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10 things to make a note of this week.

1 Make your own

Wedding cake bargain

The average cost of a UK wedding is now PS30,355 - of which, a whopping PS523 is reserved for the cake. The cake, people! Now, we like cake - heck, we love it - but we're also here to tell you every single guest at the wedding (except Donna who's pregnant and Rob who's dry in solidarity) would rather that chunk of hundreds went towards a free bar.

So, to scrimp on a cake that can still feed a crowd, Stork has launched a PS50 kit with everything you need for a gorgeous, on-trend 'semi-naked' style cake (that just means you can see through the icing and it's wearing flowers down one side). The only catch is you have to bake it yourself. Perfect if it means you can afford that honeymoon.

NB: From


Kind style

Help For Heroes is an amazing charity that offers support to veterans who have suffered life-changing injuries. Once again Debenhams will be doing its bit by launching a men's tee range where all profits will be donated to help rebuild the lives of wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women, plus the loved ones who are also affected. Show your support and buy the man in your life one of these stylish tees.


THE CATS' WHISKERS Rug, PS40, Cath Kidston The coolest new trend in homewares is things shaped like actual cats. We're fit to burst!

Toothbrush pot, PS17, Tealight holder, PS3, George at Asda Pencil pot, PS4.99, TK Maxx Mug, PS9, Paperchase Pencil case, PS8, Paperchase Vase, PS10, George at Asda

4 Great reads

Book smart If your dad is in the market for a new book, he need look no further. These ones for the boys are gripping, nail-biting, shocking tales of survival, and somehow they're all true stories


When Sgt Alexander Blackman found himself in the centre of a controversial trial surrounding the murder of a Taliban fighter, his life fell apart. (PS20) THE ACCIDENTAL SPY The true story of a man who, well, accidentally became a spy. Hired by MI5 to spill IRA secrets, what could possibly go wrong? (PS18.99)


Former soldier Jim Matthews hit the headlines when he was arrested in the UK for fighting ISIS. He tells his story for the first time. (PS8.99) BREAKING DAD When Breaking Bad becomes real. How a mild-mannered father became one of the most prolific crystal meth dealers in the UK. (PS16.99)


Ice-cream facts

Ever wondered what actual good your ice lolly is doing in the world? Apart from making a sunny day even jollier? Well, wonder no more. Walls is doing a new thing where you can scan a QR code on your Cornetto, Solero or Calippo and track the impact your little purchase has made.

The brand is working with vanilla manufactures in Madagascar, providing health insurance; giving financial education and training opportunities to youth alongside Save The Children; and working with Me To We, giving educational resources to UK schools.

NB: Call 01256 302 699 or order online at Free P&P for orders over PS15. Get Marine A for PS15 with code RA7. Get 10% offThe Accidental Spy and Fighting Monsters with code R10. Get Breaking Dad for PS15 with code RA8.

6 Toy Story style

Woody and Buzz Lightyear are back! Toy Story 4 hits cinema screens on 21 June, so if you want to watch it while paying homage to your fave characters, check this out. Primark has teamed up with Disney to launch a fun collection made up of 155 items featuring the adventurous gang (plus new characters too). And it's not just for kids - with prices from PS1.50 to PS20, you can kit out the whole family. To infinity and beyond (or to your nearest Primark)! NB: In Primark stores now

7 Cute cossies

If you've kept the faith with The Apprentice, you'll be familiar with Sian Gabbidon, the last person to hear those famous words 'You're hired!' and get a PS250,000 investment from Lord Shugs. She's used it to launch her new swimwear range, which she says will 'empower' us all because we can make it our own with reversible and multiway styles (we're slightly concerned about the tan lines ourselves, though). NB: Available from

Business brains


Mark Wahlberg, 48, is starring in Instant Family with Rose Byrne as parents in over their heads when their plans to foster one child turns into taking three So, we heard this film is based on a true story?

Yes. The couple we play are actually interested in one child, but the women in the foster care programme are savvy, so they talk them into the idea of bringing three into their home - a teenager and two younger siblings. The director had this happen to him. He was brave enough to bring three kids into his home.

Did you feel drawn to the script being a parent yourself?

Yes, it made the story very emotional. When I first read it, I laughed hysterically and cried quite a lot, but I hope it inspires people to look into children in the foster care system, and perhaps bring them up and create a home for them.

What was it like working with Rose Byrne?

She's fantastic. I mean she loves to bust my balls. But I just grew fond of her and the kids more and more. We became like this kind of weird family. It's been nice.

Has it made you consider fostering?

We have four kids at home and they're giving us a run for our money every single day. There are days where my wife is like, 'I want re r a fifth!' Then there are days where we're both like, 'Oh my God, four is too many!' Our youngest is nine, so in nine years she's 18, and we may be thinking about that. I don't know what an empty nest would feel like. What would you like audiences ay now ke. s to take away from this film?

People need to be reminded of the importance of family and connecting with others. Being inclusive with your family, but also just how great it can be to bring others into a family.

NB: Instant Family is out on DVD, Blu-ray and to download and keep

9 Sun stats

Honey, don't burn the kids

It's not easy putting sunscreen on squirmy kids, but new research from Disney Junior UK has revealed Britain's parents could do better at protecting young skin. Here are the most common mistakes we're making and how to put them right MISTAKE: 46% of parents say they're not sure how often to apply sunscreen to kids.

FIX IT: Creams should be reapplied every two hours, says Dr Sweta Rai from the British Association of Dermatologists. Reapply every 40 mins when swimming. To help kids stay still, the Disney Junior UK Parenting Hacks podcast suggests writing a word, or drawing a picture in suncream.

MISTAKE: 45% think sunburn risk is all down to temperature. FIX IT: Sunburn is caused by UV rays, not heat, says Dr Rai. UV is strongest between 11am and 3pm. Even in shade, UV light can still penetrate and cause sunburn, raising the risk of skin cancer. Children's skin is thinner than adults', so more likely to burn in the shade.

MISTAKE: 78% miss body bits when applying, especially eyelids. FIX IT: Skin cancer is particularly common on eyelids, so it's important to protect them. Sunglasses that block UV, and sun hats with UPF50 help, so you're not relying on sunscreen alone.

MISTAKE: 24% are unsure which level of protection to buy.

FIX IT: The British Association of Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with SPF 30+ and a five-star UVA rating.

NB: Disney Junior UK is handing out 10,000 packs of sun safety stickers, featuring its hit series Vampirina, at supermarkets and airports this summer. These turn blue when it's time to reapply sunscreen. Find Disney Junior UK's Parenting Hacks podcast on iTunes and Spotify


Forgotten Father's Day?

Noise cancelling bluetooth headphones, PS49.99 To drown out the family rows.

Don't panic! Nip to Aldi and pick up a techy gift. Come back feeling smug and like your dad's favourite offspring.

Electric shaver, PS17.99 For smooth operators.

3-in-1 trimmer, PS4.99 Because no papa needs nose hair.

Boom box, PS29.99 Say it loud, say it proud.

Turntable, PS49.99 Get those golden oldies playing.


With his real-life family - wife Rhea and kids Ella, Grace, Brendan and Michael

With his on-screen family

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