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10 perfect holiday gifts for lawyers.

Summary: Lawyers may not be the easiest to please when it comes to selecting holiday presents. But there are many gifts out there with legal themes ...

Lawyers may not be the easiest to please when it comes to selecting holiday presents. But there are many gifts out there with legal themes that attorneys or judges will rule in order. Here are 10 gift ideas for the attorney or legal department of your choice. Click through the slides to complete your holliday shopping early!

Lawsuit: The Board Game

Developed by Tina Nelson, Lawsuit is a popular board game from Professional Games. The game illustrates the day-to-day operation of a law firm. Players bring fictitious lawsuits with whimsical premises, and can opt to settle or appeal cases, as well. It is designed for ages 8 and up so attorney's children may enjoy it as well. It sells for $34.95.

Autographed books by Supreme Court justices

The U.S. Supreme Court Historical Society Gift Shop offers autographed copies of books by Supreme Court justices. One popular gift is My Beloved World, by Sonia Sotomayor. She recounts growing up in a housing project in the Bronx. As a child, she was largely raised by her grandmother and developed diabetes, but she overcame life's challenges. She was named valedictorian of her high school class, attended Princeton and then Yale Law School. Early in her career she was a district attorney and later got appointed a federal judge in New York. It sells for $27.95.

Necklace from Supreme Court Historical Society Gift Shop

One of several pieces of jewelry offered by the U.S. Supreme Court Historical Society Gift Shop is a necklace displaying a John Marshall Coin with a rope edge. Marshall was an influential chief justice of the high court. It sells for $205.

Cufflinks with Supreme Court Seal

There are also several pairs of cufflinks offered by the Supreme Court Historical Society Gift Shop. One pair features the Supreme Court Seal. They are made by J. Jenkins, and are made out of sterling silver and solid 14kt. gold. They sell for $575.

Christmas tree topped with Lady of Justice

With Christmas in just a few weeks, For Counsel features a pre-lit, legal-themed tree. The tree is 20 inches high and comes with lights. Ornaments include: a 5-inch Lady of Justice for the top of the tree, and six each of glass lawyer Santas, wooden gavels, glass law books and metal scales of justice. The legal themed Christmas tree is $64.95.

UK Christmas cards

Carbolic Smoke Ball, a UK-based gift site for the legal profession, features Christmas cards which provide a play on the word "Claus." Above the pictures of the Claus family are the labels "Mr Claus, Mrs Claus and all the little sub-Clauses." Inside it says, "With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year" or blank cards are also offered. A pack of 10 cards and envelopes sells for Au14.99. FYI: The store's name comes from a famous English lawsuit over a product that claimed to cure influenza by releasing vapors of carbolic acid into the nostrils.

Legal-themed Torah scroll

Gary Rosenthal has been sculpting in welded metals since the early 1970s. Among his collection are Judaica-themed gifts for attorneys. The importance of justice is found on a Torah sculpture by Rosenthal. The copper Torah scroll with a glass plaque features the quote from Deuteronomy, "Justice, justice, shall you pursue." It measures 9-inches high, 3-inches wide and 3- inches long. Suggested retail price is $60.

Menorah with Lady Justice

Another Jewish-themed gift is a round Menorah, which can be used for Hanukkah. Designer Gary Rosenthal notes how it mixes art with functional Judaica. It presents a large laser-cut lady justice inside a circular Menorah. It measures 13.5 inches by 5 inches by 3.5 inches. The suggested retail price is $160.

Approach the Bench chess set

The designer of "Approach the Bench" used to play chess with his father. As an adult, he decided to create a chess set for his father, who worked as a lawyer. The chess pieces are made out of composite resin and are based on legal characters. It is handmade in Pennsylvania. The chess set is the official set of the U.S. Supreme Court Historical Society. The price is $795.

Real Billable Hour watch

And The Billable Hour offers various humorous gifts. On the more upscale end, the Luxury Classic Billable Hour Watch provides a fitting design for lawyers. This model features a 14 carat gold Italian-made one piece case with a sapphire crown and a scratch resistant crystal, housing a Geneva Swiss movement. The strap is black padded lizard-grain leather. This timepiece comes in a woodgrain box with a leather pillow. The men's size watch has a 25mm dial. The price is $485.

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