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10 things to love about your dad: real GL gals weigh in on what makes their dads fab.


Sure, Dad may embarrass you with lame jokes and oh-so-unhip outfits, but, deep down, ya know you love the guy to bits. From shuttling you to soccer to showing up to every chorus concert, dads do a ton for us every day. As if you need extra reasons to love your dad, here are 10 more, courtesy of real GL gals--plus easy ways to give Pops his props.

[1] He teaches you life lessons.

"My dad loves to help people with everything--from fixing things to offering advice--and he always encourages me to do the same. His favorite saying is, 'When you do something nice for somebody, you'll get twice as much satisfaction in return.' I used to roll my eyes whenever I heard that, but now I find myself saying it all the time and helping others whenever I can." -Kasia, 14

RETURN THE LOVE Let him know how much his lessons mean to you: Just a simple, "Thanks for showing me ..." will do. Not comfy telling him in person? Write a note along with your Dad's Day card.

[2] He listens to you.

"When I got fired from my first job, I called my dad. He was extremely patient and supportive while I bawled on the line. Then he said, 'Your mom and I are so proud of you, and even though everything feels so uncertain, I know you will persevere.' Having that kind of support made that difficult time bearable."--Jessica, 16

RETURN THE LOVE Just because you're his daughter doesn't mean Dad can't confide in you, too. Suggest a stroll around the neighborhood and ask him how things are going. Being able to casually chat about anything will make your bond even tighter.

[3] He's your No. 1 fan.

"My dad coaches a lot of my sports teams. Even though I'm much smaller and not as strong as the other girls, he makes me feel like the team's MVP. He'll make a big deal about something I'm good at, like base running, and works with me for hours on things that just don't come naturally. I may never make the varsity team, but because of him, I know how to work hard and stick with something." --Beccah, 14

LOVE Be Dad's cheerleader by backing whatever he's into, whether it's grilling or golf. OK, you don't have to bring your pompoms to the backyard barbecue, but raving about his killer burgers will give him an instant ego boost (yup, dads need 'em, too!).

[4] He helps you through the toughest times.

"I'm struggling with an eating disorder. There are times when my mom gets mad or panics about it, but my dad manages to keep the peace. He's always calm and knows the right things to say, which is not an easy feat. That helps me know that I am not alone."--Lydia, 15

RETURN THE LOVE If you're going through a stressful sitch, put your issues aside and spend a day doing something that'll make you both smile. Ride roller coasters, go mountain biking or just have fun hanging at home. The quick escape from reality can help ya heal, while showing Dad you're thankful for his unstoppable support.


[5] He looks out for you.

"My family takes a lot of road trips together, which I don't really enjoy since I can get pretty carsick. To keep me comfy, my dad always sets up a 'bed' in the back seat with pillows so I can nap and stocks up on my favorite gum. It's no big deal for him to do that, but I love knowing that he really cares about how I feet."--Jaimie, 12

RETURN THE LOVE Take over a few dad--designated chores, like weeding the yard. Or just have a cold glass of iced tea waiting when he finishes mowing--anything to make his life a little easier!

[6] He believes in you.

"When I didn't get the lead role in my school's play, I was so upset that I thought of giving up my acting dreams for good. The next day, my dad left me a card with an encouraging note. It was a small gesture, but it meant the world to me. I knew there were people who loved me, who were counting on me, who believed in me and who I could not let down. Knowing how much he cared showed me that giving up was not an option."--Julie, 16

RETURN THE LOVE Something stressing Dad out? Take a sec to share how awesome you think he is. Make him feel like Superman, and he'll gain the power to plow through any problem.

[7] He's just like you.

"My dad and I both love sci-fi TV shows, movies and books. We watch or read them together and then discuss them afterward. It's a good feeling that we'll always have something in common."--Auzin, 15

RETURN THE LOVE You're into old films? Check out the showings at that artsy theater in town. Both bookworms? Hit up the library and browse the best sellers. Time together with your dad may come naturally, but make it more meaningful by selecting one shared interest to indulge in and plan an afternoon around it.

[8] He makes you laugh.

"Every Friday, mg dad wakes me up instead of mg alarm clock. He jumps on mg bed singing, 'It's Friday, it's Friday!' I never fall asleep after that!"--Koliegh, 13

RETURN THE LOVE Take your favorite funnyman to see one of the summer's silliest comedies. Don't want to venture out? Show him some hysterical clips on

[9] He inspires you.

"I really want to become a chef. Knowing that, my dad taught me how to cook and other important lessons, like cleaning up. It's great that I can learn a lot from him, and he inspires me every day."--Kata, 13

RETURN THE LOVE Chances are, Dad doesn't even realize how much of an impact he has on you. So at your Father's Day dinner, raise a glass to his greatness with a tender toast. Just share a couple of sentences about how he makes you a better person. But be warned: This may be a total tear-jerker for the whole fam!

[10] He'll do anything to make you happy.

"Even though my dad is totally not into my music, he takes me to Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers concerts. Usually, you'd think that's a mom's job, but, nope--my dad does it because he knows how much I love them. And on top of that, he dances around and sings to all of the songs just to see me smile."--Kate, 13

RETURN THE LOVE Dad loves the History Channel, but those World War II stories make you snooze? Stifle your yawns, skip that planned hang with your buds, and sidle up next to him on the couch. Hearing some expert going into every detail of The Battle of the Bulge mag not be the most exciting way to spend an evening, but Dad will heart having you by his side.


If Dad's not around ...

Father's Day isn't always easy for those of you who don't live with your dad. "My dad lives 12 hours away, so I don't see him very often," says Renee, 15. "But on Father's Day, I'll remember all the good times I've had with him. It's the smallest things that make the biggest difference." And remember: The day doesn't have to be just for dads: Your entire family could use some extra love on Father's Day. June 21 just so happens to be the first day of summer, so pack a picnic and find a sunny place to bond.--Rachel Aydt

Top ways to show Pops you care

No need to break the bank: Here are some simple ways to show Dad some love this Father's Day.

GET IN TUNE. Make him a playlist or mix CD featuring all of his fave artists. You can also hit a high note by seeking out a concert to take him to (look in your local paper or your town's website for free concerts).

BREAK A SWEAT. If your father's focused on fitness, find a local Father's Day race to do together (check out for one going for a jog or bike ride. Any fun C option gives you both a chance to chat, de--stress and get a cardio boost to boot. o

COOK UP. Love to cook or bake? Make something meaningful for your dad, like his favorite foods or an old family recipe (ask your mom or grandparents for ideas). Another option? Hit the kitchen with him. It'll give you an easy wan to hang out while whipping up something tasty at the same time.--Rachel Aydt

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