural foods in controlled portions can be much healthier and nutritious. Include plenty of fruit, vegetables, lean meat, fish, low-fat dairy and whole grain carbohydrates in your diet - this should leave little room for diet crisps, chocolate or snacks.

* Lyndsey Davis is a dance and fitness coach with Stockton Schools Sports Partnership.

WANT to burn off the alcohol you downed last night? Then wash the car. Just 30 minutes washing the car will not just use around 350 calories but will also give your triceps, biceps and shoulders a good work out. So skip the auto car wash and get washing this weekend. * Glyn Amos runs Oxygym in Billingham and Redcar.


PROTEIN PACK: Steph Nixon, left, from Lush in Middlesbrough, applies an avocado face pack to Lauren Wharton
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