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10 things you need to know about feng shui.

FENG shui means "wind and water', and is an ancient Eastern system of placement of buildings and furniture which encourages the natural flow of vital energy or "ch'i" through the building, attracting good fortune, health and happiness.

FACTORS for good feng shui: balance - a home without an extension on one side; a house where the depth is greater than the width.

THE transition between outdoors and inside should not be abrupt. It's best to have an in-between space (a path, plants, steps, fences, gates or a porch) where you can reorient yourself and prepare for the change of energy.

YOUR front door should be in scale with the building and have strong and straight frame, without any cracks, to protect the family's fortunes. The main door should not face the corner of another house or a dead end street - they are like daggers and cause ill health and financial loss.

Do not clutter the rooms with lots of furnishings, let energy flow freely through thehouse. Walls should be light coloured.

IN THE living room, the wealth point is located at the top left-hand corner as you enter. If you have financial worries put a large, round- leafed plant here. Never put your sofa under a beam as this puts pressure on whoever is supporting the family.

A BED placed under a beam will have an effect on the person's health. A solid wall behind the bed will offer support and security which will be lacking if the bed head is under a window.

TO ATTRACT wealth boost the water elements by introducing an aquarium into your home. An uneven number of goldfish will combat bad influences.

AMPLIFY the ch'i energy in your home by hanging crystals and prisms in positions that catch the sun and reflect the light around the room.

If the ch'i is blocked in your present home there's no need to move. There's plenty you can do to offset negative energy and promote good ch'i. Plants flourish where there is good feng shui so this will tell you if your home's vibes are bad or not.
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Date:Dec 5, 1998
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