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10 new hopefuls in the hunt for PS100k; SQUARE EYES.

Byline: Thinking outside the box with Nicola Methven & Mark Jefferies

HUNTED'S lead seeker, Peter Bleksley, has told how the PS100,000 prize has made the C4 show more intense than last year.

The former Met officer ended up in a mental institute after 10 years undercover and two years in witness protection, so he knows the pressure of going on the run.

But his experience makes him perfect for his latest case - tracking 10 fugitives across the country as they attempt to evade capture for 28 days.

Peter, known as Bleks, says the extra incentive made the pre-recorded game much more competitive.

"That money is a massive carrot to dangle in front of them," he tells us. "The fugitives didn't want to get caught, especially when there's so much money at stake. There wasn't that added incentive last year. They were worthy adversaries, I tell you."

Last year, the show had more than two million tuning into see if the team of former cops, CIA agents and criminal psychologists could catch the contestants as they tried to live "off the grid" for a month. This time the would-be fugitives left a base in Birmingham with PS450 on credit cards.

Bleks says: "The big advantage they have this time around is that they will have seen the first series and the mistakes some fugitives made. If they learn they could be tough to track."

He says if he went on the run, he'd go it alone. "Somebody else can make the mistake that leads to your capture."


1. Kirk Bowett, 37, a retired soldier from Cambridge who lost an arm in Iraq.

2. Jeremy Scarratt , 57, ex-Royal Marine from Somerset. Lost part of a leg in a motorbike accident.

3. Hamish Thoburn, 49, a salt salesman from Wirral.

4. Mikaela Skinner, 46, a boutique owner from Shropshire.

5. Nick Cummings, 50, a house husband from Somerset.

6. Anna May, 25, a court clerk from Leeds.

7. Elizabeth Garnett, 20, a stockbroker's temp from Leeds.

8. Ayo Adesina, 33, a software developer from Essex.

9. Madu Alikor, 33, software developer from London.

10. Lottie Jones, 34, political temp from London.

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 20, 2016
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